Childbirth Classes is Top Priority

“The Birth of your Baby is one of the Most Exciting Experiences of a Lifetime.”

Reduce Your Fear! Attend A Childbirth Class

Did you know Childbirth Classes Rock? The Benefits of Childbirth classes: are a great way to help get mom and her labor partner prepared for the birthing experience.

The Understanding Birth course makes it easy and convenient for you to learn all you will ever need for your pregnancy & labor experience. You can sign up today!


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Meet your instructor

Hello everyone.

I’m a mother of 4breastfed babies. I really Enjoyed the time painIand filled with anxiety. So, I learned all I could as a lay person and while kids were older I pursued my dream of becoming a lactation consultant

As a midwife who supports breastfeeding, I have had the privilege and honor to help thousands of mothers enjoy breastfeeding.

I am a writer, an author and a speaker who has presented at many conferences on various topics on breastfeeding education. In addition to being the creator and founder of the online breastfeeding class for parents, I am also an IBCLC in private practice in Phoenix, Arizona.

For the last 34ars, I have taught thousands of breastfeeding classes near me – in hospitals, private homes, birthing centers and large breastfeeding clinics.

I am also the host of the popular itunes podcast called “All About Breastfeeding.” My beautiful breastfed babies are now grown, doing their own thing, which has left me all the time in the world to create this class.. just for you!

Here Are 10 Rewarding Benefits Of Attending A Childbirth Class

  1. Calm your fears and prepare for birth – Fear of the unknown and how your labor will un-fold is one of the most common fears we see in pregnant women. In fact, it’s one of the first things we try to address to help ease any tension you and your labor partner might be feeling.
  2. Opportunity to ask questions – It’s no secret moms-to-be and the birth partner often have a variety of questions and concerns about childbirth. Childbirth classes are a great resource for you to ask questions freely and get accurate information.
  3. Knowledge of options and choices– We believe in “freedom of choice based on knowledge of alternatives” and want to set every mom up for a successful birth. The common goal of all of our birthing classes is to provide you with the confidence you need to give birth and to make informed decisions during your birth process.
  4. Bond with your labor partner (s) – Childbirth classes not only prepares couples for birthing and parenting but also promotes well-being and increased intimacy in couples. This is a great way to spend time with your labor partner while learning about the birth experience. Your partner also gets to understand you during your pregnancy.
  5. Pain management with breathing and relaxation techniques – Above all, childbirth classes will emphasize the role of the support person and comfort measures for birth. We want to make sure mom and her labor partner have all the tools they need to birth with or alternative comfort measures without medication.

6.The possibility of an improved and less stressful labor. Studies have shown that couples who attend classes have a more satisfying experience.

7.There is the possibility of a shorter labor. Studies have proven that couples who attend childbirth classes have a happier experience with less complications.

8. You gain a better  appreciation for breastfeeding and prepares your mind towards giving it a try.

9.You can begin to  prepare early for postpartum mentally.

10.You and your partner can develop a closer bond.

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Purchase our awesome onsite childbirth course You and your partner can snuggle up with your favorite snacks and learn together. After your purchase you can contact me 324-3191 /465-5738. Thank you for your patronage. Benefits: Lifetime Access to the Course Couples can ask any question from Course One on one contact with #1 midwife Class is 3-4 hours-theory and practical Comprehensive & engaging to experience