About Me

Hello! to all you beautiful people all over the world! My name is Marilyn Smith & I am by all means very passionate about being a nurse- midwife & childbirth educator, lactation adviser, & grief counsellor. I have served the Commonwealth of The Bahamas for the past thirty-six years & still going strong!

Who is Marilyn Smith and what do I do?

Here is what I do

I am the CEO of Maternal Treasures Parent Care Center in the beautiful Nassau, Bahamas

I encourage, empower, & support women in their pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys.

I love interacting with children. I am the author of the book Kingdom Lifestyles For Children. I love to teach

I enjoy learning and helping others in becoming happier, maximizing their God- Given purpose. We all were born to win in every area of our lives. Never give up on you!

My Past Experiences

I am now retired from this establishment. I have worked at the Princess Margaret hospital for 34 years. I really enjoyed my training there. I worked all of the basic areas and decided to make midwifery my special baby. This is where I mastered the art of midwifery and how to give exceptional care for women.
(1996 – 2018)
While working there I was merited with a leadership award in nursing for the year 2016. I spent many years mentoring my juniors which I found very rewarding. I believe that all things are possible with God.

Nursing officer II

(2012- 2016)

  • Manage and lead the nursing staff in the hospital
  • Training new recruits
  • resenting reports to the management
  • Developing working rules and strategies for the nursing staff
  • Ensuring that the nurses are adhering to the code of conduct of the hospital
  • Ensuring that the nursing staff are kept abreast of the latest developments in the field of nursing by regularly educating them

Nursing officer 1
(2016 – 2018)
Worked as a clinical manager; where I responsible for running the establishment of the maternity ward efficiently, taking care of the needs of the units and also continuing to work with patients. This included: managing the staff, handling operational aspects, implementing directives, assigning budgets, organizing meetings, and taking purchasing decisions. Stay with me and I will show you how to make your journey much easier. I am your #1 midwife.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I wish you every success in your breastfeeding and pregnant journeys. Keep your faith alive in God no matter what you see


Motto: Taking pregnancy wellness to the next level