Decide early to register to master the art. Breastfeeding Classes are wonderful for the new mom. We offer classes to suit your availability. Like any new skill, breastfeeding takes knowledge and practice to be successful. Pregnant women who learn about how to breastfeed are more likely to be successful than those who do not. Breastfeeding classes offer pregnant women and their partners the chance to prepare and ask questions before the baby’s arrival. Classes are offered for your convenience.

Breast fed is Truly Best fed!


Birthing classes often are offered through local hospitals and birthing centers. Some classes follow a specific method, such as Lamaze or the Bradley method. Others review labor techniques from a variety of methods. You might want to read about the different methods beforehand to see if one appeals more to you than others. That way, you will know what to sign up for if more than one type of birthing class if offered. Try to sign up for a class several months before your due date. Classes sometimes fill up quickly. Also, make sure the instructor is qualified.

Most women attend the class with the person who will provide support during labor, such as a spouse, sister, or good friend. This person is sometimes called the labor coach. During class, the instructor will go over the signs of labor and review the stages of labor. She will talk about positioning for labor and birth, and ways to control pain. She also will give you strategies to work through labor pains and to help you stay relaxed and in control. You will practice many of these strategies in class, so you are ready when the big day arrives. Classes are held for your convenience on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Research has shown that Families who attend childbirth classes have a better experience with better outcomes!


Caring for your health before you become pregnancy (preconception care) will help you learn about any risk factors and treat any medical problems that you may have before you become pregnant. Planning for your pregnancy before you conceive will help you make healthy choices for you and your baby and optimize your success.

You and your partner should also undergo genetic counseling and testing before pregnancy. Specific tests may be recommended to find out if a couple is at risk for having a child with certain genetic diseases such as Tay-Sachs and sickle cell.

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No long waiting for your wound check.


When a baby lives only a short time or dies before birth due to miscarriage, stillbirth or a painful decision to end the pregnancy, people may assume that the loss is not important. This is really not the case. The intensity of love parents feel for their baby is not measured by how long the baby lived, but in the emotional investment, they have in their child.

For parents expecting to welcome a new life, fnstead facing the reality that their baby has not lived can be immensely difficult.  Finding answers to why it has happened can be very important, and this may be something medical staff can tell you, but sometimes there is no clear answer. We offer free bereavement counseling at Maternal treasures Parent Care Center.


Relax While Competent Professionals prepare you for your Nonstress test

This is a test that is ordered by your doctor to assist in determining the well being of your little one. It is a painless procedure where you lie on your back and you are attached to the machine and press the marker when you feel your baby move. It takes about 20 -25 minutes. You can book and call us @324-3191/465-5738

Nonstress Testing

Pay for your nonstress testing in advance. Once payment is made call us at 324-3191 / 465-5738


All About Maternal Treasures Parent Care Center

Maternal Treasures Parent Care Center is a dynamic pregnancy resource center that assists in meeting the primary needs of women and their families. The aim of Maternal Treasures is to empower women in having good outcomes not only in their daily lifestyles but also during and after their pregnancy journey. We are the # 1 in childbirth education and maternity service. We aim to supersede your expectations! Visit us today.


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Open on Selective Holidays for Childbirth & Breastfeeding classes


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Email Address: maternaltreasures2018@gmail.com

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Location: Bernard Road & Grant Street

Nassau, New Providence

Services Include:

  • Preconceptual Counseling
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Lactation Consultancy
  • Lamaze/ Childbirth classes
  • Breastfeeding classes
  • First week Postpartum Check up for mother and baby
  • Wound check /Dressing after Caesarean Section
  • Health Promotion Wellness Check up e.g. Blood pressure, Diabetes, weight, Breast
  • exams
  • Bereavement Counseling
At Maternal Treasures Our Client Testimonials Matter!

“It was such a pleasure working with nurse Smith with results in just a few seconds of my baby latching. I was very impressed with daily check-ins and motivational texts to keep me and baby motivated with continuing the breastfeeding & pumping journey. Highly recommended !” Brittany Thompson

Here are some of our client’s views about our excellent service!

“The love and warmth feelings you get when you enter into this place is amazing.
i love this wonderful lady…
its amazing how you can still meet people like the ones at maternal treasures parent care center…i would recommend anyone to them…. ” Nordela D Dailey

“I would recommend Maternal Treasures to any new and expectant mother. Nurse Smith comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge. She makes you feel comfortable and confident about your delivery and she walks you through all scenarios so that there are no surprises.”_____ Johneice Blyden

“Nurse Smith is provides valuable information whilst being kind and supportive. She goes beyond her listed services. I would recommend her to anyone.”___ Shorty Clarke

“The best birthing class experience. Took me weeks to find a place doing birthing classes. I was highly recommended by my midwife and I am soo glad I took her recommendation.”__ Jennifer Benjamin

This wonderful nurse taught me what it is to be powerful and compassionate while doing my duty as a nurse. She was one of the determining presences in my life that made me want to be a midwife. ____ Bee Raquel

” While giving birth you are at your most vulnerable and some people do not appreciate what that means and treat you accordingly. She was my champion when I delivered my first child. The whole experience was trash expect when she stepped in to save me, mentally, emotionally and physically. She is a shining example of a GREAT midwife.”____ Bee Raquel

“Mrs. Smith came highly recommended and most certainly delivered. She asked all the right questions and was extremely thorough. After my lactation consultation with her I had no other issues with breastfeeding my son. I appreciated her warmth and concern after our visit with her checking in often to ensure baby and mommy were well. Thank you for your professionalism and being great at what you you do!”____ TL Wallace

“This place is a God send. I will definitely recommend to other people. “__Olivia Fatima

“Mrs.Smith is very informative she seeks different ways to assist you in any area. Within less in ten minutes I was able to breast feed longer than I usually could. Thank you Mrs. Smith !! I would recommend her to anyone.” ___ Rashanda Dean

“Mrs. Smith is literally an angel on earth , She is one of the main reasons why I decided to pursue a degree in nursing. I could not imagine going through my labor without her and the recovery process she made it a wonderful experience.”___ Amore Dior

“Excellent service, friendly environment the feel is warm and welcoming I totally enjoyed my experience with Mrs Smith!!!” ____ Kelli Th’a Knock Out

Childbirth Classes are very beneficial
Let’s find out how & why

5 Benefits of Childbirth Education Classes

Childbirth Education Classes  are a great way to help get mom and her labor partner prepared for the birthing experience. Do you fear childbirth? You are not alone. Here are some ways that taking a class can benefit you, your labor partner and baby:

  1. Calm your fears and prepare for birth – Fear of the unknown and how your labor will un-fold is one of the most common fears we see in pregnant women. In fact, it’s one of the first things we try to address to help ease any tension you and your labor partner might be feeling.
  2. Opportunity to ask questions – It’s no secret moms-to-be and the birth partner often have a variety of questions and concerns about childbirth. Childbirth classes are a great resource for you to ask questions freely and get accurate information.
  3. Knowledge of options and choices– We believe in
    “freedom of choice based on knowledge of alternatives” and want to set every mom up for a successful birth. The common goal of all of our birthing classes is to provide you with the confidence you need to give birth.
  4. Bond with your labor partner (s) – Childbirth classes not only prepares couples for birthing and parenting but also promotes well-being and increased intimacy in couples. This is a great way to spend time with your labor partner while learning about the birth experience.
  5. Pain management with breathing and relaxation techniques – Above all, childbirth classes will emphasize the role of the support person and comfort measures for birth. We want to make sure mom and her labor partner have all the tools they need to birth with or alternative comfort measures without medication.

It is recommended that women take childbirth classes around the seventh month of pregnancy.

Contributed by Chris Marlo, Certified Instructor, International Childbirth Education Association, Renown Children’s Hospital

Never Go Into Labor Without Your Childbirth / Breastfeeding Classes!

Prepare for a Healthy Pregnancy Today

  1. Don’t forget the folic acid: Folic acid, the synthetic form of folate, is a B vitamin that helps prevent birth defects of the brain and spine. Healthcare professionals agree that women should start taking 400mg of folic acid per day at least a month before trying to conceive to decrease your baby’s risk. 
  2. Start moving: If you don’t exercise, now’s the perfect time to begin — even something as simple as walking three to four times a week. Keep it up while you’re pregnant and you’ll enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy; you’ll benefit from healthy weight gain and less swelling and back pain.
  3. Breathe clean: Exposure to toxins such as pesticides and everyday household cleansers can harm the reproductive systems of both men and women and potentially lead to birth defects. Avoid cleansers containing ammonia, chlorine and strong fragrances. Opt for natural cleansers or try making your own.
  4. Eat enough for two, but not too much: Make sure you’re eating enough of the right things. Talk to your doctor to design an individualized eating plan with enough calories to sustain a pregnancy. Maintain a healthy weight now and during pregnancy. Don’t let the occasional sweet indulgence derail your healthy eating goals.

By Renowned Health @https://bestmedicinenews.org/pregnancy-childbirth/four-tips-to-prepare-for-a-healthy-pregnancy-now/

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