Amazing Breast Pump Reviews: Give It Your Best Shot!

I would like to introduce you to some of the wonderful baby essentials that you can purchase from Amazon. I would like to help you to look at some products that could assist you in your pregnancy journey. These products were chosen because I researched them and found them to be very economical and useful for you. I will receive a small commission at not extra cost to you. Thank you in advance if you do decide to make a purchase. We will review the following products:

  1. The Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump
  2. The Medela Symphony Breast Pump
  3. Spectra Baby USA – S2 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump
  4. Spectra Baby USA – S2 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump
  5. NatureBond Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump

1. Medela Freestyle Flex Breast Pump

Cheaper place to buy: Amazon

Price: $199.00

Free shipping

Rating: 4.6 /5 stars – 3,589 reviews

Assorted Sizes:

  • 21mm
  • 24mm
  • 27mm
  • 30mm
  • 36mm



Great news! mothers can now produce more milk in less time. An exceptional breast pump made specifically for optimal efficiency for maximized flow. This was made possible by its patented and research-based2 Phase Expression Technology.

  • INSURANCE VALIDATED-Most Medela breast pumps are validated by insurance.

This pump is very reliable, and very efficient. It is a real go- to breast pump for Mums today.

  • Single knob adjustable speed and vacuum with one touch letdown button; Set of 24mm/medium size flanges allow moms to enhance their pumping experience, based on what’s most effective and comfortable
  • Closed system at the motor, which prevents milk from entering the motor; UL Listed; 120 VAC
  • INCLUDES: Built-in breast pump in backpack; Battery pack; Cooler bag and ice pack; (4) 5-oz. 150 mL bottles with lids; Double pumping kit: 1 set of 24mm flanges, 2 connectors, 2 valves and membranes, 1 set of tubing; 120 VAC; 60 Hz transformer
  • Founded in 1961, Medela has long been recognized as an expert advocate of breastfeeding through its development of innovative, research-based breast pump technology. As a result, is the #1 breast pump brand in America and the most recommended by doctors, chosen first by moms, and used most in hospitals
  • With built-in breast pump holds everything you need for portable and discreet pumping; Removable cooler bag holds ice pack and bottles to help your breastmilk stay cool while away from baby.



Question: Is the pump built into the bag, or can it be used separately without carrying the bag?

Answer: My daughter in law says that it is velcroed into the bag and can be removed. I remember when we unpacked it that the pump part was boxed up. I think the bag has a place for the plug to go through so it can be plugged in without removing it from the bag, and all of the tubing and things are easily stored in the bag, so … see more
By Holly M. Perkins on August 22, 2013 See more answers

Question: Is there enough space in teh bag to not need to also carry a purse? For example I’d want to put keys, wallet, smartphone, and maybe ipad mini.

Answer: II used to bring it up to school and put my lunch in it. There’s a lot of room on the side and top of the bag. I also could fit my phone, hand purse, and kindle in it with ease.
By Mary Krason Wiker on October 15, 2013 See more answers (1)

Question: Can you please tell me what the Medela PersonalFit Breastshields size comes with ? S M L XL XXL? Thank you .

Answer: The 24mm (Medium) size shields come with the pump. Having the correct size shield is a big part of getting good flow from the breast. I started off with the mediums but I purchase my own Large size shields at Babies R Us and it made a huge difference.
By Asimov’s Muse on January 14, 2014


Can you use any kind of bottles for this cause I am wanting to use glass bottles. Thanks

Answer: The pump comes with 5-6 (6 oz) plastic bottles to pump into. You can then empty the milk into whatever bottles or containers you want for storage or feeding.
By Jessi S. on April 21, 2014 See more answers (4)

2. Medela Symphony Breast Pump, Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Top rated for your success!

This pump though pretty costly, is very effective. This is one of the best hospital graded hospital pumps you can find.

Price: $2,002.49

Ratings- 81 reviews : 4 of 5- Stars

Free shipping


  • Helps initiate and maintain milk supply with Medela’s patented, research-based 2-Phase Expression Technology, designed to closely mimic a baby’s natural nursing rhythms and proven to express 18% more breast milk when double pumping
  • The Symphony Breast Pump’s kit (sold separately) is independent from the pumping mechanism and protected from milk overflow by a specially designed membrane to create a closed system
  • Clinically proven to achieve faster milk ejection and flow when pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum for optimal efficiency; whisper-quiet operation ensures discretion during late night or early morning pumping
  • Sold separately (model #67099); this kit includes all necessary components to get started, including tubes, valves, membranes, breast shields, and bottles
  • Founded in 1961, Medela has long been recognized as an expert advocate of breastfeeding through its development of innovative, research-based breast pump technology. As a result, is the #1 breast pump brand in America and the most recommended by doctors, chosen first by moms, and used most in hospitals.
  • This product’s kit is a single-user item unless properly sterilized between users. Use by more than one user without adequate sterilization may pose a health risk and voids the warranty.


Question:I have just ordered this kit. Will this improve my milk supply at week 5 or is it late?

Answer:It’s not too late at all! Try to express more frequently than you would feed – about every 2 hours during the day, in order to build up your supply. If you can, see a lactation consultant for support or try the kellymom website, she has lots of good information. It can be hard yards at the start, but it is worth investment
By Dean Spilias on November 6, 2015 See more answers (3)

Question:Does it operate on rechargeable battery?

Answer: The answer is YES for the model I used. But when I used it at home/office, I would have it plugged into the wall socket, and I would leave it plugged in even when I wasn’t using it. When travelling (e.g. in a plane), without plugging it, I could easily do 2 pump sessions of 15 minutes each. The instruction says with… see more
By TFarm on December 7, 2015 See more answers (3)

Question: Is this dual voltage? On the bottom of the pump, does it have a value of “100-240” for “V~” and “50/60” for “Hz”?

Answer: The machine I used back in 2010 and 2011 did switch voltage automatically. You just need to bring a few adaptor plugs for the different outlets on the wall in each country. Also if you charge the machine full the night before you travel, in case you cannot get to an outlet, the machine can work up to 20-30 minutes with… see more
By TFarm on April 30, 2014 See more answers (2)

Question:Why does this cost more than 2 iPhones?

Answer:Do you love your wife and baby?
By my thuan on March 15, 2020

Breast Implants? Excellent for Low Milk Supply!

Maggie5.0 out of 5 stars Best pump in the market

Reviewed in the United States on April 7, 2015I really wish I had done better research before purchasing my medela pump in style, don’t get me wrong, if you are one of those lucky moms with a vast milk production medela pump in style is perfect for you… In my opinion! I had a breast augmentation 6 years ago and was told it would not affect future breastfeeding… WRONG! It has completely affected my milk supply… From obstruction to a few mammary glands to my implants blocking my milk flow. I have to milk myself during every session to make sure I get all the milk out. I had to give my baby formula and breast milk because in the beginning I was only making .5 oz per session (both breasts) and my baby after 3 days born was eating 2oz every 2 hours. After researching ways to get my supply up I read about this gem. I m still not producing a ton, but after 2 months of non stop pumping and nursing and the use of this, I’m now making about 4-5 oz per pump session (both breasts) it took a lot of work but at least my girl is getting some breastmilk.

3. Spectra Baby USA – S2 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump

Price: $159.00

Amazon Choice

Free shipping

Rating :4.5 /5- with 2,784 reviews

Sizes Available:




  • Soothing Soft Pink
  • Single or Double Pump capability
  • Built-in nightlight for middle-of-the-night pumping
  • Includes: Spectra S2 Hospital Grade Double/Single breast pump, 12 volt AC power adapter, detachable power cord prong, (2) Spectra wide neck bottle, (2) Spectra backflow protector, (2) Spectra duckbill valve, (2) Spectra tubing, (2) 24mm flange, (2) 28mm flange
  • Closed system: No need to clean the narrow tubing because Spectra S1 has a closed pumping system that keeps tubing dry by preventing air flow between expressed milk and pump tubing while pumping protecting breast milk and baby from bacteria, mold and viruses
  • Customizable settings: Each mother can customize her pump’s settings to her own body’s response and follow her flow to find her own best settings with the S2’s completely adjustable suction and 2 phase cycling in let-down and expression mode
  • BPA/DEHP free: All of Spectra Baby USA storage containers and parts that come in contact with breast milk are BPA/DEHP free
  • Mommy owned: Spectra Baby USA is owned and run by registered nurses, board certified lactation consultants, and more importantly… by moms


Does the milk go through the tubing like in the medela?


No it does not. It has a backflow filter that creates a barrier between the tubing and flanges. Since it is a closed system, you don’t have to replace your tubing.. Unless you misplace them. But milk does get into the filter, so make sure you clean them. The filters are easily opened and closed, perfect for an easy clean.
By Anonymous… on October 1, 2014 See more answers (9)


How many/what accessories would you recommend for a first time pumper who will be working an office job M-F, 8-530?


ALL you need are milk bags and a bag to carry it all in. It sounds crazy, but I pumped DIRECTLY into the bags! I really liked the Lansinoh brand milk bags and a Vera Bradley tote for carrying everything. There’s also no need to refrigerate fresh milk for up to 9 hours, as long as it is kept at room temperature.
By naturalmommy on July 22, 2015

Question:Could you please tell me what all comes with this specific pump? Is everything included to use as a double pump?


Everything you need to use as a double pump is included (two tubes, two back-flow valves, two breast shields, two valves, two bottles, and two caps for the bottles – I think nipples for the bottles, too, but I’ve never used those). I love this pump – I had a Medela pump for my first kiddo and this one has been working… see more
By Mackenzie R. on November 21, 2014 


Where is the adapter that lets you dual pump. I got mine in from Amazon today and couldn’t find the adapter anywhere in the box. Does it come with it


There is no adapter, there are 2 places to plug the tubes into- you simply remove the “clear plastic top” off of the bottom hole on the bottom of the machine. If you want to dual pump just plug each tube into the holes on the front of the machine- when you only want to pump one- just replace the “clear plastic top” ba… see more

4. Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump with Stimulation and Expression


Free shipping/ Domestic and International Shipping Available

Ratings-4.5 star – 2, 235 reviews. The reviews on this manual pump is so


  • Comfortable for Mom: Comfort Fit Flanges have a soft, flexible rim that’s soft on mom’s skin while maintaining a good seal for optimal suction
  • Easy to Use: This lightweight portable hand breast pump is designed with an Easy Express Handle to reduce hand fatigue while pumping
  • Efficient Pumping: Our adjustable two mode technology gets milk flowing during the letdown phase before maximizing milk flow with the expression phase
  • Convenient and Portable: This Lansinoh breast pump is easy to clean, easy to use, and easy to assemble. All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are dishwasher safe. Lightweight and easy to fit into your bag, perfect for pumping on the go.
  • Lansinoh Compatible: Works with Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags and Lansinoh baby bottles for a consistent, convenient experience.


Judi G5.0 out of 5 stars Better, faster, strongerReviewed in the United States on March 20, 2018

Verified Purchase

I’ve used several of the electric hospital grade breast pumps- including the one that retails for close to 2k. None of them compare to how much milk I can get with this thing! I get triple the amount in half the time. Yes, it takes effort. Yes, you can’t do much more than pump. But considering I was spending 30 minutes every two hours not able to do anything because I was tied to a wall plug looking like a milk cow… I’ll gladly spend 15 minutes with a hand pump every 3 hours and get so much more out of it. I wish I had tried this sooner- my little one is 7 weeks and we’ve been supplementing with formula from week 1. This might have saved us the hassle of that.84 people found this helpfulHelpfulCommentReport abuseChristin J Ingram5.0 out of 5 stars I love this little pump

Reviewed in the United States on April 8, 2017

Verified Purchase

I love this little pump. I’m so grateful I bought it. I had been using the medela pisa at home and thought my supply was getting low because when my daughter was around 5 months I noticed I was pumping less and less. One night I woke up to pump since my daughter started sleeping longer stretches. I pumped about an ounce from my medela in 10 mins. That’s not normal at all for me. I pulled out the Lansinoh and pumped 3 ounces in 6 mins. Needless to say, the suction on my medela was going down the drain. So glad I had this as back up and that it works so well. I like to use this on one side while my daughter is doing her late night feed on the other side. I usually can get 4 to 5 ounces.

Redsilas5.0 out of 5 stars I was able to increase my pumped milk supply with this little guyReviewed in the United States on June 13, 2018

Verified PurchaseI’ve owned three electric pumps in my nursing mom time (Avent, Medela, Spectra) and this pump just floored me with how much more effective it is than my electric pumps! I actually bought this because my Spectra wasn’t working and the replacement part for the valve would be about two weeks to arrive. So I was pumping at work with just one flange and it was taking double the time. I ordered this manual pump based on the reviews and it had a pretty quick learning curve to use.

The part the blew me away – I used this on one side while having my Spectra on the other (using a breast pump bra to keep everything centered). I was able to pump comfortably for 10 minutes without any issues – no hand cramping at all – and when I checked at the end how much I pumped with the manual – I got 1 ounce more on the manual pump side than the Spectra side. I thought maybe just that side had a bit more milk so I switched which side I used this Lasinoh on the next session and I got an additional ounce on that side!

This little manual pump has helped increase my milk supply and I really do recommend it

!68 people found this helpfulHelpfulCommentReport abuseSophia5.0 out of 5 stars Worth having even if you have an electric pump, great value.

Reviewed in the United States on April 3, 2019

Verified Purchase

Nice little hand pump. The parts are relatively few, easy to assemble and put together and clean. I am used to Medela parts and the valve on this one is easier to put on and seems sturdy. Extra valve included in package. Shield detaches so you could use your own (like pumpin pals) but i found the included shield to be quite comfortable. It’s nice that it comes with two sizes though I am standard/small and the small one works well. Pumping action and suction seems adequate. I only ever use the strong setting, and it takes a few pumps to build up to suction. Obviously it is not as effective as my electric double pump but this is quick and easy to whip out if you just need to relieve engorgement in the middle of the night, or pump a few times before nursing to draw out the nipple to get closer to letdown for your baby. It’s also nice to be able to dynamically vary the length of the “sucks” depending on your milk spray which you can’t do with an electric pump so easily.
It comes with bottle, stand, nipple, but I prefer Kiinde pouches. The adapter that works is purple in color and labeled “Lansinoh” on the inside, which I mention because it took me awhile to find the right adapter in the Kiinde box. Bonus, purple adapter matches the rest of the pump parts. Pic attached.
I also have the haakaa pump and I prefer this one, but it would depend on your use case. Haakaa works better as a letdown catcher but I don’t normally have that issue, and I would find it hard to use while nursing anyways. Lansinoh pump has better pump action/suction and better for actually achieving letdown and relieving engorgement. I also found it harder to squeeze the haakaa just the right way to get the suction I wanted but on the Lansinoh obviously with the handle it’s dead simple. It is also easier to combine breast compression with pumping on the lansinoh because it doesn’t constantly lose suction when doing compressions as much as haakaa.
Bottom line, i am very happy with this product and find it a useful adjunct to my electric pump. Great value.Read more

5. NatureBond Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump

Very Effective and Economical!

Amazon’s Top Choice!


Great Price: $12.99

Free shipping if order is more than $25.00 / Domestic and international shipping available

Amazon’s Top choice for silicone pump

Rating-4.5/5 star with 10,739 reviews! Wow!

  •  Most Value For Money Silicone Breast Pump / Breastmilk Saver With BOTH Pump Strap And Silicone Pump Stopper: Silicone Manual Breast Pump collects “let-down” / breast milk leaks and relieves engorgement using pure natural suction pressure. Every ounce of breast milk is precious. Save it for your baby.
  • Extremely Soft And Comfortable. Unlike other silicone pumps that have pour spout, Nature Bond has removed redundant pour spout that cause discomfort to breast skin during suction. This is important to moms. With Pump Straps, there will be “no more crying over spilled milk” too.
  • Easy to use, Lightweight and Portable – Hands-free and saves breastmilk on the other side during breastfeeding. Very Lightweight and Perfect for travelling. Hassle free and no pumping “noise” that may awake the baby
  • High Quality Silicone breast pump. Sterile Vacuum Sealed. BPA Free and 100% Food Grade Silicone. Lab tested and certified by Bureau Veritas which is a World Leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification.
  • ★ Must Have Essentials Pack that includes both Patented Pump Strap And Silicone Stopper. Complete with Dust Cover Lid, Velvet Pouch, Silicone Breast Pump and Full Color English Instructions in Hardcover Gift Box. Perfect baby shower gift for newborn mothers. Recommended by lactation nurses from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital (USA). #1 Silicone Manual Breast Pump in USA, UK & Canada.


Will this just stay on the breast to collect letdown ?? Or do I need to hold it ?


Dear Maddy,
Yes, due to strong suction pressure and light weighted silicone material, the breast pump will stay on to collect letdown.
It works fine. When the pump is fully collected and filled with breastmilk, eg 80%-100% filled, we recommend mummies to pour the milk into an empty bottle first for the next round
By NatureBond USA SELLER  on December 27, 2016

Question:Is this dishwasher safe?


Yes. They can withstand boiling them (which I do to sanitize them). I have put them in the dishwasher.
By A. Harper on January 24, 2020


Can it use in steamer?


Yes, you can use steamer to sterilize the pump. Please put in steamer for at least 3 minutes.
This sterilization step has also been indicated in the Instructions Sheet that come with the product package.
By NatureBond USA Seller on November 24, 2016


Can I sterilize this in a microwave sterilizer? I misplaced the instructions it came with.

Answer: I believe you can. It talks about steaming for sterilization and usually the microwave sterilization is a steaming process.
By Andrea on December 8, 2016

I hope you enjoyed my breast pumps reviews. All of these pumps have been proven to bring so much joys to most of the users. I hope you were able to find one that suits your needs. Some women prefer to have both an electric and a manual pump. You can choose depending on your needs. e.g. you may prefer to carry a manual if you are going out or are back to work. Please leave a comment or question below if you need to and thanksfor stopping by.