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Hey there! Welcome to Maternal Treasures Parent Care Center!

Hello! I am so many things! A Jesus lover, wife, sister, aunty, mom of five beautiful female adults, a friend of so many, & an entrepreneur who is passionate about pregnancy, and raising the next generation. When I want really want to do fun things, I garden, cook, read, meet people and travel. Thanks for visiting and do come again!

The purpose of this website

This website was created specifically for pregnant women and moms who want to be empowered to learn how to take care of themselves their baby and entire family during and after their their pregnancy .

We provide evidenced based information  on pregnancy, breastfeeding, and family life that I am certain will help you to gain lots of insight, confidence, and empowerment to manage your breastfeeding, pregnancy, and family life capacity to the max.

I am a believer that breastfeeding and good parenting are indeed gifts given to us by God and we should cherish these privileges.

If you are in need of somewhere to go to give you valuable tips and real up to date evidenced based information, you have come to the right place; especially if you are a first time mom.

Since I am now retired from nursing after serving for thirty six years, I realialize I can still provide an impactful service to wonderful people like you.

Since I began my blogging career, I have been able to help so many people. I sure hope you will an addition to that number.

It is my hope that we develop a good relationship, you would have all of your concerns about your pregnancy, labor or deliver met.

Who am I ?

My name is Marilyn Smith and I am by all means very passionate about being a nurse- midwife because it provides me with so much opportunities to help pregnant families. If I could bring you a solution to your issue or concern, then my blogging would not be in vain.

I have served the Commonwealth of The Bahamas for the past thirty-six years and still going strong! Additionally, I enjoy learning and helping others in becoming happier, maximizing their God- Given purpose. We all were born to win in every area of our lives. Never give up on you!

As always our home is your home away from home. I encourage you to take advantage of everything we have to offer you. As a health specialist in maternal health, I understand that women can experience very challenging encounters with breastfeeding. I want you to remember that God loves you and He wants to be apart of every area of your life.

Ask Him to help you as you navigate the hardships you might have with breastfeeding. As you engage with me, I hope your future become brightened, and you learn everything you need to know to make your maternal life more wonderful, enjoyable, inspired, and worth the while. Feel free to comment, like if you’d like. I would be more than happy to hear from you. Enjoy your journey with Maternal Treasures Parent Care Center.

I am certainly proud to be here for you

Our team is committed to delivering you the highest standard of service. Taking pregnancy  wellness to the next level through education and quality service so you can have the best outcome! We are committed to helping one parent at a time.

This is my passion!

At Maternal Treasures Parent Care Center we aim to exceed your expectations by providing you with excellence in all that we do. Our customers are always first. We keep you informed by providing evidenced based information so that you could make informed decisions.

Our care starts with you

We love to reduce your fears about pregnancy, labor and delivery so we keep you informed with courses and birth and breastfeeding Apps to enhance your pregnant journey. We have onsite and online learning for you and your partner. Call us and get your number code for your App or book a class today.

We deliver for accelerated results

W e are here to provide you with evidenced based information that will give you effective results during your journey. Get ready to allow us to assist you in answering that concern or solving that issue you are faced with.

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About Me

Hi again, I’m Marilyn , a happy blogger who is priviledged to still work with pregnant mommies through blogging even though I’m retired from my 36 years nursing career.

When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids and husband, I also love writing. I am the author of the book Kids On A Mission to Shine. I love sipping coconut water, right from the bark on a hot summer’s day in my back yard!

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