Help ! My Baby Won’t Sleep Unless Held: 10 Simple Ways To Get A Break

Don’t be concerned! When it’s time to put him to bed, there are several things that can help him relax, and you should work on them before he sleeps. Massage, feeding, and bathing are all recommended by specialists.

Hello mamas and mamas to be! I have heard your cry! You have been holding your little star for hours and now you need to catch a quick bath, clean the house, catch some fresh air, most of all get the needed rest you deserve. Every time your baby hits the crib, the crying begins and when you pick baby up all the crying stops.

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I think most if not every parent has gone through this. I know mamas this can be frustrating at times because truly you do need a break from baby . If only to care for yourself. If you are a mommy- to -be who is experiencing this you have come to the right place. I will teach you several things you can try and see what works for you.

Topics to be covered include:

1.Why won’t my baby stay asleep when I lay Him down?

2.Why is my baby fighting sleep?

3. What should I do if my baby wants to be held all the time?

5. Can I spoil my baby by holding all the time?

6. Will my baby ever out grow the need to be held?

So here we go mama:

1.Why won’t my baby stay asleep when I lay Him down?

It is vital that you understand why your little star is behaving the way he is. While working in the hospital with new moms, I observed that babies love warmth; especially the warmth of their mothers. And you know we can’t blame them. It feels good to be loved by your mom. I see moms experiencing the same thing me and you experienced. You put them down while they are sleeping and the second you lay them down, the crying begins.

Or another reason may be that your kid may be unable to sleep outside your arms because you do not let him or her to fall asleep on his or her own. When it’s time for bed, you always hold him/her, which makes him/her believe that whenever he/she sleeps, he/she must be held.

2.Why do babies fight sleep?

Your baby’s energy levels change during the day. Trying to keep your star awake during the day for long periods can make matters worse. Carefully watching for your baby’s sleep window will help you gauge how much awake time is right for your baby.An eye rub, a yawn, a fuss, or turning away might all be signs that your baby is ready to sleep.

This indicates that your kid has entered the’sleep window.’ Keep your eyes alert to see if your child has an acceptable wake time. It might help you gauge when to set the setting for sleep once you know your baby’s estimated wake time.

Here is an estimated wake time for babies:

Birth – 6 weeks: 45 – 60 minutes

2-3 months: 1 – 1.5 hours

4-5 months: 1.25 – 2.25 hours

6-7 months: 2 – 2. 75 hours

8-9 months: 2.25 – 3 hours

10-12 months: 3 – 4 hours

12+months: 3 – 6 hours . This depends on the amount of naps.

What should I do if baby wants to be held all the time?

There are many things you can do if your baby wants to be held all the time . You can try some of these remedies. Remember all babies are different. What works for one does not mean it will work for all.

Before he/she goes to sleep, plan some relaxing activities for him/her.
Is your child agitated?

Don’t be overly concerned! When it’s time to put him to bed, there are several things that can help him relax, and you should work on them before he sleeps. Massage, feeding, and bathing are all recommended by specialists.

Giving your infant a warm bath will help to raise his or her temperature, which can fall at night, and prevent irritability. Massage promotes relaxation and makes it easier to lull him or her to sleep. Even better, feeding him/her can keep him/her warm and comfy on the inside.

Set a time for sleep . Your baby is unaware of when to go to sleep. Some training might help. I will share with you what works for most of my new moms. I instruct them to carry out this routine for a month but they may begin to see results sooner than this:

1.Set a time in the afternoon between 8-8:30 pm.

2.First feed your baby and burp

3. Bath using warm water

4.Give a body message afterwards using lotion

5. Dim the lights or use a lamp

6. Try some soft instrumental music or white noise

7. Swaddle / Shss, shss baby

8.Check on baby every 15-30 minutes. Ensure that nothing is in baby’s bed.

9. Ensure baby gets a full feed before sleep

10 . Try a pacifier. This may help baby sleep and —plus — has been associated with a decreased risk of SIDS.

Because your kid has been munching during the day, he or she may be feeling hungry when sleeping and waking up early. The idea is to get your kid to eat entire meals instead of nibbling, and the easiest way to do that is to feed him shortly after he wakes up from his nap.

Our first reaction is to feed a baby immediately before bedtime, but if we do so, the baby is more likely to have a snack rather than a full meal. A fatigued infant who lacks the stamina to eat a full meal just before bedtime will fall asleep at the bottle or breast.

Can I spoil my baby by holding all the time?

Many new moms are wondering if they are spoiling their babies while holding them. I know I wondered about this as a new mom and I am sure many you probably do.

You can’t spoil a baby, is the plain and short answer (which most of us intuitively seem to know when we bring our kids home).

When babies are inside us, they are accustomed to being constantly cared for and kept secure and warm. They are always near us and have learned the sound of our voices and the scent of our flesh. When a baby is born, it undergoes a significant transformation in which they are no longer protected by our bodies and must learn to navigate the world in a new way.

Sounds will be louder, lights will be brighter, and they will experience a load of new experiences, even within their own small bodies. It must be really stressful at times.

Remember, a baby’s only way of communicating with us in a new environment, with fresh sensations, is through crying and contact.

Holding your baby gives them a sense of security since they know you were the one who carried them for nine months. They can smell and hear you, and the touch of your flesh makes them feel close to you. Holding your baby near has a relaxing and reassuring effect on them, but it can also have a mental, social, intellectual, and physical impact on them.

According to a study published in Pediatrics, skin-to-skin contact during the first few months, particularly during the first few hours after birth, can have emotional and health advantages.

Will my baby ever outgrow the need to be held?

Relax new mommies !!

If you are experiencing the drama of a baby who always want to be held waking you every night, one one thing for sure is,

“Don’t worry, she’ll outgrow it. Babies sleep through the night when they’re ready.”

Really we all do! For most babies 1-2 months is all it takes.

This just a reminder that God is near and He cares deeply for you

Bottom line

So there you have it all mama! Now have the answers you have been waiting for. I hope you understand some of the reasons why your baby does not sleep at night, why they fight sleep, what you should do if they want to beheld all the time. Additionally there should not be any worries about if your baby will ever out grow the need of always wanting to be held.

I hope I was able to help you out in some way. Remember you are not alone. God is with you all the time and this season will pass. Thank you for reading to the end. I would love to hear from you. You can like, comment and share. One question before you go. What has been the most troubling experience with your baby since birth?

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