12 Powerful and Practical Tips for a First Time Mom: Mommy Like a Pro the 1st Time

Hello Mamas- to -be. I hope everything is going well with your pregnancy or going well with you and your newborn!

Produced July 19th, 2021 By : Marilyn Smith- The # 1 midwife

For the first time, being a mother is a wonderful and exciting experience, but it also brings with it a slew of new problems and changes, ranging from home preparation to bodily changes. Yes being a mother puts new demands on us and forces us to be the best we can be no matter what.

If you are a first time mom or mom -to- be, you have reached the best place to hear the right content. So sit back, relax and lets chat quickly about this exciting topic! Make sure read it to the end so that you get everything you need for this journey.

Guess what mama? If you are expecting you first baby and you’re always searching for tips and advice. IT’S OK!

Most first time mothers-to-be are unprepared for the arrival and this causes a lot of questions! But don’t worry, I will give you some powerful and practical tips to help you mommy like a pro!

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Our topics will cover:

  1. Who is a first time mom?
  2. How to deal with a first time pregnancy?
  3. Powerful and practical tips for a first time mom

1.Who is a first time mom?

A woman who is (or has been only) pregnant for the first time is referred to as a primigravida, and a woman in subsequent pregnancies as a multigravida or as multiparous. During a second pregnancy a woman is called a gravida 2, para 1 and upon live delivery as gravida 2, para 2.

According to Sheila Devanesan, M.D., obstetrician and gynecologist at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialists, gives moms-to-be counsel on the importance of staying healthy and self-care during the pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum stages. 

As we know pregnancy and postpartum are some of the most stressful and demanding times a woman can face in her life. I have experienced this four times so I know what you are going through. You may also be feeling what I am talking about.

For the first time, being a mother is a wonderful and exciting experience, but it also brings with it a slew of new problems and changes, ranging from home preparation to bodily changes. Yes being a mother puts new demands on us and forces us to be the best we can be no matter what.

A great must have to save those precious memories

2.How to deal with a first time pregnancy?

Being pregnant for the first time can be very overwhelming especially if you have no good support. Unfortunately, there are many parents who are raising their children by themselves. You’re not alone when you’re raising a child on your own. Families with only one parent is very  common.

You  can learn how to deal with some of the unique obstacles faced by single parents and what you can do to raise a happy, healthy child. As a first time mom, it is critical that you take good care of your pregnancy from the get go. Here are the basic steps to a

3.Get pre-pregnancy counseling early

Taking the time to ensure that your body is at it’s highest performance, is your responsibility. Getting a pre-pregnancy check up could be one of the best things you can do for yourself and your little star. This examination can easily exposé any existing treatable factors and risks. You will be given advice on how to maintain a healthy body and mind including taking your folic acid and prenatal vitamins 2-3 months ahead. Prenatal vitamins and folic acid should be taken to prevent birth abnormalities, particularly those involving the brain and spine.

4.Stick to your ideal weight

Maintain a weight that is as close to your ideal as possible. Over weight or underweight are danger zones that can put you both baby at risk for complications.

5.Stay up to date with vaccines

Whether it is the flu or covid vaccine you decide to take, it is important that you remain current to protect you both.

Postpartum – powerful and practical tips to mommy like a pro….

6.Keep your sanity -stay calm!

Keep your cool!

I clearly remember my post partum experiences. Man they were really challenging, especially when baby starts to cry and become fussy. Prepare to be exhausted for the first few days – When you bring your newborn home, you may expect a

lot of chaos. There’s plenty  adjustment , and you might not get much sleep. To pass the time while you nurse your baby, download your favorite music, a decent box set, or talk to God. Anything that improves  your relaxation is worth it.

This can cause you to become more irritable and complaining. When you can, try to get some rest, and don’t be afraid to limit guests for the first few days. You will need as much rest as you can to recharge. Do all you can to keep your sanity. Remember this too shall pass.

7.Don’t worry about the house work and what needs to be done

8.At the 1st chance get yourself a nice bath and a perineal soak

9.Be patient -weight loss is a process not an overnight thing!

Let your partner or a trusted family member or friend help out with the other kids and urgent house chores. On the other hand if you do not have help, don’t worry about the house work. They can wait.

I always advise my moms to get themselves a fresh bath first thing in the morning. This does a world of both physical and mental comfort. Mamas if you do not do this you will feel very uncomfortable. I found that when I caught that first bath, I was more ready to face the day with baby. And if you had a perineal tear , a perineal soak can go a long way.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be flawless and lose all of the baby weight. Focus on eating well and spending time with your baby.

5.Watch out for postpartum depression

Stressful experiences are usually just that: experiences. If you’re constantly overwhelmed with no relief, or if you’re losing interest in your newborn, these could be indicators of a more serious depression, and you should seek medical help.

6. There will be overnight changing

Be Ready For Bedding Changes Overnight — Before bedtime, cover your baby’s crib with two layers of bedding. If there are any mishaps overnight, simply remove one sheet and place baby on the second, clean layer. Remember that this approach will only work if you use two waterproof sheets.

7.Keep your skin soft and moisturized

Your skin may be extremely dry as a result of hormonal and hydration changes. To keep your skin moisturized, stock up on good moisterizer cream.

8.Follow your motherly instincts

Trust your motherly instincts

Mamas, follow your motherly instincts and let your baby lead the way – You will receive a lot of advice. When should you feed your little star  and when should you put him to bed for the night? Yes, these folks are genuinely trying to assist you, but pay attention to your child. They’ll let you know when they’re hungry and when they’re sleepy.

However if you find that your child is sleeping 3 hours , wake him up to feed. As prolonged sleeping can cause neonatal jaundice. This is where bilirubin supersedes your child’s bloodstream causing their eyes and skin to turn yellow.

9.Pack enough supplies when leaving the house

Make sure you have plenty of supplies with you whenever you leave the house with your infant. Pack enough extra milk,  clothes, diapers, wipes, muslin cloths, and everything else you’ll need while you’re away.

10.Have some freezer meals prepared

Boy, this will help you out quite a bit just; knowing that your meals are readily available is less pressure on you.Some mommies-to-be prepare their meals before going to labor.

11.Learn to calm your baby’s fussy habits.

Fussiness during the first few weeks can be humiliating. Empower yourself mama

Swaddling my babies really helped me when my baby was fussy. Here is a link to some other things you can do if your baby becomes fussy. Always burp your baby after feeds to avoid air getting trapped into the stomach, causing pain and irritability.

Some babies can take long to burp. If baby is has not burped for 5-10 minutes, you can lay baby on his side or back with head turned to one side for safety. Check your baby’s diaper frequently to ensure that baby does not develops a diaper rash. Olive oil can be used to for protection and easy cleanup.

12.Trust In God to get you through this tough period in your life

Most women can say that the postpartum stage is certainly hard, but I want you to know that God has your back. He loves and cares for you. You are not alone!

Bottom line

The above are some very powerful and practical tips to help you mommy like a pro! I believe if pregnancy is well planned before conception can truly make pregnancy and postpartum so much better. As we have seen it can be much easier. I hope you find this helpful. Thank you for stopping by today. Feel free to like, comment, or ask a question. What are some of the challenges you had or is experiencing now postpartum. Share on how you are coping. I would love to hear from you.

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