NEW UPDATE: CDC Recommends Coronavirus Vaccination for Pregnant Women

Wow! really! A few months ago it was recommended by the CDC that pregnant women do not receive the vaccine. However, Patients and clinicians alike were dissatisfied because pregnant women were initially excluded from scientific trials, delaying safety and efficacy data. However, research has surfaced in the months since vaccines became publicly available, confirming the safety of the existing mRNA vaccines — the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines – in pregnant women.

I personally feel that it should be an individual decision since we are all accountable for what happens to our bodies. In making her decision, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky used the most recent safety data: a large-scale investigation published in the New England Journal of Medicine that looked at data from more than 35,600 pregnant women who reported their health status to the CDC between December and February after receiving either a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

The study discovered that side effects described by pregnant women, such as fever and headache, were similar to those reported by non-pregnant women. There were also no worries about the safety of mothers getting vaccinated in their third trimesters or their babies.

“As such, CDC recommends pregnant people receive a COVID-19 vaccine. We know that this is a deeply personal decision and I encourage people to talk to their doctors or their primary care providers to determine what is best for them or their babies,” Walensky says.

Online, the CDC’s guidance aligns with that of maternal health experts who say vaccines should not be withheld from pregnant women who want one and that they should have access to available data. This I totally agree.

Bottom line

We do not know the long term effects of a pregnant woman getting the vaccine but do understand why it is a personal decision. I certainly hope that whoever decides to take the vaccine are not devastated by any of its effects. Thank you for stopping by today. I just thought I would update you about the facts of pregnant women getting the vaccine. As usual feel free to comment, like or share. I wish you a happy, healthy, safe pregnancy. Stay safe.