How to Bathe Your Little Star : Without Any Fear!

Bath time becomes a highlight of the day for both of you for a reason: it’s time spent together, just the two of you.

Breastfeeding and Dads: The Ultimate Guide For Dads

You may be wondering , how does breastfeeding affect dad? I believe it does have some effect on them.My husband I can happily say, he wanted me to invest in breastfeeding our children. Not many fathers are happy about having their partner breastfeed for various reasons. But lets ask the question…for real. Does breastfeeding benefitContinue reading “Breastfeeding and Dads: The Ultimate Guide For Dads”


Your baby is crying uncontrollably. You have just fed him, checked his pampers, provided skin to skin and guess what? He is still crying!!!! What comes to mind? Shove a pacifier into his mouth because I need to sleep and also need some quietness around here. Using a pacifier is truly a personal decision Mama!Continue reading “PACIFIERS USE:REVEALED SECRETS TO GET THE MOST BENEFITS”