Potty Training Success: Patient, Easy Steps to Your Child’s Victory!

When you notice signs that your child might need to use the toilet — such as squirming, squatting or holding the genital area — respond quickly. Help your child become familiar with these signals, stop what he or she is doing, and head to the toilet. Praise your child for telling you when he or she has to go. Keep your child in loose, easy-to-remove clothing.

Breastfeeding And Mental Health: Excellent Tips To Stay Healthy

There may be affiliate links below. There is no extra cost to you to buy through these links Using an affiliate link helps support empower, encourage, and educate. Preview(opens in a new tab) We know that up to 20% of women are affected by mental illness either during pregnancy or in the 12 months afterContinue reading “Breastfeeding And Mental Health: Excellent Tips To Stay Healthy”

Breastfeeding and Dads: The Ultimate Guide For Dads

You may be wondering , how does breastfeeding affect dad? I believe it does have some effect on them.My husband I can happily say, he wanted me to invest in breastfeeding our children. Not many fathers are happy about having their partner breastfeed for various reasons. But lets ask the question…for real. Does breastfeeding benefitContinue reading “Breastfeeding and Dads: The Ultimate Guide For Dads”