Breastfeeding And Baby Weight Loss After Birth: What Is Normal?

It happens that you go to your healthcare provider and your baby is weighed a week after delivery. Your healthcare provider is concerned that your baby is losing weight as opposed to gaining weight. You are breastfeeding, I mean exclusively breastfeeding and your healthcare provider says to give the baby some formula. Just so youContinue reading “Breastfeeding And Baby Weight Loss After Birth: What Is Normal?”

Breastfeeding And Infant Loss: Best Practices for Lactation Control

Losing a baby is described as a major life event. It is a sad phenomena that has been lurking our societies for many years. This post is to address this issue and also give you some practical ways of coping, as you suppress your milk supply and come to terms with why you need to doContinue reading “Breastfeeding And Infant Loss: Best Practices for Lactation Control”

Breastfeeding & Weight Loss : How To Get Amazing Results!

Breastfeeding is a wonderful gift given to mankind by God. For centuries Breastfeeding is known to really benefit so many families. But did you know that breastfeeding helps you to loose weight? Yes it really does. With persistence and commitment, you can shed those flabby pounds beginning the first few weeks of delivery if youContinue reading “Breastfeeding & Weight Loss : How To Get Amazing Results!”