The Elvie Breast Pump Review: The World’s First Silent Wearable Breast Pump for Your Convenience!

The world’s best wearable pump

What more can a new Mama who has chosen to breastfeed ask for? A breast pump that allows you to do everything you need to do without any interference. You can do your easy chores, go on your errands, and work with baby with your wearable hassle free breast pump. Let me give you the perfect reason why you should make this product one of you must haves.


Purchase Location: Amazon

Assorted Sizes:

  • 21mm
  • 24mm
  • 27mm

Warranty: 1 year

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The Elvie Product Review: What Makes It So Much Better?

My greatest goal is to do all I can to make your life easier. This is a great product that I think is worth your having. I really wished this was around when I had my babies . This post has included affiliate links whereby you can easily purchase this item at no extra cost and I would get a small commission as an Amazon Affiliate. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the experience. I am so happy I can still help someone to enjoy the comfort of having this precious must -have for breastfeeding moms. This precious gift to new Mamas is second to none. Let me share with you some of its features:

Product: It is a Double Electric Breast Pump . Comes with App. Like I said, it is the first and only spill-proof breast pump that fits in your bra! What an innovation!

  • It is quiet, convenient, and portable.
  • It has a size to fit you. (21mm – 27mm).
  • Pump anywhere and in any position
  • No tubes, or wires -can you believe it?
  • Complete system with 2 milk storing options
  • Self sealing, totally hygienic milk bags
  • Easy cleaning , and small amount of items to clean.

Lets look a little deeper as to why this Elvie pump is such a treasure for you:

1. You Can Pump At Your Own Terms

So convenient

Elvie Pump makes it possible to pump on your own terms – ditch the hours spent tethered to a wall or cleaning tubes. With Elvie Pump you can lead the conference call, play with your kids, cook a delicious meal or simply enjoy some peace and quiet… all while you pump. This is truly remarkable!

2. It is Wearable!

This Elvie breast pump is small, light weight, and can be worn inside a standard nursing bra, making it fully hands free. This is so cool. I am sure you agree. Over the years so many mothers did not have this privilege. (a)128mm x (b)110mm x (c)68mm
(a)5in x (b)4.3in x (c)2.7in
225g / 7.9oz

3. It is Silent

Revolutionary technology eliminates noise so that you can pump in peace – anytime, anywhere. It’s in stealth mode so that you don’t have to be.

4. Hassel Free

From setup to clean up, using Elvie Pump is simple – it has just 5 parts to clean and takes seconds to assemble. No cords, no wardrobe changes, no fuss.

5. It is Smart

Connect to the free Elvie Pump app to monitor milk volume in real time, track pumping history for each breast and control the pump remotely.
(Elvie Pump works with or without the app).

Common Questions About the Elvie Breast Pump Can Be Found Here

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome!

Reviewed in the United States on December 16, 2019 Verified Purchase Early Reviewer Rewards. I am a nurse and this has made returning to work so much easier. Before I got them I had a regular pump and was pumping every 3-4 hours. And it takes a total of 30min with set up and clean up every 3-4 hours. Now I am able to put them on and do what I need to do! Love this thing

I am so happy that this item is available for you. I highly recommend this pump to bring added comfort and convenience to your life. I know you are probably thinking it is costly, but after you see the reviews, I think you would agree that it is worth it. I mean they have made it so much easier for you moms going back to work soon. No more looking for a room to breastfeed to only be discovered breastfeeding by your colleagues. You can check out your insurance company to determine if they will compensate it for you. Check out this spectacular product here.

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