Morning Sickness During Pregnancy: Epic Remedies That Really Work

Morning sick ness is very common during pregnancy for most women . Did you know that 3 out of 4 women will experience morning sickness during their pregnancy?

Hello mamas to be! I am so excited because we are going to talk about morning sickness during pregnancy!

Now I know this is definitely a hot, hot topic everywhere because the majority of women will experience this symptom during this time. I am so delighted to help in this journey. Guess what ? I have five grown adults whom I raised . Four of them I gave birth to . All beautiful girls , just like their beautiful mom. If you are pregnant and looking for real relief, help and support? You have come to the right place.

And the sad part about this is I have had it with everyone of my pregnancies. I would meet some women who would say, ” I have or had no symptoms of morning sickness. However I have to accept the fact that we are all different and uniquely designed by God.

The #1 midwife is here to assist you.😍

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Are you looking to overcome the bad feeling morning sickness brings to your pregnant life? Ready to take a deep dive into effective ways you can beat this common symptom? 

This post is for you if…

You’re tired of nausea and really ready to overcome the bad feeling that morning sickness brings to your pregnant life. Or you just want to be prepared just in case its creepy head shows up. In this post, you’ll get real, actionable steps to confidently lessen the effects on nausea and vomiting during your pregnancy.

Well lets get started.

Morning sickness is no fun, period!!! At the end of this post my goal is for you my dear to fully understand why this condition is so common during pregnancy and how you can overcome it.

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Our topics will include:

  1. Risk factors for morning sickness

2. The symptoms of morning sickness

3. The amazing , effective things you can do to fight against morning sickness . Yay, yay!

4. Warning signs

The causes of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy

During morning sickness refers to the nausea and vomiting that can occur during pregnancy. Because your sense of smell is enhanced when you are pregnant, you may develop strong dislike  to certain foods and smells.

The “morning” part of this pregnancy symptom, on the other hand, is a bit confusing. If you’re one of the estimated 3 in 4 expecting mothers who experience morning sickness, you know that nausea and vomiting can strike at any time of day or night.

Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, also known as morning sickness, are extremely common in the first trimester.
It can strike at any time of day or night, and you may feel ill all day. Oh by the way I actually experienced all day morning sike. Yea I know, I was tortured!!! The worst feeling.
Morning sickness is unpleasant and can have a major impact on your daily life. There were times when I just only could do the minimal ; if you know what I mean. At times it felt like my body crashed. I could not make my self  a cup of tea.   Nevertheless, it usually clears up by week 16 to 20 of your pregnancy and poses no risk to your baby.

There is a chance of developing hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of pregnancy sickness. This can be dangerous, and there’s a chance you won’t get enough fluids in your body (dehydration) or nutrients from your diet (malnourishment). You may require specialized care, possibly in a hospitalization,  rehydration therapy, and parenteral nutrition

.However, observational data show that these conditions coincide with levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and placental mass size, implying that placental tissue may be linked to the occurrence and severity of nausea and vomiting.

  It is important to note that several women who have complete hydatidiform molar pregnancies with no fetus have significant nausea and vomiting, indicating that placental factors, particularly hCG, are to blame. Women with higher HCG levels, such as those with multiple gestations, hydatidiform moles, or Down syndrome fetuses, are at a higher risk of experiencing morning sickness.

Who are at risk for experiencing morning sickness?

You asked who are mostly at risk? Women who are less educated, older, or black, as well as those with lower incomes, multiple gestations, or increasing gravidity (including miscarriages), are at a higher risk of pregnancy nausea and vomiting.

A personal history of motion sickness, migraine headaches, or nausea associated with the use of estrogen-containing contraceptives raises the risk. The causes of pregnancy nausea and vomiting, as well as hyperemesis gravidarum, are unknown. I had an experience with the oral contraceptives.

They used to make me feel like I was pregnant alllll the time. Gosh! I just knew I did not deserve that type of treatment. I was sooo happy🥰 when I no longer needed those to prevent getting pregnant. Other causes include : excessive salivation (spitty mouth), a metallic taste of which I have experienced. Oh it was awful, I had to carry around a cup at times, stress, fatigue, first time pregnancy –

Women who are pregnant for the first time are more vulnerable to morning sickness and experience more severe symptoms.

If you’ve never been pregnant before, your body may be less “prepared” for the rise of hormones and other changes you’re experiencing. You may also be nervous about the many uncertainties of pregnancy, which may cause an upset tummy.

If you have other children the demands of caring for the other kids may distract you from your nausea. And because your body has been there, done that, it may not be as surprised by the physical changes that come with pregnant women. Did you know that genetics and even the weather can cause you to experience morning sickness? So now you see why so many women cannot miss it. Blessed are you women who have gone on to enjoy pregnancy without this symptom. Here are some great remedies you can try.

The best ways to fight morning sickness

Morning sickness symptoms typically start around week 6 of pregnancy towards the middle of month 2. It typically was always my first sign of confirming my pregnancy after missing the next monthly period. This is about the time your HCG levels arise to give you a positive or negative test result.

How long does morning sickness last?🙋‍♀️

The large majority of expectant mothers experience nausea and vomiting between weeks 12 and 16, with symptoms peaking between weeks 10 and 16.

Nonetheless, some women ( like me ) continue to have symptoms into the second trimester. I hope you are none of us!  Oh I have to mention  there are some  women, particularly those expecting multiples, may experience morning sickness during their pregnancies.

What are the symptoms of morning sickness?

Morning sickness is characterized by the following symptoms:

A nauseous, queasy feeling in the first trimester of pregnancy that many pregnant women compare to seasickness or car sickness.
Gastrointestinal discomfort that typically occurs in the morning but can occur at any time of day or night
Strong aversions to different  smells and foods that are so potent that they can make you sick to your stomach. I remember this one so well. My favorite food, purfume, gravy I hated during my pregnancies.
A seasick sensation that is frequently accompanied or immediately followed by hunger pangs.
After-meal nausea
A severe bad feeling  that can cause vomiting
Did you know morning sickness does not harm your baby? I thought it did. Now do not get me wrong-Hyperremises Gravidarium can become quite severe and dangerous like I shared earlier.  However, if you are unable to keep foods or liquids down and are beginning to lose weight, you should consult a doctor PROMPTO!

Amazing, effective ways to fight morning sickness

So here we go…….

1.Take a break when needed

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. This is what I did sometimes and I felt so much better after only 10 minutes.  Seize this opportunity to step away and lie down if you are in a position to do so.

2.Avoid bad odors in the home

Speak up about any unpleasant odors in your home with your partner, children, and friends. That way, they’ll understand your point of view.
Contact your care provider. If you’re constantly sick and can’t seem to keep anything down, it’s time to see your doctor. Morning sickness can be severe for some women. Your doctor may be able to assist you in determining

3.Take your time to eat

Slowly consume something. Having an empty stomach can often aggravate morning sickness. This is true whenever I allowed myself to get hungry the symptoms became worse. Do not wait to get hungry. So, if you’re feeling brave, try to eat something small. Crunchy carb-rich snacks like pretzels, cereal, and crackers work best in general. Toast bread and bananas worked wonders for me.


4.Find something to do

. When you’re feeling ill, try to find something that requires little thought but can take your mind away from your morning sickness. Read the newspaper or a book, watch an exciting documentary or movie, do a crossword puzzle, or maybe tackle some of those work emails. There are so many things you can be creative and do just to take your mind off it.

5.Drink enough fluids

Keep your liquids high. It can be difficult when your stomach refuses to cooerporate, but it is critical that you drink when you are thirsty and never get thirsty.   The more dehydrated you are, the more nauseated you will feel AND EVENTUALLY VOMIT!!

6.Spice up your fluids

Did you know you can add your water with lemon, ginger, or peppermint. 
Aside from staying hydrated, adding a dash of lemon or peppermint to your water can help settle your stomach.

7.Smell a good fragrance!

Smell something new. Morning sickness is frequently associated with odors. When you can’t get away for some fresh air, enjoy the smell of something fresh and clean that won’t aggravate your nausea. I liked the smell of fabric softener. It was nice to apply it to some parts of my bedding.

8.Cleaning your mouth helps

You should brush your teeth by all means. Brush your teeth if you’re feeling  sick after using the restroom. Getting the bad tastes out of your mouth can make you feel better.

9.How about your must haves?

Carry your morning sickness essentials. A travel toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, gum, or mints are examples of such items. It’s not a bad idea to include some ginger ale and saltine crackers as well. Here you can find some treatments to help relieve and prevent nausea and vomiting.

10. Try some deep breathing exercises

Even a few minutes of deep breathing and rest can help you recharge because more blood and oxygen to the brain, helping you to relax.

11. Take a nice bath

This can make a big difference in your mental health. I know after a good bath I usually felt so much better. You can spice it up with these quality additives everyone is talking about!

12.Manage your stress

Don’t run away from your stress but I encourage you to manage it by all means. I know life can be hard sometimes but you must do what you can to take control of your life. And know that God is always there for you. Talk to Him about everything.

13.Eat whatever you feel like

Eat whatever foods you can tolerate while your stomach’s upset. When you feel better later, concentrate on making your meals more well-rounded. This one is a good reminder for you . It worked for me. I noticed most of the time it worked.

Try eating what you want. I mean sometimes I would want some cracked conch. This is some well seasoned fried conch. It’s deeeeelicious.

14. Acupuncture with waistbands

Acupressure with wristbands and treatment with ginger or a vitamin B6 supplement are among the complementary and alternative therapies being researched for morning sickness. Consult your doctor to determine which therapies are best for you.

15.Drink some teas

One of the best ways to curb nausea and vomiting. If you’re hoping to relieve nausea quickly and naturally, tea can help. Herbal teas are nothing new. They have been used to treat nausea for decades. Today, we’ll be discussing the best teas for all types of nausea. Can you take a guess? Here we go…..

Bottom line

Morning sickness although very common in the majority of pregnant women, can be managed to some degree. Isn’t that good news? I hope I have given you many remedies that could give you some comfort.

It is my hope that your pregnancy is going well with minimum or no symptoms. This is the # 1 midwife encouraging you to stay strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Pray about everything. Thank you for showing up today. Please like , comment, or ask a question if you wish and see ya again soon.

What are some of the challenges you are having with morning sickness?

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We know that if God loves us enough to send His only Son to die for us and suffer the way He did that surely, He will take care of us in every situation. Joyce Meyers

Let’s cast all our care on Him for He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

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