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Decide early to register to master the art. Breastfeeding Classes are wonderful for the new mom. We offer classes to suit your availability. Like any new skill, breastfeeding takes knowledge and practice to be successful.

Pregnant women who learn about how to breastfeed are more likely to be successful than those who do not. Breastfeeding classes offer pregnant women and their partners the chance to prepare and ask questions before the baby’s arrival. Classes are offered for your convenience.

Breast fed Is Truly Best Fed!



Our birthing classes are private oriented . You can book a session for you and your partner. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your partner next to you during a childbirth session. Many fathers -to-be often are shocked to see what goes on with their loved one during pregnancy and especially labor.

Our childbirth classes are really interactive and exciting. Classes sometimes fill up quickly. Check to see if we can accommodate you and your partner on your preferred date.

Your labor coach is welcomed as well. Most women attend the class with the person who will provide support during labor, such as a spouse, sister, or good friend. This person is sometimes called the labor coach.

During class, I will go over the signs of labor, review the stages of labor. I will talk about positioning for labor and birth, and ways to control pain. Here is a list of more topics we will talk about with your FREE APP :

I also will give you strategies to work through labor pains and to help you stay relaxed and in control. You will practice many of these strategies in class, so you are ready when the big day arrives. Classes are held for your convenience on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Research has shown that Families who attend childbirth classes have a better experience with better outcomes!


Caring for your health before you become pregnancy (preconception care) will help you learn about any risk factors and treat any medical problems that you may have before you become pregnant. Planning for your pregnancy before you conceive will help you make healthy choices for you and your baby and optimize your success.

You and your partner should also undergo genetic counseling and testing before pregnancy. Specific tests may be recommended to find out if a couple is at risk for having a child with certain genetic diseases such as Tay-Sachs and sickle cell.

Pregnancy testing – Free with joining our mentorship program




No long waiting for your wound check.


When a baby lives only a short time or dies before birth due to miscarriage, stillbirth or a painful decision to end the pregnancy, people may assume that the loss is not important. This is really not the case. The intensity of love parents feel for their baby is not measured by how long the baby lived, but in the emotional investment, they have in their child.

For parents expecting to welcome a new life, fnstead facing the reality that their baby has not lived can be immensely difficult.

  Finding answers to why it has happened can be very important, and this may be something medical staff can tell you, but sometimes there is no clear answer. We offer free bereavement counseling at Maternal treasures Parent Care Center.


Relax While Competent Professionals prepare you for your Nonstress test

This is a test that is ordered by your doctor to assist in determining the well being of your little one. It is a painless procedure where you lie on your back and you are attached to the machine and press the marker when you feel your baby move. It takes about 20 -25 minutes. You can book and call us @324-3191/465-5738

Nonstress Testing

Pay for your nonstress testing in advance. Once payment is made call us at 324-3191 / 465-5738



We are delighted that you visited us today. We are located off Village road onto Bernard road. Pass Saint Augustine’s College, continuing east until you see the school Akepran on left . You should see Mike’s Chinese restaurant on left side also. Maternal Treasures Parent Care Center is next door. Our aim is to exceed your expectations. Welcome!

The fascinating free app

We got you covered!

The companion app contains a wealth of helpful information and helpful tools at your fingertips! It provides all of the valuable information you will need.

Included in this video is 50 Videos including:

  • Fetal development
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Birth stories
  • 3rd trimester discomforts
  • Active labor
  • Epidural Procedure
  • Labor positions
  • Breathing in labor
  • Caesarean surgery animation
  • Pushing positions
  • First feeding
  • Newborn appearance


That’s not all!! You also get essential tools which include:

  • Relaxation Exercises
  • Contraction Timer
  • Fetal Movement Count
  • Feeding and Diaper Tracker
  • Baby Information Sheet

Helpful Checklists

  • What to pack for the Hospital
  • Your birth Plan


  • Parent polls
  • PDF Library- Access printable versions of the tools and additional helpful information
  • Web links- connect to trusted resources about pregnancy, birth, infant safety, & parenting
  • Notebook- Type notes or questions in one easy space
  • Timely emails-Receive emails that provide useful links to relevant childbirth information

Our aim is…..

is to empower pregnant families to succeed in good outcomes during & after pregnancy by providing the most reliable advanced education and services in a spirit of excellence.

Published by Marilyn Smith

Hello. My name is Marilyn Smith. I am a Health Specialist with specialized skills in Clinical Practical Nursing, and Midwife of thirty six years. I am also a certified Lactation and Grief Specialist. I am well qualified to assist in meeting your breastfeeding needs. Breastfeeding is indeed the best for your baby. Congratulations on making such a wonderful decision. Consider this your home as we learn about the joys and pains of pregnancy & breastfeeding

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