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At Maternal Treasures Parent Care Center Our Testimonials matter!

At Maternal Treasures our clients are why we are here!!!

Knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of people is indeed our greatest reward. Here is what people are saying about us:

“It was such a pleasure working with nurse Smith with results in just a few seconds of my baby latching. I was very impressed with daily check-ins and motivational texts to keep me and baby motivated with continuing the breastfeeding & pumping journey. Highly recommended !” Brittany Thompson

“The love and warmth feelings you get when you enter into this place is amazing.
i love this wonderful lady…
its amazing how you can still meet people like the ones at maternal treasures parent care center…i would recommend anyone to them…. ” Nordela D Dailey

“I would recommend Maternal Treasures to any new and expectant mother. Nurse Smith comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge. She makes you feel comfortable and confident about your delivery and she walks you through all scenarios so that there are no surprises.”_____ Johneice Blyden

“Nurse Smith is provides valuable information whilst being kind and supportive. She goes beyond her listed services. I would recommend her to anyone.”___ Shorty Clarke

“The best birthing class experience. Took me weeks to find a place doing birthing classes. I was highly recommended by my midwife and I am soo glad I took her recommendation.”__ Jennifer Benjamin

This wonderful nurse taught me what it is to be powerful and compassionate while doing my duty as a nurse. She was one of the determining presences in my life that made me want to be a midwife. ____ Bee Raquel

” While giving birth you are at your most vulnerable and some people do not appreciate what that means and treat you accordingly. She was my champion when I delivered my first child. The whole experience was trash expect when she stepped in to save me, mentally, emotionally and physically. She is a shining example of a GREAT midwife.”____ Bee Raquel

“Mrs. Smith came highly recommended and most certainly delivered. She asked all the right questions and was extremely thorough. After my lactation consultation with her I had no other issues with breastfeeding my son. I appreciated her warmth and concern after our visit with her checking in often to ensure baby and mommy were well. Thank you for your professionalism and being great at what you you do!”____ TL Wallace

“This place is a God send. I will definitely recommend to other people. “__Olivia Fatima

“Mrs. Smith is very informative she seeks different ways to assist you in any area. Within less in ten minutes I was able to breast feed longer than I usually could. Thank you Mrs. Smith !! I would recommend her to anyone.” ___ Rashanda Dean

“Mrs. Smith is literally an angel on earth , She is one of the main reasons why I decided to pursue a degree in nursing. I could not imagine going through my labor without her and the recovery process she made it a wonderful experience.”___ Amore Dior

We love pregnancy and everything that goes with it!

Including you!

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Published by Marilyn Smith

Hello. My name is Marilyn Smith. I am a Health Specialist with specialized skills in Clinical Practical Nursing, and Midwife of thirty six years. I am also a certified Lactation and Grief Specialist. I am well qualified to assist in meeting your breastfeeding needs. Breastfeeding is indeed the best for your baby. Congratulations on making such a wonderful decision. Consider this your home as we learn about the joys and pains of pregnancy & breastfeeding

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