Over Supply Breast Milk Supply: Let’s Get A Balance Here!

Whoever thought that having too much breastmilk would be a problem for a mother and her baby? Unfortunately it can. While low milk supply can be a problem so can over milk supply. Before going into the midwifery profession, I never imagined that there was even a problem. Mama, I really do not want youContinue reading “Over Supply Breast Milk Supply: Let’s Get A Balance Here!”

SORE NIPPLES: Overcoming the Challenge!

Oh my goodness I can tell you all about this one, because I have actually experienced it personally. Cracked nipples are nothing to play with . They HURT!😪. I mean really hurt! Prevention is better than cure. I will share with you some valuable tips on how to overcome this challenge. Did you know thatContinue reading “SORE NIPPLES: Overcoming the Challenge!”


This site provides affiliate links to assist you in making a quality safe search. The products are effective and proven to help you succeed in your breastfeeding journey. If you do choose to purchase, I would be given a small commission. Thanks in advance if you do decide to make a purchase. Enjoy your experience!Continue reading “THE BEST BREASTFEEDING MUST HAVES: Top Products”

Breastfeeding Goals: Preparation Is Worth It!

I would like to encourage you to set some goals for your breastfeeding journey. Setting goals for breastfeeding is just as important as setting goals for loosing weight, or passing an exam. It makes you more committed and determined. Many times, we hear that babies should be fed only breast milk for six months toContinue reading “Breastfeeding Goals: Preparation Is Worth It!”

Amazing Breast Pump Reviews: Give It Your Best Shot!

I would like to introduce you to some of the wonderful baby essentials that you can purchase from Amazon. I would like to help you to look at some products that could assist you in your pregnancy journey. As an Amazon Affiliate, I would receive a small commission if you make any purchase through myContinue reading “Amazing Breast Pump Reviews: Give It Your Best Shot!”