Morning Sickness During Pregnancy: Epic Remedies That Really Work

Morning sick ness is very common during pregnancy for most women . Did you know that 3 out of 4 women will experience morning sickness during their pregnancy?

Hello mamas to be! I am so excited because we are going to talk about morning sickness during pregnancy!

Now I know this is definitely a hot, hot topic everywhere because the majority of women will experience this symptom during this time. I am so delighted to help in this journey. Guess what ? I have five grown adults whom I raised . Four of them I gave birth to . All beautiful girls , just like their beautiful mom. If you are pregnant and looking for real relief, help and support? You have come to the right place.

And the sad part about this is I have had it with everyone of my pregnancies. I would meet some women who would say, ” I have or had no symptoms of morning sickness. However I have to accept the fact that we are all different and uniquely designed by God.

The #1 midwife is here to assist you.😍

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Are you looking to overcome the bad feeling morning sickness brings to your pregnant life? Ready to take a deep dive into effective ways you can beat this common symptom? 

This post is for you if…

You’re tired of nausea and really ready to overcome the bad feeling that morning sickness brings to your pregnant life. Or you just want to be prepared just in case its creepy head shows up. In this post, you’ll get real, actionable steps to confidently lessen the effects on nausea and vomiting during your pregnancy.

Well lets get started.

Morning sickness is no fun, period!!! At the end of this post my goal is for you my dear to fully understand why this condition is so common during pregnancy and how you can overcome it.

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Our topics will include:

  1. Risk factors for morning sickness

2. The symptoms of morning sickness

3. The amazing , effective things you can do to fight against morning sickness . Yay, yay!

4. Warning signs

The causes of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy

During morning sickness refers to the nausea and vomiting that can occur during pregnancy. Because your sense of smell is enhanced when you are pregnant, you may develop strong dislike  to certain foods and smells.

The “morning” part of this pregnancy symptom, on the other hand, is a bit confusing. If you’re one of the estimated 3 in 4 expecting mothers who experience morning sickness, you know that nausea and vomiting can strike at any time of day or night.

Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, also known as morning sickness, are extremely common in the first trimester.
It can strike at any time of day or night, and you may feel ill all day. Oh by the way I actually experienced all day morning sike. Yea I know, I was tortured!!! The worst feeling.
Morning sickness is unpleasant and can have a major impact on your daily life. There were times when I just only could do the minimal ; if you know what I mean. At times it felt like my body crashed. I could not make my self  a cup of tea.   Nevertheless, it usually clears up by week 16 to 20 of your pregnancy and poses no risk to your baby.

There is a chance of developing hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of pregnancy sickness. This can be dangerous, and there’s a chance you won’t get enough fluids in your body (dehydration) or nutrients from your diet (malnourishment). You may require specialized care, possibly in a hospitalization,  rehydration therapy, and parenteral nutrition

.However, observational data show that these conditions coincide with levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and placental mass size, implying that placental tissue may be linked to the occurrence and severity of nausea and vomiting.

  It is important to note that several women who have complete hydatidiform molar pregnancies with no fetus have significant nausea and vomiting, indicating that placental factors, particularly hCG, are to blame. Women with higher HCG levels, such as those with multiple gestations, hydatidiform moles, or Down syndrome fetuses, are at a higher risk of experiencing morning sickness.

Who are at risk for experiencing morning sickness?

You asked who are mostly at risk? Women who are less educated, older, or black, as well as those with lower incomes, multiple gestations, or increasing gravidity (including miscarriages), are at a higher risk of pregnancy nausea and vomiting.

A personal history of motion sickness, migraine headaches, or nausea associated with the use of estrogen-containing contraceptives raises the risk. The causes of pregnancy nausea and vomiting, as well as hyperemesis gravidarum, are unknown. I had an experience with the oral contraceptives.

They used to make me feel like I was pregnant alllll the time. Gosh! I just knew I did not deserve that type of treatment. I was sooo happy🥰 when I no longer needed those to prevent getting pregnant. Other causes include : excessive salivation (spitty mouth), a metallic taste of which I have experienced. Oh it was awful, I had to carry around a cup at times, stress, fatigue, first time pregnancy –

Women who are pregnant for the first time are more vulnerable to morning sickness and experience more severe symptoms.

If you’ve never been pregnant before, your body may be less “prepared” for the rise of hormones and other changes you’re experiencing. You may also be nervous about the many uncertainties of pregnancy, which may cause an upset tummy.

If you have other children the demands of caring for the other kids may distract you from your nausea. And because your body has been there, done that, it may not be as surprised by the physical changes that come with pregnant women. Did you know that genetics and even the weather can cause you to experience morning sickness? So now you see why so many women cannot miss it. Blessed are you women who have gone on to enjoy pregnancy without this symptom. Here are some great remedies you can try.

The best ways to fight morning sickness

Morning sickness symptoms typically start around week 6 of pregnancy towards the middle of month 2. It typically was always my first sign of confirming my pregnancy after missing the next monthly period. This is about the time your HCG levels arise to give you a positive or negative test result.

How long does morning sickness last?🙋‍♀️

The large majority of expectant mothers experience nausea and vomiting between weeks 12 and 16, with symptoms peaking between weeks 10 and 16.

Nonetheless, some women ( like me ) continue to have symptoms into the second trimester. I hope you are none of us!  Oh I have to mention  there are some  women, particularly those expecting multiples, may experience morning sickness during their pregnancies.

What are the symptoms of morning sickness?

Morning sickness is characterized by the following symptoms:

A nauseous, queasy feeling in the first trimester of pregnancy that many pregnant women compare to seasickness or car sickness.
Gastrointestinal discomfort that typically occurs in the morning but can occur at any time of day or night
Strong aversions to different  smells and foods that are so potent that they can make you sick to your stomach. I remember this one so well. My favorite food, purfume, gravy I hated during my pregnancies.
A seasick sensation that is frequently accompanied or immediately followed by hunger pangs.
After-meal nausea
A severe bad feeling  that can cause vomiting
Did you know morning sickness does not harm your baby? I thought it did. Now do not get me wrong-Hyperremises Gravidarium can become quite severe and dangerous like I shared earlier.  However, if you are unable to keep foods or liquids down and are beginning to lose weight, you should consult a doctor PROMPTO!

Amazing, effective ways to fight morning sickness

So here we go…….

1.Take a break when needed

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. This is what I did sometimes and I felt so much better after only 10 minutes.  Seize this opportunity to step away and lie down if you are in a position to do so.

2.Avoid bad odors in the home

Speak up about any unpleasant odors in your home with your partner, children, and friends. That way, they’ll understand your point of view.
Contact your care provider. If you’re constantly sick and can’t seem to keep anything down, it’s time to see your doctor. Morning sickness can be severe for some women. Your doctor may be able to assist you in determining

3.Take your time to eat

Slowly consume something. Having an empty stomach can often aggravate morning sickness. This is true whenever I allowed myself to get hungry the symptoms became worse. Do not wait to get hungry. So, if you’re feeling brave, try to eat something small. Crunchy carb-rich snacks like pretzels, cereal, and crackers work best in general. Toast bread and bananas worked wonders for me.


4.Find something to do

. When you’re feeling ill, try to find something that requires little thought but can take your mind away from your morning sickness. Read the newspaper or a book, watch an exciting documentary or movie, do a crossword puzzle, or maybe tackle some of those work emails. There are so many things you can be creative and do just to take your mind off it.

5.Drink enough fluids

Keep your liquids high. It can be difficult when your stomach refuses to cooerporate, but it is critical that you drink when you are thirsty and never get thirsty.   The more dehydrated you are, the more nauseated you will feel AND EVENTUALLY VOMIT!!

6.Spice up your fluids

Did you know you can add your water with lemon, ginger, or peppermint. 
Aside from staying hydrated, adding a dash of lemon or peppermint to your water can help settle your stomach.

7.Smell a good fragrance!

Smell something new. Morning sickness is frequently associated with odors. When you can’t get away for some fresh air, enjoy the smell of something fresh and clean that won’t aggravate your nausea. I liked the smell of fabric softener. It was nice to apply it to some parts of my bedding.

8.Cleaning your mouth helps

You should brush your teeth by all means. Brush your teeth if you’re feeling  sick after using the restroom. Getting the bad tastes out of your mouth can make you feel better.

9.How about your must haves?

Carry your morning sickness essentials. A travel toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, gum, or mints are examples of such items. It’s not a bad idea to include some ginger ale and saltine crackers as well. Here you can find some treatments to help relieve and prevent nausea and vomiting.

10. Try some deep breathing exercises

Even a few minutes of deep breathing and rest can help you recharge because more blood and oxygen to the brain, helping you to relax.

11. Take a nice bath

This can make a big difference in your mental health. I know after a good bath I usually felt so much better. You can spice it up with these quality additives everyone is talking about!

12.Manage your stress

Don’t run away from your stress but I encourage you to manage it by all means. I know life can be hard sometimes but you must do what you can to take control of your life. And know that God is always there for you. Talk to Him about everything.

13.Eat whatever you feel like

Eat whatever foods you can tolerate while your stomach’s upset. When you feel better later, concentrate on making your meals more well-rounded. This one is a good reminder for you . It worked for me. I noticed most of the time it worked.

Try eating what you want. I mean sometimes I would want some cracked conch. This is some well seasoned fried conch. It’s deeeeelicious.

14. Acupuncture with waistbands

Acupressure with wristbands and treatment with ginger or a vitamin B6 supplement are among the complementary and alternative therapies being researched for morning sickness. Consult your doctor to determine which therapies are best for you.

15.Drink some teas

One of the best ways to curb nausea and vomiting. If you’re hoping to relieve nausea quickly and naturally, tea can help. Herbal teas are nothing new. They have been used to treat nausea for decades. Today, we’ll be discussing the best teas for all types of nausea. Can you take a guess? Here we go…..

Bottom line

Morning sickness although very common in the majority of pregnant women, can be managed to some degree. Isn’t that good news? I hope I have given you many remedies that could give you some comfort.

It is my hope that your pregnancy is going well with minimum or no symptoms. This is the # 1 midwife encouraging you to stay strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Pray about everything. Thank you for showing up today. Please like , comment, or ask a question if you wish and see ya again soon.

What are some of the challenges you are having with morning sickness?

Lets connect…….

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Thought for today

We know that if God loves us enough to send His only Son to die for us and suffer the way He did that surely, He will take care of us in every situation. Joyce Meyers

Let’s cast all our care on Him for He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

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“The love and warmth feelings you get when you enter into this place is amazing.
i love this wonderful lady…
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“Mrs. Smith came highly recommended and most certainly delivered. She asked all the right questions and was extremely thorough. After my lactation consultation with her I had no other issues with breastfeeding my son. I appreciated her warmth and concern after our visit with her checking in often to ensure baby and mommy were well. Thank you for your professionalism and being great at what you you do!”____ TL Wallace

“Mrs. Smith is very informative she seeks different ways to assist you in any area. Within less in ten minutes I was able to breast feed longer than I usually could. Thank you Mrs. Smith !! I would recommend her to anyone.” ___ Rashanda Dean

“Mrs. Smith is literally an angel on earth , She is one of the main reasons why I decided to pursue a degree in nursing. I could not imagine going through my labor without her and the recovery process she made it a wonderful experience.”___ Amore Dior

“February 19, 2008, this beautiful, caring, God-fearing lady delivered my daughter and my experience at PMH was the best. She prayed with me, spoke life over the both of us and nurtured the both of us until I was discharged. I felt like I was in a private hospital with “millionaire status because of her. I spoke about this experience for years and years until I found her years later at an antenatal clinic. Mothers, fathers, parents, she is the Best midwife anyone can ask for and she’s still humble, caring and God-fearing with her craft. May God’s richest blessings be upon you always.” Lakera Roker

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How to Have a Super, Happy, and Healthy Pregnancy: 15 Steps to a Fantastic Journey!

There is nothing more valuable than a happy, healthy, and safe pregnancy

Congratulations Mamas and dads to be! I hope you are all doing just great! Today, we are going to talk about how to have a happy healthy pregnancy. This is something I wish for all of you. You are all so special and deserve the best pregnancy ever! I am sure you agree. If you are a male reading this , I please continue take good care of your pregnant partner. A good pregnancy does not just happen. There are some things that have to be in place for this to happen.

This site contains affiliate links -As an affiliate I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases if you make a purchase. Thank you for your consideration. I would love you to leave a comment and sign up to join our tribe. See our disclaimer here

It’s an amazing moment in your life to be pregnant! You deserve to be as stable as possible in order to ensure a successful birth. It’s important to stay safe when pregnant, not just for your own physical and emotional well-being, but also for the welfare of your unborn child.

It can feel like you’re on an overwhelming experience ride from the time you first suspect you’re pregnant until you’re carrying your baby in your arms.

The lows of nausea will soon give way to the highs of feeling your baby’s pulse for the first time, only to be followed by a new low of lower back pain. It may be exhausting to experience the relentless ebb and flux of emotions.

Pregnancy can be a challenging experience. It comes with its highs and lows. I want to encourage you to allow God to help you out during your journey. He loves you.

It’s natural to feel a variety of emotions when pregnant. Getting pregnant isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience.

Why are certain women willing to maintain a good attitude as their bodies adjust, and what can you do to feel maternity joy?(Paid link).

Here are some things you can do to increase your chances of a happy, healthy pregnancy:

1. Get preconceptual counseling to ensure a healthy start

Preconceptual counseling is one of the best things you can do for your baby

A stable, safe, and happy pregnancy starts well before you receive a positive pregnancy test result. Preparing for a baby begins by taking care of your wellbeing before you get pregnant.

Preconception consultation is an appointment with the healthcare provider during which you can explore various facets of pregnancy and discuss arrangements for a successful pregnancy.

They also advise you to take folic acid three months before you conceive. All medical issues are managed before the pregnancy. The histories , dietary habits, environmental factors of both you and your partner are evaluated and a plan is put in place for follow-up.

2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle: Your lifestyle has an impact on who you are and how you function in daily life.

  • An active, stable, and prosperous lifestyle is often beneficial.
  • There’s a good risk the clumsiness will kick in whilst you’re pregnant.
  • You’d get to feel more sluggish and tired than before.
  • Making a deliberate effort to follow a healthier regimen has a significant effect on your thinking.
  • Caffeine, alcohol, and drug abuse are to be managed of avoided to protect your baby; especially during the first trimester.

3.Accept your pregnancy now to face the possible hurdles ahead!

Being yourself with a positive mindset goes a long way in your happiness

Pregnancy is a unique experience. It is important to simply ‘be’, regardless of how engrossed you are in other thoughts. It is so important for you to have a positive mindset because this helps you to see the best of most circumstances.

  • Being in the scenario and concentrating on your child allows you to deal with those issues more efficiently.
  • Since your kid is the most precious thing to you, everything would seem to be worth fighting for.
  • When you are yourself, being naturally comfortable and dealing with minor problems comes naturally.

4.Choose the right caregiver

The caregiver you choose can greatly impact your outcome

Choose the best caregiver for you. Take your time choosing the best care specialist for you and you’ll build a close friendship with them. Request an OB/GYN referral from your primary care physician. They will provide you with more advanced services and will be present at your baby’s birth. You should also get advice from your peers. 

At the time of the baby’s birth you should also get advice from your peers. You are not obligated to see the first doctor you see. You have the option of requesting appointments with several candidates. Choose the one who makes you feel at ease and secure.

“How much training do you have?” is a good question to ask. “Are you okay with my making my own birth plan?” and “Are you okay with me making my own birth plan?”
If you choose to have a home birth or a non-traditional birth, such as a water birth, hire a doula or a midwife.

5.Never miss an antenatal visit

Antenatal care is a must. Ask questions Mamas!

Antenatal care is by far the the most important aspect of ensuring a healthy and happy pregnancy. Prenatal treatment should be scheduled on a daily basis. Visiting an OB/GYN, a family doctor, or a licensed midwife on a regular basis will guarantee your wellbeing and the safety of your developing child during the pregnancy.

It is recommended to start prenatal treatment as soon as you find out you’re pregnant, decide you want to be, or suspect you’re pregnant.

6. Exercise is a must: Maximizes blood flow and oxygen

Workouts are the bomb!

Exercise has been shown to have a positive impact on attitude. It has been found to help with anxiety and depression.

Walking is also a viable choice.

Avoid high-impact drills (long runs or HIIT workouts) and contact sports (soccer, basketball, football) because they place you at risk of injury.

Overheating can be harmful, so stay cool at all times with a fan and cold water nearby.

[3] Before adjusting your workout regimen or stamina, consult your doctor.

7. Eat nutrient filled foods

Eating the right foods is important for a healthy baby

Perhaps equally important is that this increase in energy, control over weight gain, and decreased chance of illness can result in a mood boost.

Taking control of your food choices and eating to nourish your body and your baby can empower you to feel better each day. Remember you are what you eat! Mange processed foods in your eating routine.

8.Have fun pampering yourself

Go ahead Madam, you deserve it!

This is the perfect time to rest all your worries and indulge.

9. Get lots of rest and sleep

A good sleep goes a long way

Sleep deprivation has been attributed to stress, weight gain, increased inflammation, and immune system suppression. A person’s capacity to control impulses and communicate socially can also be harmed by a lack of sleep.

10. Prepare for baby and get your finances in order

Studies have shown that the financial status of the person giving birth can have a big impact on the happiness they feel about being pregnant.

Preparing your home and finances before your little one is born can make you feel more secure and confident about your ability to provide for them. Start thinking about costs for day care and diapers. Research pediatricians and insurance. Consider where you can budget to save money.

Considering the costs of adding a new family member can certainly feel intimidating. But taking action and creating a plan can help you feel in control and positively impact your mood.(Paid link).

11. Take your vitamins and supplements as prescribed

While keeping track of a daily prescription of pills, supplements, and vitamins can be difficult, it can be extremely beneficial in lowering the risk of a variety of birth defects.

After being pregnant, women can begin taking 600 micrograms of prenatal vitamins (advertised as such). Prenatal supplements, among other elements, contain a high concentration of folic acid and iron. These will keep you and your baby nutritionally well.

12. Watch your weight because there is a limit!

Gaining the adequate amount of weight gain is safety for you & baby!
  • Maintain a close watch on your weight. While you can gain weight when pregnant, the amount you gain will have a significant effect on both your child’s and your own health.
  • Individual weight gain can be determined by your pre-pregnancy weight and BMI. Begin by measuring your BMI to assess your optimal weight gain. This is something you and your doctor can do together, and you can talk about your healthier weight.
  • Using your BMI and weight as a reference to determine how much weight you can add.
    Women who are underweight (BMI 18.5) should gain 28–40 pounds (13–18 kg).
  • A safe weight gain of 25–35 pounds (11–16 kg) is recommended for women with a BMI of 18.5-24.9.
    Women who are overweight (BMI 25–29.9) should gain 15–25 pounds (6.8–11.3 kg).
    Obese women with a BMI of 30 or higher should gain 11–20 pounds (5.0–9.1 kilograms).
    [ 6]

13.Take a childbirth / Breastfeeding classes: They are very helpful

Childbirth and breastfeeding classes are the bomb!

Information is both powerful and stress-relieving. You will minimize anxiety by preparing yourself for your new position as a parent.

Parenting prep courses will also help you gain trust, which can lead to increased happiness. Classes are available at your local hospital, library, or community center. Sign up in a class and empower yourself. Parenting courses may also be beneficial.

14.Put Everything in God’s Hand!

God cares for you!

Mamas, this is a time to ask God to help you. You are not alone. Too often during pregnancy, we tend to become overly concerned about almost everything. I want to encourage you to stay calm and do not worry about problems that do not exist. Focus only on what you are dealing with at the moment.

Remember the world was not made in one day. So take one day at a time. It is important that you as a pregnant woman never focus on other news of people talking about their negative experiences. Know that everyone’s experience is different.(Paid link).

15. Love your changing body

Love your body!

During your pregnancy your body will go through many changes . These changes are gradual and inevitable indeed. Some of these changes include, skin color changes, a larger body that goes totally out of form.

This can affect a woman’s self image and she wonders how her partner sees her. Remember this is only temporary and for a wonderful reason- to bring a new you into the world.

During my pregnancies I was so out of shape but after six weeks of breastfeeding saw the I was beginning to loose the excess weight. Breastfeeding is another option for weight loss during this time or you can opt to get into a regular routine.

Bottom line

Being a mother awakens you to what really matters in life. You really do not have the time or resources to waste on things that do not matter to you. As a result, becoming pregnant is an excellent time to begin respecting your boundaries.

Stop making promises that you can’t keep. Happiness will always find you if you live in accordance with your heart’s desires.

To have a happy, healthy pregnancy certainly is a mindset. Always have your sights set on delivering a happy and safe infant! It’s a waste of time and resources to be concerned with what could go wrong. So keep your gaze fixed on the goal.

Create dreams of something going well. Keep your gaze fixed on the moment you get to hold your precious baby for the first time. Keep the vision clear and alive in your mind, as well as in your heart. I want to thank you for stopping by today.

I wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous pregnancy. Feel free to like or comment this post . I wish you good success. Remember the greatest success to a happy, healthy pregnancy is to learn how to love yourself!

This website contains links, which means I earn a small commission  from products and services you purchase through my links at no extra cause to affiliate you. See our disclaimer here

Most moms appreciate extra body support—and will try anything for a better night’s rest! You can use regular pillows to support your belly, back or in-between your knees. But it’s often easier to purchase a pregnancy pillow.

Moms -to -be you deserve every comfort. MORE THAN JUST A PILLOW FOR PREGNANT WOMEN – This full body pillow is perfect for ANYONE needing more support, recovering from surgery, or tired of having to use separate pillows to support their head, neck, legs, and back.

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Breastfeeding And Sexual Arousal: Removing The Stigma

Many women experience sexual arousal while breastfeeding which is normal

Hello Mamas! Boy we have an exciting topic today. Breastfeeding and sexual arousal! You know I had a client come into my office the other day and she told me that she was five months pregnant and wanted to know if I delivered babies at my clinic.

This website contains affiliate links, which means I earn money from products and services you purchase through my links at no extra cause to you. Thank you for your consideration.

She had decided that she preferred to have an out of hospital experience . This was her second baby. No, I do not deliver babies I told her but I can surely mentor you during your pregnancy. (Promotional link).

She then proceeded to ask me what I did at the clinic. I told her our services . She commented on breastfeeding, that she was not able to breastfeed her first baby because it actually aroused her sexually while her baby breastfed. and she did not like getting aroused so early after having a baby.

She asked me if there was something she could do to prevent it because she really wanted to try breastfeeding this one. I shared with her that my experience was one where I felt the excitement but not to that extreme.

I just felt loving by mother oxytocin. I focused all that energy into my newborn baby. We are not all the same. There are different strokes for different folks.

Did you know that while firm numbers are hard to find, research suggests that between 33 and 50% of women have experienced sexual arousal while breastfeeding? It seems to be a taboo topic because hardly anyone talks about it.

This Is Normal But We Hardly Talk About It

It’s real, 59 studies found that at least a quarter of women experience sexual arousal while breastfeeding

“It’s common, but women don’t talk about it,” according to Viola Polomeno, an associate professor in the University of Ottawa’s School of Nursing and a sexuality researcher. Arousal during breastfeeding is completely normal, according to nurses and lactation consultants, and it shouldn’t be a source of shame or anxiety. It’s not a woman’s choice, it’s how we are wired; but if a woman knows in advance how this works, she’ll be a little more comfortable with it. (Paid link here)

Mamas and dads do you know that there are 59 studies regarding breast feeding found that at least a quarter of women who report arousal while nursing feel a sense of guilt over it. Many are too scared to discuss it even with their partners.

“The breast is an erogenous zone,” explained Mary Jo Podgurski, a nurse and childbirth educator in Pennsylvania. “But if a woman feels anything sexual while performing a motherly duty,” she may wonder, “What’s wrong with me?”Mamas absolutely nothing is wrong with you; nothing at all!

Here’s the Biological Theory To Breastfeeding And Being Sexually Aroused

There’s a biological theory, too, which boils down to the fact that many of the ingredients present during sexual experiences are also present during the act. When a woman breastfeeds, her body releases two very important hormones: prolactin and oxytocin. Prolactin stimulates milk production and helps with bonding.

It also makes women feel relaxed and sleepy. Meanwhile, oxytocin, famously known as the “feel good” bonding hormone, creates feelings of pleasure for the mother—and causes the uterus to contract. The other instance in which oxytocin is released and the uterus contracts? (Promotional link).

Some women become aroused enough to orgasm while breastfeeding. A Dutch study of 153 nursing moms, published in 2006, found that 8% reported orgasming while breastfeeding. Several experts mentioned this phenomenon to me as well. “We know that in a certain situation, if the mother is sitting with her legs crossed, that puts pressure on the clitoris and it can get stimulated,” said Polomeno.

Notably, some nursing mothers will shoot milk from their nipples while orgasming during sex—thanks, once again, to hormones. 

“When oxytocin is released into the bloodstream it can cause milk ejection,” says Diana West, a lactation consultant for La Leche League and author of several breastfeeding books.

Another illustration of the way breasts, nursing, milk production, and sexual experiences are all, biologically speaking, connected.(Paid link here for amazing baby items).

While the combination of nipple stimulation, hormones, and uterine contractions can all lead to feelings of arousal, these feelings in no way signal that a mother is turned on by her baby, or has sexual feelings toward her child. “You’re just pushing certain buttons,” said Podgurski. Yet education and communication about the topic is key to helping mothers—and the public—understand what’s really going on.

Years Ago Mothers Were Visited By the Child Protection Services

Years ago mothers baby was taken from her because of fear of sexual arousal influence on baby

While discussing arousal during breastfeeding today may raise eyebrows, a few decades ago—before the academics and researchers started speaking out—it might have sparked more serious consequences. Confessing such feelings may have even called into question whether a woman was fit to be a mother, said Polomeno. 

“I would say, 15 years ago, here in Canada, when women said they were aroused during breastfeeding, Child Protection Services would come in and remove the child.”

Society Makes This All Taboo: Women Need To Be Free To Speak About Their Feelings

The 2006 study on breastfeeding and sexuality describes a specific—and extremely disturbing—case of a mother losing her child here in the United States. The author, Roy Levin, a British behavioral scientist, wrote, “Ignorance about such normal physiological occurrences can sometimes create gross miscarriages of the law.” For example, he said, “a mother in Syracuse, New York in 1992 had her two-year-old child taken away from her after admitting that she became aroused on nursing, the authorities claiming that she sexually abused the child.“( Promotional link).

According to newspaper articles at the time, the mother had simply called a hotline with a question: Is it normal to be aroused while breastfeeding? The volunteer who answered the phone equated her question with sexual abuse and contacted authorities. The mother spent the night in jail was separated from her daughter. While criminal charges were dismissed, sexual abuse and neglect charges were filed in family court. (Government officials were also ignorant to the fact that it is completely normal and healthy for two-year-old children to nurse.)

Anthropology and biology aside—psychology may play a role in women’s experiences while nursing as well. Women’s breasts are sexualized nearly their entire lives, and research shows that more than 80% of women experience sexual arousal from nipple stimulation. There’s no reason to think that just because a child is born the sexual component of breasts disappears.

“Human emotional psychology is tied to hormonal experiences,” explained La Leche’s West. “Breastfeeding really is such a primal experience, and the hormones accentuate the situation.” Which means, for some women, the feelings of sexuality and eroticism typically associated with breasts can carry over into breastfeeding.

On the flip side, she said, some women focus less on their breasts during sex while lactating, to avoid blurring any lines. Every woman’s experience is different and deeply personal. “I would say almost every woman, even in her 90s, can tell you about her breastfeeding experience,” she told me, “because it’s so meaningful.”

While increased understanding has limited dramatic reactions to arousal, breastfeeding experts argue that we, as a society, should do more to fight stigma. “I’ve been talking about sexuality and breastfeeding during my Lamaze class since the mid-80s, because we need to talk about the stuff that our culture doesn’t talk about,” Podgurski said. Interestingly, she told me, it’s younger moms—particularly the ones in her teen support groups—who are more comfortable bringing up the arousal questions.(Promotional link).

“Teens will bring up the erotic feeling more so than other generations,” she said. “Someone will say it’s arousing, someone will giggle and say they’re happy their partner is there that night, and someone might say that it’s never happened to them.” The whole point, she said, is to communicate to women that they’ll experience a range of sensations after giving birth.

For her part, Polomeno stresses the need for communication on a larger scale and a more concerted effort between the media, public health departments, and healthcare professionals to normalize these feelings and increase awareness.

“So many prenatal healthcare professionals are not comfortable talking about it because they haven’t been trained,” she said. “We need to arm them with the knowledge.”

Bottom Line

While nothing is being done to help women with this issue, I would like to encourage you to not let that stop you from breastfeeding your baby. Set your mind to the fact that you are nurturing your baby. Focus your mind, like I did solely on loving your baby as you feed him. Remember you are what you think.

Society has to change the stigma that becoming aroused while breastfeeding is dirty, because it is not and allow women to be free in expressing how they feel. I hope you learned something. Thank you for stopping by and do visit again. . Please like, subscribe and comment or even ask a question.

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The Amazing Benefits Of Hydrogen Peroxide All Moms Will Adore!

Hello mamas! Have you ever considered the many easy uses of hydrogen peroxide? I am here to share with you the the fact that Hydrogen Peroxide is an amazing product every home should not be without. This multifaced product is truly your friend. I have personally had the privilege of using this amazing product personally.Continue reading “The Amazing Benefits Of Hydrogen Peroxide All Moms Will Adore!”

The Number one Best Ways for Happy Moms To Prevent Anemia

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Hello and welcome to Maternal Treasures Happy Moms Blog. As always our home is your home away from home. This website was created to provide evidenced based information and my personal experiences  on breastfeeding and parenting skills that I am certain will help you to gain some insight and ability to manage your breastfeeding capacity to the max.

I am a believer that breastfeeding and parenting are indeed gifts given to us by God and we should cherish this privilege. As you tour our site , may your future become brightened, and may you learn everything you need to know to make your life more wonderful, enjoyable, inspired, and worth the while.



I am Nurse Marilyn Smith, a nationally board certified and award – winning, clinical nursing officer 1. I  specialize  in health education in midwifery and health promotion. I am the CEO of Maternal Treasures Parent Care Center in Nassau Bahamas where I offer many services with emphasis on the pregnant population and their families.

I also love blogging. I am so excited to share my knowledge with the world. This is truly amazing opportunity to get to know you. I hope we could be really good friends and connect in a powerful way to bring joy to our lives. Our onsite service center is called Maternal Treasures Parent Care Center.. situated in the beautiful islands of the Bahamas.

We have an excellent team of experts who promote childbirth  and breastfeeding classes, counseling, and education on Newborn, postpartum, and, preemie care before or after discharge. Additionally, I am is also the author of the book Kingdom Lifestyles- Kids on a Mission to Shine. I am an advocate for family values. You can find more about me through my social accounts on Twitter, Instagram , and Facebook.


I am the mother of five wonderful children, four of whom I had the privilege of breastfeeding. I enjoyed my breastfeeding moments with my little stars and hope you do too. I do know that not all mothers are able to breastfeed their infants. I want you to know that it is OK.

I also know that not all mothers want to breastfeed. Guess what? That is fine too! Breastfeeding is for whoever can and whoever will. Traditionally, breastfeeding has been around for a long time. We can remember Moses of the Bible being fed by his mother before and after his adoption at a very early age.

My kids are all grown now. So I have lots of treasured memories to help you with. I would love to hear from you so feel free to comment, or ask a question. I like being a mom, despite the fact that there were so many challenges during the process. I hope your mom journey is going pretty good. I want to encourage you to PUT GOD FIRST IN EVERYTHING. I talk to Him about all my worries and concerns.

Breastfeeding is not natural for everyone

Did you know that breastfeeding is not easy for all mothers? Many persons believe that it comes naturally. As we fellowship together, you will learn that breastfeeding can have many challenges, but with the right help they can be overcome. If you are struggling with breastfeeding , I encourage you to seek help as soon as possible. The sooner the better because you do not want your milk to dry up. I have some great content here to help you.

After working in the profession of nursing and Midwifery for the past thirty-seven years, I have seen it all when it comes to breastfeeding. After completing my Midwifery education in 2007, I was compelled to learn all I could about breastfeeding because you needed hope, and confidence to master this skill for your little star.

Think about it, the more mothers breastfeed, the healthier our society becomes with so many benefits that comes along with it.. The choice is up to you. I hope you have a good support system, because it goes a long way in sustaining breastfeeding. I hope you learn a lot and share some of your experiences with me. Remember you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.(Philippians 4:13KJV)


The reason why this site exists is to help those mommies who are desiring to breastfeed their babies to be successful in doing so. I will answer your questions and concerns as needed.

I want to give back what God has blessed me with and that is the gift to make new mothers satisfied, confident, and most of all successful in their motherhood experience.

The Goals of Maternal Treasures Happy Moms Blog are:

  • To assist mothers in education and guidance in breastfeeding.
  • To foster a national breastfeeding environment within the community.
  • To encourage mothers to learn and participate in breastfeeding opportunities for a healthier society.
  • To provide an open forum for questions and demonstrations to facilitate successful breastfeeding.
  • To reduce preventable diseases among infants and children, e.g. diarrhea, vomiting, Sids, constipation.
  • To provide support, confidence, and empowerment to new mothers.
  • To encourage mothers -to-be to attend breastfeeding and childbirth classes to maximize their full potential as mothers.



Breast Fed is Best fed!

According God we are all winners born to succeed. There is a technique to win in anything we want to achieve. I remember many challenging times during my breastfeeding moments and many times I almost gave up.

I had to decide to be determined, persistent, practice, practice, and more practice and never give up. One of the biggest solutions to my challenges was to ask God to help me along the way. He always did and made me a serial winner. You can become another serial winner like me. This is what I want for you all.

The world Health Organization has recommended breastfeeding for six months -two years, but your decision is for how long you wish to breastfeed. It is personal so do not feel bad if you really only want to do it for a short time. However you must also remember that the longer you breastfeed the greater the rewards.

Let no one fool you mom; breastfeeding is one of the best decisions you could ever make. I have the experience and the evidenced based information to provide you with everything you need to be successful. Its about giving your baby something that no one else can. I hope that my articles are helpful and encouraging. Thanks for visiting and remember my home is your home!

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  • Also, keep in mind that statements like “less likely” or “less severe” are not the same as “does not happen at all.” For example, when we look at large groups of babies, the babies who were breastfed have more positive health outcomes, however breastfeeding is NOT a guarantee of good health. About the only thing we can likely say about a particular breastfed baby is that their health is likely better than if s/he had received less breastmilk.
  • Disclaimer: Information is provided for educational purposes only.  Online information is NOT a substitute for an in-person evaluation by a qualified, independent International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) or your health care provider.
  • All material on this website is provided for educational purposes only, although every effort is made to provide accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Unless otherwise noted, the articles at this website are not written by doctors or other health care professionals. If you are concerned about your health, or that of your child, consult with your health care provider regarding the advisability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your individual situation.

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Breastfeeding Really Matters

Done-For-You Super Breastfeeding Guide To Teach You How To Reach Your Goal in The Fastest & Most Enjoyable Way!

The Amazing Benefits Of Hydrogen Peroxide All Moms Will Adore!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pexels-photo-6621174.jpeg

Hello mamas! Have you ever considered the many easy uses of hydrogen peroxide? I am here to share with you the the fact that Hydrogen Peroxide is an amazing product every home should not be without. This multifaced product is truly your friend.

I have personally had the privilege of using this amazing product personally. I love working with it simply because it is effective and does not cost a fortune. In fact it is one of the cheapest brands available that is so good with house hold cleaning. I would recommend it to anyone.

Our topics will include:

  1. What is Hydrogen Peroxide
  2. What does it do for us?
  3. The dangers of Hydrogen Peroxide
  4. The best ways to use this common chemical to cleanse your body and your home

1. What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

It is odorless, and colorless liquid chemical solution that has more than one oxygen than water in its chemical structure. This one extra molecule makes it a very strong oxidizing agent and hence it has a variety of purposes to serve. 

2. What does it do? 

It destroys disease organisms by oxidation. Hydrogen peroxide comes in many forms. It’s beneficial for health and household use. As an alternative treatment choice, hydrogen peroxide acts as a disinfectant for sanitizing small wounds, grazes or cuts. In addition, it helps to fight bacterial and viral infections, kill germs and eliminate toxins. Therefore, hydrogen peroxide provides a lot of benefits to our life.

3. The Dangers of Hydrogen Peroxide

Caution Alert: Hydrogen peroxide is no longer recommended for wounds or skin care because doctors have discovered it can lead to dangerous complications and can slow healing time, but there are still lots of ways it can be useful and beneficial to you.

Drinking hydrogen peroxide is not at all safe either. In severe cases, it may prove fatal and life-threatening. It can lead to vomiting, bloating, stomach aches, and even ulceration in the digestive lining of the body. If anyone ingested hydrogen peroxide by mistake, they must be taken to the nearest emergency room immediately without any delay.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)Trusted Source, hydrogen peroxide kills yeasts, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. With all of these active , harmful germs thank God for Hydrogen Peroxide.

The CDC lists specific concentrations you need and how long you need to let them sit to kill different organisms.

4. Here’s the best ways to use this common chemical to cleanse your body and your home safely

1. Sanitize Vegetables And Fruits

Hydrogen peroxide removes residual pesticides from the fruits and vegetables as well. So, one of the great benefits of hydrogen peroxide is sanitizing vegetables and fruits. In addition, it can help to eliminate the chemical exposure, which has transformed the raw vegetables and fruits into harmful elements.

A natural disinfectant to fight Ecoli bacteria

It acts as a natural disinfectant in order to fight against bacteria such as E.coli. For this purpose, you take some hydrogen peroxide and pour it into a spray bottle. Then, spray this solution over your produce and let it sit for around five minutes. After that, rinse off it in running water and finally, pat dry thoroughly. You use as needed and boom! done.

2. Cleaning your carpet to a sparkle

Cleaning carpet stain is also one of the top benefits of hydrogen peroxide you should know.  It acts as a great stain remover and helps to remove coffee, sauce, and wine stains from the carpet. Further, it acts as a natural bleach and removes the stain without removing the carpet dye. Firstly, mark the wet stain by using a paper towel.

Later, mix together a tbsp each of 3 % hydrogen peroxide & liquid dish soap. Then, spray this mixture over the stained region and gently rub it by using a sponge. After that, remove the traces of soap using water. Lastly, use a cotton cloth and a paper towel to pat dry the carpet.

2. Try washing your white clothes with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is also great to remove blood stains on clothes because it serves as a natural bleach. To whiten clothes, you add 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide to white to your laundry.  You just directly pour on the spot if there are blood stains on clothes. Leave it to sit for about 1minute. After that, rub and rinse by using cold water. You can repeat if necessary. Wow!! It works happy moms!

3. Want to make your own natural bleach?

Make your own oxygen-bleach by combining 1/2 cup washing soda — hint: It’s not the same as baking soda — and 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide. Start the cycle, allow the washer to fill, and soak the clothing for a couple of hours before finishing the cycle to whiten and sanitize.

3 . Super As A Gardening Aid

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is oip-29.jpg
Use it to kill fungi and bacteria in the garden

Many people use hydrogen peroxide to keep the plants healthy and to keep the garden running effectively. For sickly plants, you can add 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to every cup of water.

Then, water the plants with this wonderful solution. It will aid the plants to grow strong. Some farmers often take a 10% hydrogen peroxide and pour it in a spray bottle. Then, spray it to kill weeds. Remember don’t spray all the plants with this solution because it will kill them.

In fact, hydrogen peroxide contains multiple benefits for both health and beauty. Plus, it is very safe. Inexpensive and have no side effects. Do you know other benefits of hydrogen peroxide? Remember to share with us.

4. Cleaning sinks

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-4.jpg
Excellent on cleaning the kitchen & bathroom

You can clean the sink of your kitchen using hydrogen peroxide. After wetting the surface of the sink, sprinkle some baking soda on a sponge and scrub the sink.

5. Disinfecting kitchen counters and cutting boards

Because of the continuous usage, bacteria may get accumulated on your kitchen counter and cutting board. Use hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting these surfaces. Make sure that you let the solution sit for ten minutes at room temperature before washing it away.

6. Wash your trash can squawky clean

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is th-5-1.jpg

Your trash can can become a storehouse of bacteria and fungi if you are not cleaned properly. Disinfect your trash can with hydrogen peroxide solution to get rid of harmful microbes. Spray the container with equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide and then let it dry for several hours in the sun.

7.Cleaning the toilet

Our bathrooms are spaces that host a variety of microorganisms from bacteria, fungi, viruses, and spores. It is best to deep clean your entire bathroom with half a cup of hydrogen peroxide that will help you in killing the germs and make your bathroom extra

8. Benefits Of Hydrogen Peroxide – Loosen Earwax

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is oip-11-2.jpg
Removes wax from the ears

Removing excess earwax accumulation is also regarded among the best benefits of hydrogen peroxide. It has the effervescent property, so it has the ability to remove earwax, debris and dust from the ear canal easily. Besides, it helps to reduce the uncomfortable feeling and itching in the ear caused by excess earwax.

To remove earwax with the help of hydrogen peroxide, you just need to combine water and hydrogen peroxide in equal parts. Then, use the solution to fill an ear dropper. Now tilt the head sideways and after that, put this solution (1round drop) into your ear. Keep for five minutes and tilt the head to the opposite side because this lets gravity pull this solution out of the ear. Lastly, use a clean cloth to wipe away the earwax. Wawa! Done!😊

9. Promotes Oral Health

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is oip-20.jpg
Promotes good oral hygiene

One of the top benefits of hydrogen peroxide is supporting oral health because it comes with antibacterial and antifungal characteristics. It can curb the development of pathogens inside the mouth, thereby lowering the risk of gingivitis, plaque, and other oral problems as well. With its antibacterial properties, hydrogen peroxide can deal with a toothache well.

Option 1:

Simply, mix hydrogen peroxide & water in equal parts and gargle with this resulting mixture for a few minutes. Spit it out and lastly, rinse your mouth again by using plain water.

Option 2:

You can also dip the toothbrush in some hydrogen peroxide. Then, brush your teeth as normal to keep the teeth germ-free. You will find your mouth feels cleaner with much less plaque.

10. Eliminates Acne!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-4-1.jpg
Clears acne

One of the outstanding benefits of hydrogen peroxide is for skin care. Hydrogen peroxide will oxidize the bacteria’s cell walls and breaks their chemical structure, thereby killing them when applying it to acne. The acne will automatically heal once the bacteria are killed. Furthermore, it controls oil production in your skin, thus reducing the chance of further breakouts. For this aim, you use a gentle cleanser to clean your skin.

Take some hydrogen peroxide and immerse a cotton ball into it. Later dab it on your affected area and let it sit for a gap of 1 and 2 minutes. After that, rinse it off and finally, apply an oil-free, light moisturizer. If you have sensitive skin, don’t use hydrogen peroxide.

11. Whiten old porcelain

If your porcelain pedestal sink has yellowed, you can brighten it by scrubbing the dampened sink surface with baking soda, then scrubbing with a sponge saturated with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide.

12. Foam away soap scum

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is oip-27-3.jpg
Super at cleaning bathtubs

For weekly cleaning of a fiberglass shower and tub, make a foaming paste from 1 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup white vinegar, plus a tablespoon or two of hydrogen peroxide. When the bubbles subside, scrub the surface of the shower with the mixture.

13. Removes stubborn stains on fabric

The Environmental Working Group recommends hydrogen peroxide as an effective way to remove grass stains, blood stains, and drink stains like fruit, juice, and wine. Try dabbing the cleaner on the reverse side of the fabric to start.

15. Foam away soap scum

For weekly cleaning of a fiberglass shower and tub, make a foaming paste from 1 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup white vinegar, plus a tablespoon or two of hydrogen peroxide. When the bubbles subside, scrub the surface of the shower with the mixture.

16. Clear algae from your pond water

If you have a water feature or koi pond, you can safely treat the water to reduce or remove harmful algae. Gardening experts at Get Busy Gardening used 1/2 cup of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to clear a 90-gallon pond.

17. Cleans dirty stove and ovens

Stove top: Now Mamas this one is one I tested to clean my stove and baker. I used about a quart of warm water in a bowl – half water and half hydrogen peroxide. Wearing gloves, I would sprinkle some of the baking soda generously over the stove top first . Using a steel scrubber, clean the stove top removing pot holders.

Oven ; Using the same amount of warm water, sprinkle baking soda generously in the oven and clean using half warm water and half hydrogen peroxide in oven until squeaky clean. If very dirty you can add a teaspoon of liquid detergent for better results.

18 . Do use it to sterilize makeup brushes

After washing excess makeup off your brushes with a gentle shampoo, soak the bristles for 10 minutes in a bowl of water with a teaspoon of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. You can also use it to clean the pads on your eyelash curler. Rinse off any residue thoroughly to protect your eyes.

19. Do whiten your teeth

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is oip-21-1.jpg
Whitener teeth & fresher breath

A bright smile is on just about everyone’s to-do list these days, and the market is teeming with products that use hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth. Concentrations vary.

Some products available from dentists may contain 10 percent hydrogen peroxide. StudiesTrusted Source show that these products are effective and safe when used properly.

Don’t lighten your hair. Let a pro handle it!

20. Do consider letting a professional lighten your hair

Hydrogen peroxide is generally considered safe in commercial hair dyes, As you can see, it has very powerful properties that could have your home spick and span in a jiffy! although( researchTrusted Source ) shows that serious chemical burns can happen, even in a professional salon.

Hair dyes with peroxide can damage your hair if you use them too often, so talk to a trained stylist to work out a schedule that’ll protect your hair and skin. Wear gloves with major cleaning.

Bottom Line

Hydrogen peroxide is a household chemical that can be safely used for a variety of cleaning purposes in your home. Although it was once commonly used to disinfect cuts and wounds, it isn’t recommended for that purpose today.

Hydrogen peroxide can reduce the likelihood that you’ll get sick if you use it to disinfect surfaces, produce, and other items in your home.

Don’t use it on your cuts and bruises, don’t swallow it, and don’t try strong concentrations of food-grade hydrogen peroxide to try to cure illnesses. When used properly, hydrogen peroxide is still a helpful household disinfectant and health aid. Agree. I hope you found this post very helpful. Please comment, like or share and do come again.

What other uses I did not mention you know about hydrogen peroxide? Let me know in the comments😃

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Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.😊

14. Sizzling Ways Happy Moms Can Prevent Wrinkles Using Collagen

“Starting in our mid-20s, we slowly begin to lose collagen,” Dr. Aivaz says. “For women, we can lose up to 30% of our collagen production in the first 5 years of menopause.”
Because we lose collagen as we age, many are using collagen supplements as part of an anti-aging beauty regimen.

Mamas did you know Collagen is a powerhouse for great skin and bone and muscle health? It is one of the most plentiful proteins in mammals. It is responsible for several biological functions, one of which is to provide structural support in connective tissue, muscle, and skin.

I know many of you out there are probably like me; desiring to see your skin improve as you get older. All mommies want great skin. Good skin does not happen over night. It takes knowledge and doing the things that make it better.

If you would like to learn how you can get better skin using collagen, you have come to the right place🤩

Our topics include:

  1. What is Collagen and how does it work ?
  2. The side effects of collagen
  3. What does the researchers say about collagen?
  4. Benefits discovered
  5. More potential benefits
  6. Types of collagen and how to use them?
  7. 14 sizzling, phenomenal ways to shrink your wrinkles and improve your skin

1. What is collagen, do they work, and how?

Collagen is the protein responsible for skin elasticity. It also plays a role in joint and bone health.

Human bodies create collagen naturally. Over time, however, the production of this protein slows down. Collagen supplements are typically sourced from pigs, cows, or fish and may contain types I, II, or III collagen. Supplements are available in three main forms: hydrolyzed, raw, or as gelatin.

As a result, a person’s skin begins to lose some of its ability to bounce back into shape, a process that many call “elasticity.” As this occurs, wrinkles begin to form.

Although certain foods, such as bone broth, contain collagen, people who want wrinkle-free skin or other health benefits often look to supplements to increase their collagen intake.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-15.jpg
Supplements are effective in improving skin’s turgor

Many people take collagen supplements to add more collagen to their diet.

Most collagen supplements go through the process of hydrolyzation. This means that the manufacturer has broken the collagen in the supplements down into peptides, making it easier for the body to absorb and use.

Collagen supplements are available in the form of tablets, capsules, and powders. Many are available to buy online.

Whether or not collagen supplements are effective depends on what a person uses collagen for.

There are several potential health benefits that collagen supplements offer. However, scientists have not fully studied all the alleged benefits.

Also, as with any supplement, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) do not evaluate any claims that a company makes on how well their collagen product works.

However, some of the potential health benefits of collagen supplements include:

2. The Side effects of collagen

Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

Collagen supplements may cause mild digestive side effects.

Taking collagen supplements as according to professionals is generally safe.

A person should always talk to their doctor before starting any new supplements or increasing the use of any existing supplement.

In general, the side effects of collagen supplements are mild and can include:

  • diarrhea
  • a general feeling of heaviness in the stomach
  • rashes

Otherwise, in most adults, taking collagen supplements should not pose any significant health risks.

3. What do the studies say about collagen and supplements?

Some people who take collagen supplements are looking to improve the look and overall health of their skin. We all want healthy skin and nails don’t we?

Many professionals believe that collagen supplements can help reduce the effects of aging, such as by adding moisture to the skin, reducing wrinkles, and improving elasticity.

There is some evidence to back these claims up. For example, in a study in the Journal of Medical Nutrition and Nutraceuticals, several women drank a mixture containing various vitamins, minerals, hydrolyzed collagen, and hyaluronic acid.

The study showed that compared with those in the control group, the women who drank this mixture reduced the depth of their wrinkles significantly. The participants’ skin hydration and elasticity also improved significantly.

Another similar study in the journal Skin Pharmacology and Physiology looked at the effects of collagen supplements on women’s skin.

In this study, the women took either a collagen supplement or placebo for 8 weeks. After those 8 weeks, the women who took the supplement had higher elasticity and moisture levels.

4. Here are some of the benefits discovered:

1. Improved joint health

As a person ages, their joints start to break down. In particular, the spongy cartilage of the joints starts to wear away.

There is some evidence to suggest that collagen supplements can help with restoring or preventing the deterioration of the cartilage in the joints.

One review of the research into collagen supplementation found that using hydrolyzed collagen supplements helps promote joint health and potentially restore some bone density in people with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

The review also showed that it helped reduce joint pain.

2. Increased muscle mass

There is some evidence to suggest that using collagen supplements may help increase muscle mass.

small study of 53 men revealed the positive effects of taking collagen supplements when exercising. The participants study took 15 grams (g) of collagen or a placebo pill per day.

The participants engaged in regular exercise for 12 weeks. At the end of this period, those who took the collagen supplements showed an increase in muscle mass and strength that was significantly more pronounced than in those taking the placebo pill.

The researchers theorized that collagen helped stimulate the production of the proteins responsible for muscle growth. Wonderful! I can sure use some right now!

Though this study is promising, more research is necessary to fully determine the positive effects that collagen may have on muscle growth. (Paid link)

3. Prevents bone loss

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is oip-47.jpg

Collagen makes up a significant amount of bone structure and helps keep the bones strong.

As a person ages and collagen production slows, bones can become weaker as the person loses the collagen necessary to keep the bones strong and supported.

This can lead to the development of conditions such as osteoporosis.

There is some evidence to suggest that taking collagen supplements may help prevent the deterioration of bone density and strength.

For example, one small study had women take either calcium or calcium and collagen supplements for 1 year.

The researchers found that the women taking the calcium and the collagen had lower levels of a protein responsible for breaking down bones in their blood.

Additional research is necessary to fully prove the effects that collagen has on promoting strong bones, however.

4. Supports heart health

Photo by Puwadon Sang-ngern on Pexels.com

Taking collagen supplements may also help support a healthy cardiovascular system. This what we all want.

In a small study of 30 participants, half took 16 g of collagen tripeptide for 6 months. This group saw a significant reduction in artery stiffness and a reduction in their low-density lipoprotein, or “bad,” cholesterol levels.

Reducing the stiffness of arteries can help promote heart health. However, more research is necessary to prove the effects of collagen in supporting heart health. (Paid link)

5. More potential benefits

There are also claims that collagen may provide additional health benefits. However, these claims do not have backing by scientific research.

  • maintaining a healthy weight
  • reducing anxiety
  • improving mood
  • promoting healthy healthy nail and hair growth

6. Types of collagen and how to use them

Collagen supplements come in a variety of types. A person should choose the supplement that best supports their goals when picking a collagen type.(Paid link)

The following are the most common types of collagen a person can find in stores or online:

  • Type 1: This is one of the most abundant types present in the human body and helps support healthy skin.
  • Type 2: This is present primarily in cartilage and can help promote joint health.
  • Type 3: This type also helps promote skin health by improving elasticity.
  • Type 5: This type helps promote the growth of the placenta in pregnant women.
  • Type 10: This type also occurs in cartilage and helps promote bone health and development.

Most supplements will contain several of these, and possibly other, types of collagen.

Also, in many cases, the collagen is hydrolyzed. Undergoing the hydrolyzation process makes collagen easier for the body to absorb.

7. 14 Sizzling ways you can get better skin using collagen

Mamas did you know there are two phenomenal ways you can use collagen for better skin? Here is how:

1. Internally

Mmmmmm, So yummy

This includes the dietary way by eating :

  • Eggs -especially the yolk
  • Cod liver oil
  • Butter-grass-fed
  • Spinach
  • Kale-
  • Parsley and nuts
  • These foods are ideal because they contain healthy fats and vitamin A. Because they are fat soluble. A, D, E, and K are fat-soluble vitamins, They help to protect the skin against wrinkles, is anti scarring and are building blocks during menopause when vitamin E levels are low. Did you know whatever foods have vitamin A will also have vitamin E?
  • So Mamas it is so important that you take good care of your skin and protect it . Remember too that ultraviolet light from the sun breaks down collagen, so it’s important to wear sunscreen daily.
  • Eating foods high in antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables, salmon, can also prevent collagen breakdown.
  • Because they are rich in fatty acids, they are absorbed in the lymph, transported in the blood via carrier proteins, and can be stored in the liver and fatty tissues.
  • Because these vitamins can be stored, they can also accumulate to toxic levels when consumed in large quantities. It is critical to follow the guidelines for how much is necessary and how much is harmful.

2. Externally

  • This includes outside the body by:
  • Using anti-wrinkle creams with retinol -vitamin A
  • Ingesting collagen peptides as in Vita proteins
  • Insulin resistance by cutting out sugar in our diet
  • Manage stress by reducing insulin and raising cortisol level – Reduce stressors, get enough sleep and rest. take long walks
  • Increase your gall bladder function with high intensity. Signs of low gall bladder function include: belching constantly, bloating, right shoulder, and neck pain, A gall bladder formula can help you with this.
  • Reducing cortisol and promoting autophagy- renewing of the cells in the body. Intermittent fasting is also a game changer in this system. Too much cortisol in the body increases insulin which destroys protein and thus causes sagging of the skin increasing wrinkles.

Most collagen supplements are not vegan or vegetarian friendly. Manufacturers tend to produce them using the bones and protein of animals. Yep that is true!

However, some vegan and vegetarian collagen options are available. The vegan options may not be available everywhere, but many are available online.

A person can also use collagen supplements while following a keto diet plan. Similar to vegan options, a person may want to look for a collagen supplement that specifically aims to support the keto diet.

“Starting in our mid-20s, we slowly begin to lose collagen,” Dr. Aivaz says. “For women, we can lose up to 30% of our collagen production in the first 5 years of menopause.”

Because we lose collagen as we age, many are using collagen supplements as part of an anti-aging beauty regimen.

Bottom Line

Many people know collagen for its role in supporting skin health and vitality. However, it might also help promote other areas of health, such as bone, joint, and heart health.

People can consume collagen supplements they purchase from a number of online and local stores, and they can usually find a type that matches their specific dietary needs.

For most people, taking collagen should not have any major effects or health consequences.

Collagen, a protein produced naturally in the body, is also a popular supplement and beauty product ingredient that claims to improve the health of your skin.

Collagen product marketing claims that it can improve skin elasticity, reduce visible wrinkles, and increase blood flow to the skin. Thank you for reading to the end!

What are some of the things you are challenged with regarding your skin? Let me know in the comments, or if you have any questions let me know. I am here for you! 😊

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The Number one Best Ways for Happy Moms To Prevent Anemia

Anemia is not something that is life-threatening unless it is not caused by major reasons like Red blood cell destruction or lead poisoning. You can add a few foods to your diet and you will be able to increase red blood cells naturally and will be able to treat anemia at home.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products and services That I personally stand behind. When you use one of my affiliate links, the company compensates me, which helps me run this blog and keep all of my in-depth content free of charge for readers (like you). Lets get started with our exciting post.

Did you know :

Anemia affects more than a quarter of the world’s population with iron deficiency accounting for over half of the cases? Iron deficiency is a major public health concern, particularly among women, children, and people living in low-income nations. As moms we are very busy and sometimes we find ourselves taking care of others and leaving ourselves tired and washed out of energy.

This post will include the following topics:

1.What is anamia?

2. Causes of anemia

3.Symptoms of anemia

4. How to treat anemia naturally? 10 amazing ways you can prevent anemia

5.Preparing for your appointment

6.What to expect from your doctor?

My Goal: 1. This post is intended to help you develop healthy habits to maintain good iron levels to allow you to live your life to the fullest.

2. To educate you about what anemia is and its negative effects on the body.

My story with anemia…..

Finding and treating the underlying cause of iron shortage, as well as selecting an iron replacement solution that fulfills the patient’s needs, are both difficult tasks.I have personally had two episodes in my life that stemed from aneamia. One time was during the birth of my last pregnancy. due to a postpartum hemorrhage and the other was due to a heavy menstration.

I had some of the classic symptoms and had to work feverishly on getting my body back in optimal health. One classic sign that my iron was low was I found myself sucking ice all the time and always cold. These are two classic symptoms I had.

The foods I did not like I came to love for the benefit to live longer and healthier. Are you willing to do that to give yourself a more valuable time here on earth? I think it is worth it. I now love these foods as I ate them more often. I encourage you to drop off the bad habits that are holding you back and move forward to a more valuable life.

God has given us this body for a reason and we must do our best to take care of it so that we could fulfil our God-Given purpose. Remember He has a good plan for you to live your best life.

There are many different types of anemia. Yes there are! The one we are going to talk about today is iron deficiency anemia. It is known to be one of the most common blood diseases in the whole world. If you have anemia then you have a smaller number of red blood cells in your system. Red blood cells is needed to transport oxygen to our cells.

1.What is anemia?

Some doctors will recommend you having a blood test if you are having anemia symptoms

Anemia is a condition characterized by a small amount of red blood cells. Also, it can be characterized by a low hemoglobin level in the blood.

In general, anemia manifests as a result of a poor diet that lacks micronutrients such as iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12.

Our red blood cells are made up of a protein called Haemoglobin which is responsible for carrying oxygen to all your body parts. The doctor will tell you; you have a deficiency of hemoglobin and you may be at the risk of suffering from anaemia. Anaemia can be caused due to plenty of reasons some of which could be blood loss because of an accident or a serious injury, an iron deficiency, or traveled through your genes, these can all be the cause. 

2.Causes of anemia

Iron deficiency is one of the most common causes of anemia. Meanwhile‚ vitamin B-12 and folic acid support blood cell production. This supplement also contains:

  • Copper‚ a mineral that helps your body absorb and use iron from foods and supplements.
  • Vitamin C‚ which allows you to absorb iron.
  • Niacin‚ vitamin B-6‚ and magnesium‚ all of which work to create and maintain healthy red blood cells.

3. Anemia Symptoms

  • Short of breath even after doing simple tasks
  • Weak or tired all the time
  • Cold Feet and hands
  • Pain in joints or ribs
  • Pale or dull-looking skin
  • Headaches 
  • Irritated eyes 
  • Insomnia
  • Difficult for you to concentrate on something for a long time 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-5.jpg
Always tired can be a symptom of anemia

Anemia comes with different symptoms and hence separate ways to treat them. Here are some symptoms that are a red flag and will warn you about this disease:

All these are some of the common symptoms that you may experience. You may either ignore these or feel like you are going through a bigger health problem. You don’t have to panic; anaemia is treatable with a good diet and a few lifestyle changes. 

4. How to treat anemia naturally? 10 amazing ways you can prevent anemia

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 47af4-oip2b252872529.jpg
Your diet plays an important role in preventing anemia

Anaemia is not something that is life-threatening unless it is not caused by major reasons like Red blood cell destruction or lead poisoning. You can add a few foods to your diet and you will be able to increase red blood cells naturally and will be able to treat anemia at home.

You can also seek medical care and take medicines for that but if you want to avoid that situation then we have a list of all the food that will help you treat anaemia in a natural, homemade way. 

1. Add some green leafy veggies to your diet

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bc236-photo-1557753478-b9fb74f39eb5.jpg
Smoothies are a great way to incorporate green veggies into your diet

One of the major and most common reasons behind developing Anaemia is that you have an iron deficiency, so the best way to treat anaemia is by treating the iron deficiency in your body. 

2. Carrots are Great For Treating Anemia

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is th-3.jpg

You should eat a lot of carrots as they help in increasing the hemoglobin levels of your body and thence, helping you with anemia. Carrots can be easily consumed as they are or cooked, whichever way you prefer. 

3. Poultry and Seafood

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is oip-27-1.jpg
Iron to prevent anemia is found in many types of meat

If you are comfortable eating Eggs, Chicken, or fish you should add those to your diet more often. You have the liberty to cook them however you want to so you not just have good food but also treat anaemia naturally. 

4. Eat in copper vessels for a change

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-17.jpg
Copper is an important mineral that improves your iron levels

This might sound very funny but the vessel you eat your food in matters a lot too. You must have heard people warning you about the hazards of eating hot food from a plastic container, similarly the vessel you use to cool your food in or the one you eat your food from should also be taken care of.

Most people believe that eating your food in Copper vessels helps in iron deficiency and hence it is advisable to use them if you are suffering from anaemia.

 5. Date the dates and figs 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is oip-40-2.jpg

A diet for treating Anaemia goes all the way. Along with everything you must consume dates and figs as they help to increase the hemoglobin and red blood cell count in your body.

6.  Eat dry fruits too 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is oip-41-1.jpg
Dried fruits are so delicious!

Yes, you just don’t have to focus on vegetables and fruits in your diet if you have to treat anaemia naturally, you must consume a handful of dry fruits daily. They help to provide you the energy and you can have them as snacks whenever you feel like having something to munch on. 

7. Go bananas for bananas

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is oip-54.jpg
Bananas are filled with iron rich nutrients

Bananas can be a good addition to your diet if you want to increase red blood cells. They are some of the best food sources for that. I love bananas. What about you?

8. Vitamin C Is So Amazing

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is oip-10.jpg
Lemons, fruits are foods that help to absorb iron in your blood

You need to take Vitamin C in your diet if you want to treat anaemia naturally. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron more efficiently, so some manufacturers of iron supplements will add vitamin C to the formulation. You can either take it in the form of medicines or as directed by your physician. Another way is through citrus fruits which are rich in Vitamin C, they are tasty and will do the job too.

 9. Beetroot Is Your Best Friend

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is th-20.jpg
Beetroots are a main source you can get iron from

I don’t know how often you add beetroot to your daily meals but in order to treat anemia naturally, you have to make it your best friend. You can have it as a salad or on the side, even as a soup. There are so many fun ways you can prepare it. It directly helps to increase the red blood cell count which you really need. 

10. Add some nutritious green leafy veggies to your diet

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 6f634-pexels-photo-1580466.jpeg
All greens are dense nutrients that are loaded with iron & low calories

One of the major and most common reasons behind developing Anemia is that you have an iron deficiency, so the best way to treat anemia is by treating the iron deficiency in your body. 

5. Preparing for your appointment

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-18.jpg
Be prepared for your doctor’s appointment if you have to go

Make an appointment with your primary care doctor if you have prolonged fatigue or other signs or symptoms that worry you. He or she may refer you to a doctor who specializes in treating blood disorders (hematologist), the heart (cardiologist) or the digestive system (gastroenterologist).

Here’s some information to help you get ready for your appointment.

What you can do?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-19.jpg
Being prepare for your visit is one of the best things you can do for your visit

Before your appointment, make a list of:

  • Your symptoms and when they began
  • Key personal information, including major stresses, implanted medical devices, exposure to toxins or chemicals, and recent life changes
  • All medications, vitamins and other supplements you take, including the doses
  • Questions to ask your doctor

For anemia, basic questions to ask your doctor include:

  • What’s the most likely cause of my symptoms?
  • Are there other possible causes?
  • Do I need tests?
  • Is my anemia likely temporary or long lasting?
  • What treatments are available, and which do you recommend?
  • What side effects can I expect from treatment?
  • I have other health conditions. How can I best manage them together?
  • Do I need to restrict my diet?
  • Do I need to add foods to my diet? How often do I need to eat these foods?
  • Do you have brochures or other printed materials I can take? What websites do you recommend?

6. What to expect from your doctor

Your doctor is likely to ask you questions, such as:

  • Do your symptoms come and go or are they constant?
  • How severe are your symptoms?
  • Does anything seem to improve your symptoms?
  • What, if anything, appears to worsen your symptoms?
  • Are you a vegetarian?
  • How many servings of fruits and vegetables do you usually eat in a day?
  • Do you drink alcohol? If so, how often, and how many drinks do you usually have?
  • Are you a smoker?
  • Have you recently donated blood more than once?

Iron Supplements

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-20.jpg
Supplements are great in treating anemia

Iron is a vital mineral with a variety of roles in bodily functioning. It is particularly important in keeping red blood cells healthy.

Almost 70% of the iron in the body is located in the hemoglobin. This is a protein in the red blood cells that carries oxygen in the blood from the lungs to other parts of the body.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the types of iron in supplements include:

Before taking any supplements, it is best to speak with a pharmacist or healthcare professional about your symptoms to see which on is ideal for you.

Bottom Line

Anemia can come in many forms. Iron deficiency anemia is a condition that should be treated as soon as possible because having anemia can disrupt our lives. It can make us unproductive. Eating the right foods that contain or absorbs iron like vitamin C is the best way of resolving anemia.

There are occasions when our iron levels can fall so low, that we may need a supplement to compliment our diet like losing blood after having a baby or a serious car accident. It is crucial that all moms take good care of themselves. We do so many things that make it easy to neglect ourselves. Don’t let this happen to you mama. Please like, and share this post . I look forward to seeing you back soon.

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Quick and easy weight loss strategy

What are you struggling with to reach your desired goal?

Tell us about your aneamia success or failure stories and be featured in my next post on the topic.

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Thought for today:

Psalm 55:22
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Moms Top 10 Best Foods To Eat For Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is when you only eat at certain times of the day. Fasting for a set number of hours each day or eating only one meal a couple of times a week can aid fat loss. Scientific data also suggests that there are certain health benefits.

Hello mommies. Are you struggling with your weight loss after having baby? I know ,now that you have had your little star its time to loose some weight right? Well I am going to unfold to you my secret weapons. It is the top best foods for intermittent fasting. I want you know these foods so you can get the maximum benefits of the foods you eat. You are what you eat.

Who says snacks cannot be fun? Well ladies and gentlemen they can be fun and healthy. Today, we are going to learn about the top foods you can enjoy while your intermittent fasting journey.

Throughout history, fasting has been utilized as an expression of political dissent, desire for spiritual reward, as well as a therapeutic tool. And it’s recently gained widespread traction among fitness gurus for its touted weight loss and anti-aging effects. But that brings the big question: Is there an ultimate intermittent fasting guide so you know what to eat while you’re on this diet?

Lets get one thing clear; when doing intermittent fasting you can’t snack during the fasting window. Having any caloric food or beverage will break your fast. This means you should only enjoy these intermittent fasting snacks during the eating window. Now with that said lets move on to the real juicy part. Here we go:

1. Noka Super Food

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-24.jpg
  • DELICIOUS AND REFRESHING SMOOTHIES: Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher. No artificial ingredients or preservatives. No refrigeration needed so you can take or keep them anywhere.
  • HEALTHY SNACK FOR ALL AGES: Our delicious smoothies are suitable for ALL ages! NOKA is made with organic fruits, veggies, 5g of plant protein, healthy fats and antioxidant-rich superfoods for balanced nutrition on-the-go.
  • TAKE NOKA WITH YOU ANYWHERE: The convenient squeeze pack is the perfect size to toss in your bag. Enjoy NOKA as breakfast out the door, a healthy snack at work, pre/post workout or on the trail running, hiking, biking, etc!
  • A LIGHTER AND MORE REFRESHING SNACK: Eating NOKA is like biting into a ripe piece of fruit! Skip the dried fruit, trail mixes, jerky, processed bars, and other dried snacks, and enjoy a delicious and refreshing NOKA instead.
  • WHY ALL THE FUSS ABOUT SUPERFOODS? Our bodies are designed to absorb nutrients from real foods better than vitamin supplements or synthetic substitutes. Superfoods have incredibly high nutritional profiles and are backed by extensive supporting research, not to mention, they are delicious! Great snacks for your fasting journey

Time between the eating window meals is ideal to snack on vitamin-full fruits and berries. These NOKA Superfood Pouches are the most convenient way to do it. They are made from certified organic fruits and veggies and come in convenient squeeze packs to carry around easily. Each pouch has 5g of flax and plant protein and contains 110 – 120 calories.

NOKA Superfood Pouches come in 6 mouth-watering flavors. It wasn’t easy to choose our top picks, but we would suggest mango/coconut and strawberry/pineapple flavours.

GET THIS IF:  you enjoy snacking on fruits, veggies and berries. Any smoothie fans will love this too – you can have a Noka Superfood Pouch on the go and won’t have to deal with all the mess making a smoothie yourself.


Tasty and yummy!
  • Only 2g of net carbs: This HighKey Snacks Double Chocolate Brownie Bites are a diet approved snack made with wholesome ingredients when you need a sweet treat. Low in net carbs and sugar, these mini cookies are made with natural ingredients like almond flour, coconut oil, and natural sweeteners including erythritol, monk fruit and stevia. Feel free to indulge in brownie treats again while remaining in ketosis. Perfect for ketogenic and diabetic dieters, this low sugar snack is the smart choice!
  • Soy, gluten, and grain-free: With zero added preservatives, no gluten, and no fillers, our chocolate brownie mini keto cookies are perfect for curbing sweet tooth cravings without all the sugar and carbs found in regular brownies and snacks. Low in carbohydrates and sugars, these brownie bites are the ideal gluten free and grain free option for any health conscious dieter. For those trying to stick to a low carb or gluten free diet, we’ve got you covered with these keto friendly mini cookies!
  • Enjoy anywhere: Embrace your sweet tooth with a treat that hits the spot wherever you go! Ideal for on the go snacking, our chocolate brownie cookies are perfect for fitting a quick healthy indulgence into a busy schedule. With wholesome ingredients and sweetened with natural sweeteners, you can feel good about snacking again. Whether you’re in need of a quick afternoon pick me up at work, or backpacking in the mountains, HighKey’s gluten free mini cookies are here to make your days sweeter!
  • Health conscious alternative: At HighKey Snacks, we know snacking can be hard. That’s why we create healthy products that are high quality, calorie conscious, macro nutrient focused, and most importantly delicious in taste. If you’re trying to remain in ketosis or follow a gluten free diet plan, we’re serving up great tasting treats that are low in both sugar and net carbs. We believe all foodies deserve sweet snacks regardless of gluten, grain, or other allergens. Indulge without the guilt!
  • Satisfying sweets: HighKey has cracked the code on healthy snack food to provide gluten free and low carb alternatives to traditional sweet treats that are loaded with unwanted sugar and carbs. At HighKey, we take pride in our low carb cookies, gluten free cookies, diabetic friendly cookies, keto friendly cookies, and no sugar added cookies. If you’re in the mood for baking, check out our low carb mixes, gluten free mixes, and low sugar muffin mixes. Sweets don’t always need to break the diet!


Simply delicious
  • ON-THE-GO SNACKING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS – The single serve beef jerky bags are the perfect choice for on-the-go snacking when you’re out running errands or packing family lunch boxes – even your little ones! They’re a great way to ensure you’re getting enough protein each day.
  • MADE WITH 100% PREMIUM BEEF – Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is made from lean cuts of 100% premium beef, then seasoned with simple ingredients like water, salt and spices. Our delicious beef jerky is 96% fat free with no added MSG.
  • FULL ON FLAVOR – Whether your favorite is the Sweet & Hot, the special blend of spices found in our Peppered variety or the boldness Jalapeño jerky, you can rest assured that they are packed with flavor. Slow cooked and hardwood smoked to perfection.
  • GOOD SOURCE OF PROTEIN – Keeping your diet packed with protein keeps you satisfied and energized all day long, and it’s never been easier than with the Bold Variety Pack, featuring 15, 1.25 oz. bags of beef jerky. 5 Sweet & Hot, 5 Jalapeño & 5 Peppered.
  • #1 SELLING BRAND – Jack Link’s is the #1 selling beef jerky brand! When you rip open a bag of Jack Link’s, you will get a taste of the American tradition that made this family business a success: hard work, fun and quality products.


  • NEW OPTIMIZED FORMULA! Mighty tasty and supremely portable, Navitas Organics Power Snacks bring together nuts, seeds and premium superfoods to help you power through your day
  • Satisfyingly sweet, Navitas Organics Cacao Goji Power Snacks combine the antioxidant power of goji berries with mineral-rich cacao Provides eight superfoods and 20% DV vitamin C per serving!
  • Great for sports training, road trips, hikes, lunch boxes and mid-afternoon snacks
  • Premium quality, minimally processed & plant-based Contains no fillers or artificial ingredients
  • USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher, vegan, gluten-free, 23 Servings.
  • GET THIS IF you would enjoy a natural energy boost in one bite. While these are quite high in calories, each piece is nutrient-dense, rich with minerals and healthy fats to add to your intermittent fasting diet. Give it a try now


  • Here is another great choice to curb those cravens. Contains 30 – 1.76oz KIND Peanut Butter energy bars
  • Sustained Energy: This chewy, gluten free snack sustains adventures and workouts with premium ingredients, 100% Whole Grains, not sugar and contains no genetically engineered ingredients
  • Nutrient Dense First Ingredient: Each KIND Energy bar features a 5 super grain blend to pack a nutty flavor and make this whole grain party much more tasty than oats alone
  • Lower Sugar: 35% Less Sugar than the leading energy bar
  • Protein:10g of protein to keep you energized and satisfied


Don’t like your veggies? These veggie crisps off the earth path are simply tasty and delicious. These foods are the smarter way to snack. I know just how it is when it comes to snacking, veggies are not normally what you want to eat. Many healthy people are trying these out and loving them. they are gluten-free, and Non-GMO Project verified. Take a look at the flavos they come in. The new assortment includes 16 single serve bags: (3) Rosemary & Olive Oil Hummus Crisps, (6) White Cheddar Veggie Puffs, (4) Veggie Crisps, (3) Chickpea Veggie Crisps

7. Good Notes Veggie Snacks, Chile Lime Adobo Crunchy Carrots

Now here is another great tasting snack to put some pep in your steps!

These are vegetarian style made just perfect for the vegetarian lovers.

  • Vegetarian, Made with 1 cup of carrots per serving, No Artificial Flavors, Excellent Source of Fiber, Excellent source of Vitamin A, 200 Calories per Bag
  • Each bag of savory, bold, bright, crispy, crunchy veggie snacks is resealable so you can enjoy it on the go or share with your ‘buds!

8.The Good Bean Crunchy Chickpeas Snacks, Chili Lime

I love beans! What about you? Trust me if you love beans you will love these crunchy chickpeas snacks.

These Chili Lime flavor is a crazy good mix of smoky chipotle chilies, zingy limes, secret spices, and sea salt. Additionally, they are great with

  • any kind – juices, sparkling water
  • Also, if the time is right, along side you favorite perfectly chilled fruit, drink or glass of wine
  • Always, high in plant protein and fiber, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and Kosher

9.Mama Lupe Low Carb Tortillas

What about tortillas, do you like them? I sure do.

Treat yourself because you have earned it. Low carb Tortillas are great way to fill up healthily.

  • Only three impact carbs per tortillas!
  • Low Carb, But tastes incredibly like regular tortillas!

10. Healthy Height Kids Protein Powder (Chocolate) – Developed by Pediatricians 

Lets not leave the kids out. Mamas these shakes will give your little stars a healthy weight.

Did you know that this protein powder was developed by pediatricians? The nutrition in Healthy Height was tested by world-renowned scientists, doctors, and researchers at Schnieder’s Children’s Hospital. It was clinically shown to help kids grow in height and gain healthy weight without increasing BMI. The clinical study was published in the Journal of Pediatrics.

You don’t eat for a period of time each day or week when you practice intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is practiced in a variety of ways, including:

Fasting on alternate days. Eat a regular diet one day and then fast or eat only one tiny meal (less than 500 calories) the next.

Fasting at a 5:2 ratio. Five days a week, eat normally, and two days a week, fast.

Fasting for a set amount of time each day. Eat normally, but only between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. For instance, instead of skipping breakfast, have lunch around midday and dinner by 8 p.m.

Are there any benefits to intermittent fasting?

Absolutely yes! s it possible to improve your health by fasting intermittently? Obesity-related disorders such as diabetes, sleep apnea, and some types of cancer can be reduced by losing weight and becoming physically active. Intermittent fasting appears to be roughly as effective as any other sort of calorie-restricted diet for these disorders.

According to some research, intermittent fasting may be more effective than other diets for lowering inflammation and improving inflammation-related diseases like:

Alzheimer’s disease is a type of dementia.
Arthritis Asthma
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease that affects people

Does intermittent fasting have any side effects?

It’s important to note that intermittent fasting can have unpleasant side effects, but they usually go away within a month. Side effects may include:

  • Hunger
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Headaches

Intermittent fasting is safe for many people, but it’s not for everyone. Skipping meals may not be the best way to manage your weight if you’re pregnant or breast-feeding. If you have kidney stones, gastroesophageal reflux, diabetes or other medical problems, talk with your doctor before starting intermittent fasting. Fasting can affect everyone differently. When I first started my fasting journey I remembered nausea, headaches and fatigue. These symptoms I experienced during the first five days of the program.

Symptoms will be different for everyone so never compare yourself with anyone. One thing about this amazing body God gave us the fact that we can easily adjust to anything we put our minds to do.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you were really blessed today. You are welcomed to come again and share us with your family and friends. I hope that the snacks I offered you become a helpful in helping you to gain momentum in your weight loss journey.

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Thought for the day:

Always look at what you have left. Never look at what you have lost. Robert H. Schuller. Remember God loves and cares for you more than you would ever know.

COVID-19 vaccine and fertility — Pregnancy to Parenting

A common question I’m asked about the COVID-19 vaccine is “how does it affect my fertility” or “will it affect my reproductive health”? Rumours or misinformation about vaccines and the possible impacts it has on fertility or reproductive health, make it hard for people to make an informed decision. It’s important to consider the facts……

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13 Best Ways To Discipline Your Child: In The Most Loving Ways

13 Best Ways To Discipline Your Child: In The Most Loving Ways

Loving your child never stops no matter how old they are

Hello to you hardworking mamas out there!! I hope you all are doing just great. We are going to talk about a very sensitive topic. We are going to learn practical tips to getting you as a parent to discipline your child in the most loving way.

Most parents if not all want only the best for their kids. When I was growing up my parents I am sure did the best they could, believing that they had the best discipline plan in the world. I am sure many of you probably are familiar with the traditional spanking when discipline was needed. They did it because their parents did the same thing. In some cases I was spanked with no explanation. I decide quickly during my early adult years, I was not going to do it like that with my kids. So I did.

During my motherhood years God blessed me with five lovely girls. I always wanted a son, but that was not my lot. I often admired the relationships I saw with moms and their sons and thought it was sweet. Nonetheless, my sons I believe will come through my grand kids😅.

Moms out there I want to teach you God’s way of raising your children which is always the best way. So if you are having problems or struggling with how to discipline your child, you have come to the right place. My aim is to help you discover valuable ways to discipline your child in loving and effective ways. I will teach you some of my proven strategies that worked to help you along. Our topics will cover the following:

  1. Why is it important to discipline your child
  2. How to discipline your child God’s way – 10 key and proven strategies
  3. Sign up for your age appropriate discipline chart
  4. When to seek professional help for my child.

1.Why is it important to discipline your child?

I recently hear a parent asked, ” why do parents get mad with kids if they don’t ask permission to have something?” Most of the parents including myself in the group gave her very valid reasons as to why asking or getting permission was necessary. Raising our children in today’s world can be very overwhelming for any parent.

It may appear that everything is becoming more complicated and corrupted, and that our children will have to fight to stay close to Jesus. However, the Bible gives us specific instructions on how to parent God’s way, making the journey easier. Disciplining your child is important because it produces self-control , and happier kids. Without discipline our kids would stay in trouble where ever they go.

The bible says in Proverbs 22:6 to “Train them up in the way they should go and when they are old they won’t depart from it.” Additionally, it says in Ephesians 6:1 that children are to honor and obey their parents, because it is the right thing to do to bring a long and happy life. So it is vital that we train them to love and respect us as their parents. These are the scriptures that I always meditated and believed would help to stair my kids in the right direction. Thirty years later I can see the results. They work as long as we work them.

2.How to discipline your kids in 10 amazing, easy ways in the most loving ways

1. Seek the Lord daily and ask for His guidance

Did you know that God’s word contains everything we need to know, from what lessons and values to teach our children to how to train and raise them to be men and women of God? As parents, we often become worried rather than realizing that the Bible contains answers to every parenting situation. Mama I was able to use the principles of the bible to help me to rare my kids. I hope you are able to do the same. It works so much better when you give your life to Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.

Everything is done through the eyes of faith . Proverbs 3:5,6 says Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. I remember having a challenge when my kids would not go to sleep early enough to wake up on time to get ready for school the next day.

They liked being up up late laughing and giggling on and on and when morning came no one wants to get up. So I asked the Lord to give me an idea to help them to so to bed easily. I came up with the idea to tell them bible stories or play a DVD with bible stories for them to listen to . This worked so well for so many years.

My second daughter Latreia, while lying on me when she was 24 years said to be mommy please tell me a story.” I chuckled, because I was so surprised to hear it really at that age. It had some impact and she missed it.

I also felt fulfilled as a mom because here I was spending QUALITY TIME with my kids. They began to look forward to their bedtime in a more enjoyable way.

2.Avoid yelling and screaming at your child

Its not worth it!

This was something I hated as a mom. Screaming at my kids made me feel like I had no self control and needed help. When I yelled or screamed at my kids I had really lost it. I knew God had given everyone self control but we have to constantly practice it.

So I asked God to help me overcome this bad habit. I did it by making an intentional decision to change and you know every day when I was tempted to scream I would remember what God’s word says in Proverbs 15:1, A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger . This would cause me to stop and think and make the decision to speak calmly but firm to my kids without making them afraid feeling bad for screaming.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics,  Words can be hurtful. It has also been discovered that yelling at children and using words to cause emotional pain or shame are ineffective and harmful. Even if the parents are warm and loving, harsh verbal discipline can lead to more misbehavior and mental health problems in children.

According to research, harsh verbal discipline, which becomes more common as children grow older, may lead to more behavioral problems and depression symptoms in teenagers. I am so happy I was able to conquer this bad habit. Anyone can too. 🤗

3. Set Real boundaries

Children often test us to see how much we will allow them to go. Always set boundries for your child. My hubby and I would set boundries and we would notice that our kids would go to the other parent whom they think would allow them to overstep the boundry and ask. It is very important for you and your partner to agree on certain rules that have been set to to help your child stay in control. They will continually try you but mama stick to your guns.😎 because you and dad got this.

4.Be the model for your children

Role modeling is a very crucial part of parenting. It puts us in a position to be accountable for our actions. As a parent who wants to have the best kids on the planet, you have to role model well. It is good for you and dad as you teach your kids God’s principles in the bible, you also do them. James 1: 22 says, “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” There is just no sense of telling your kid to do something and you do otherwise.

Of course, there were times when I wanted to do otherwise, and messed up but I try to make the decision to do the right thing. I takes practice , practice, and more practice to become better and better.

5. Set rules that are attainable

Mama you should never set rules that violate your child’s needs for sustainability like food, or water. Basic needs should never be in the plan.  Make sure your rules are clear and consistent so that your children can follow them. Make sure to explain these rules in age-appropriate terms.

6.Explain the consequences calmly and firmly if they do not behave.

It matters

Tell him/ her, for example, that if she doesn’t clean up her room during the week, she won’t have any computer time on the week end. Be prepared to act right away. Don’t cave in by returning them after a few minutes. However, never deprive your child of something he or she truly requires, such as a meal.

7.Be prepared for a fight. Prepare for situations in which your child may misbehave.

You can do this by preparing them for upcoming events and explain to them how you expect them to behave.

8.Hear them out . It is critical to listen.

Allow your child to finish the story before assisting with the problem-solving. Keep an eye out for patterns of misbehavior, such as if your child is jealous. Instead of simply imposing consequences, talk with your child about it.

9. Pay attention to them.

Attention is the most powerful tool for effective discipline—it can be used to reinforce good behaviors while discouraging others. Remember that every child craves their parent’s attention. So how do you do this ? You do this by sitting down and actively listening to them. I enjoyed doing this with my kids and they loved it. Children adore when their parents give them attention. They open their hearts to you and you continue the bonding process.

10. Reward good behavior

Good disciplining is not about being rigid and too forceful towards your child. It includes also opening the door to some reward system to provide incentives for a job well done. Oh my kids loved this system to the max. I would take them for ice cream , give them their favorite snack, take them to the park- one of their favorite spots, Or allow them to do their favorite thing. This really encourage them to make the special effort, knowing that if they did they would be rewarded.

11.Tme out

Put a timer on when a specific rule is broken, a time-out can be especially useful. This discipline tool works best by warning children that they will receive a time out if they do not stop, reminding them of what they did wrong in as few words and with as little emotion as possible, and removing them from the situation for a predetermined amount of time (1 minute per year of age is a good rule of thumb).

If your child is at least three years old, you can try letting them lead their own time-out instead of setting a timer. “Go to time out and come back when you feel ready and in control,” you can simply say. This strategy, which can assist the child in learning and practicing self-management skills, is also effective. This allows kids to think about their action that caused a time out and realize that it is not parent approved.

12. Discipline in the name of love

We all adore our children, and our affection for them can cause us to overlook many offenses that should be punished. I’ve discovered that my lack of energy after a long day can also affect how disciplined I am.

This is critical because one of the most important life lessons they will learn is that every action has a consequence, whether good or bad. This is how the real world works, but it’s best to show them and talk to them about it in a godly manner, so they can learn what God says about whatever issues they’re dealing with.

It is critical that discipline is always linked with love, so that a child understands that we still love them no matter what they do, but there are still consequences for bad behavior.

13. Prayer and connecting with God

Prayer and teaching your child to connect with God is most likely the most effective tools we can use in our children’s lives. They face the same temptations as we do, and sometimes even more. God can better guide them than we can. The best gift we could ever give them is Jesus, and pointing them to Him because He alone will be their source of joy and peace when the world appears to be too much for them.

All parents want the best for their children and want to raise them to make a significant contribution to the world. The amazing thing is that we have a God who does not abandon us to figure it out on our own, but instead provides us with a guide in the Bible. He loves our children more than we could ever love them, and we can rely on Him to guide us.

I encourage you mama to invest time with God and prayer to your child. This one is most valuable. They need to know that God is always there for them ,no matter what. Teach them how to pray and be grateful for every blessing they experience. The earlier you begin this amazing journey of connecting them with God, the quicker they will become that bright and shinning light God has called them to be. As a result of this my kids were able to succeed in every area of their lives.

All parents want the best for their children and want to raise them to have a significant impact on the world. The amazing thing is that we have a God who does not abandon us to figure it out on our own but instead provides us with a guide in the Bible. He loves our children more than we could ever love them, and we can put our trust in Him to guide us.

3. When to seek help

 We all act out as kids, but when children   who continually  interrupt others, throw temper tantrums, break the rules or even hurt others this  may indicate a more serious problem. When this occurs, it is critical to consult with your child’s pediatrician or a mental health professional..

To compound the problem you may be a single parent with no support. There are times when asking your mom or a good role model in your life to give you some advice. Thats fine too but once your child begins to hurt himself or others, it is time to get pro help. Here are some behaviours to look out for:

  • Sexualized behavior: Making sexualized comments or acting out
  • Threatening others, getting into fights, breaking things, throwing things, injuring others, or engaging in other aggressive behaviors are examples of aggressive behavior.
  • Criminal conduct: Lighting fires, damaging property, stealing items, or breaking into homes or schools are all examples of criminal behavior.
  • Mistreatment against animals: causing pain or suffering to the family pet or other people’s animals.
  • Psychosis evidence: -Hearing or seeing things that others do not see or hear.
    Excessive failing to comply: Disobeying rules, lying about actions, fleeing, or being disruptive.
  • Frequently absenteeism: Frequently skipping classes or school.
  • Inability to change behavior: Being unaffected by requests or refusing to make changes in the face of them.


We are not perfect as parents, but we sure can come close if we put these valuable principles into practice. Take one day at a time and step by step you will make this journey. So I encourage you to:

  1. Seek the Lord daily
  2. Avoid yelling and screaming
  3. Set real boundaries
  4. Be a role model for your child
  5. Hear them out
  6. Explain consequences
  7. Be prepared for a fight
  8. Hear them out
  9. Pay attention
  10. Reward good behavior
  11. Time out
  12. Discipline in the name of love
  13. Teach prayer and connection with God

Thank you so much for stopping by . Do come again.. I hope you got some help for disciplining your child / children. I know that parenting is not easy. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below. Please feel free to comment or ask a questions.

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Thought for today:

These are the fruits of God’s spirit we should be practically teaching them everyday.

Galatians 5: 22 But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self- control

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11 Powerful Ways to Be a Happy and Better Mom

According to Huff Post ” Being a mother is a gift that is unimaginable to any woman who does not have a child in their life. It’s a connection that is unmatched and insurmountable in any form or other relationship. It’s a love that grows continually, a love that always wants more and better.”

Hello to all the great moms out there! You deserve every moment of happiness. Agree? Yes of course you do. I mean I am a mom of not 1, not 2, not 3, but 5 children! That’s a lot of I know🙄 . We moms really do a lot of things that the world cannot do without. Just imagine a world where there is no woman?

Close your eyes and just think for a second. Yea right there is no world without moms. Really!!!! Being a mom is a special gift to the world. You are nurturing the next generation. God has given you this ability so never doubt that you do not have what it takes to groom your kids for the world. You can do it mama. Happiness is important if you are going to be a better mom. Like they say if mama ain’t happy, nobody else is. So true huh.😍

Here are 11 powerful tips to becoming a better and happier mom:

1.Put everything in God’s hand

This was truly the best ever thing I did that helped me become a better and happier mom and I know it can work for you too. I had my kids very close. They grew up between 1-2 years apart. Which means they everyone after my eldest enjoyed hand- me -downs, if you know what I mean. To make it even easier, I had five girls. I was difficult at times when trying to juggle life; but it got better as they grew older. Do you know what I did mama? I committed my life and the life of my children into God’s hands and it has been a great journey ever since.

In Proverbs 3:5.6 God tells us in ALL our ways to acknowledge Him and He will direct our paths. This is what I did that made things so much easier in organizing my life. He gave me directions that made my life so much easier. I encourage you today to ask Him to do the same for you.

2.Never have a reason to love them

  • Yes mama I know they can get under your skin!!! but that does not give you the authority to take any love away. You are suppose to love them no matter what they do. Just like Jesus did when He came to earth. He love us in spite of how we were.
  • The constant warmth of someone who loves them is the most powerful blessing we can give to our kids.
  • Spend time with your children and demonstrate your love for them in as many ways as possible.
  • Your child will have the ability to face any challenge life throws at them, if they know someone out there in the world unconditionally loves them and cares about their well-being, whether it is through a well-timed hug, reading a good story, or a delicious home-cooked meal.
  • Love them unconditionally. Show them affection often This includes hugging ,kissing, holding, playing, and of course sitting down and talking with them. Children grow fast so being actively involved in their lives is important. One day they are no longer going to be the little boy or girl you see today.

3. Be the mirror that they see

A lot of times while I was growing up I observed that some adults did things that they did not want them to do e.g. lying, stealing, or being dishonest . Mamas this was something I strived for so hard to do because I know they were always watching me. And to be honest I wanted them to trust me. I did not want to live a lie but live with a good conscience knowing that I was doing the right thing in the eyes of God. I often heard adults saying don’t do as I do, do what I say to do”. This is setting a bad example for our little stars. Always be the model for your child.

I want you to realize that God gave us children for a reason -to make this world a better place of course. I have discovered that if we are honest with ourselves, then we can also be happier in our lives realizing that we are setting the pace for the next generation of world class leaders.

4. Spend quality time with your child

  • Oh this is a big one! Nowadays things have sped up so fast in family life. I don’t think it is now how it was when I was growing up.
  • Until the recent Corona virus pandemic, families were drifting apart. I remember playing hop-scotch, shooting marbles, playing house hold games like connect four, monopoly, bingo, and checkers with my kids.
  • We ate meals around the dinner table and prayer before we ate. We shared the bible with our kids- reading stories and scripture verses and helped them with school homework and projects. It was so much fun and eye to eye contact.
  • Today the family is often bombarded with main contact through a computer or phone. Then lastly prayed with them before going to bed and before drop off at school the next day.
  • “From developmental milestones to simple heart to hearts, three-quarters of parents polled experienced a key moment, which they otherwise may have missed, with their children while in lockdown.”
  • This is the results from a recent study According to new research, 3 out of 4  American parents witnessed a pivotal moment in their child’s life during lock downs.
  • The survey of 2,000 Americans, approximately 1,200 parents, inquired about their time spent sheltering in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the benefits of being close to family.

5. Know that kids will make mistakes

  •  No one is perfect, and it is normal to make mistake as a child. In fact we who are adults are still making mistakes right? 
  • Allowing your child to make mistakes is a great way to teach them that their actions have consequences, and the event serves as a great reference point for future lessons.
  • For example,  your child lost his lunch bag at school, you can help them understand that the value of the bag is not there any longer and another one would have to be bought to put his lunch in which takes more time and money.
  •   In other cases, you can use the lesson to forewarn them about upcoming difficulties. “Be careful with this new bag; we don’t want to have to buy a new one again, right? So take good care of it ok?
  • Having concrete examples of previous mistakes aids in avoiding new screw ups. I used this technique and it helped them to become more aware and protective of their belongings.
  • You are teaching them responsibility here. Some times I would also give incentives if they took really good care of their belongings.

6.Discipline with explanation

  •  It is inevitable that children will  quiet often do things that require discipline.  
  • Also keep in mind that when you give your child a time-out, make sure they understand how their bad behavior has directly impacted the people around them.
  • This is something I always lived by. Growing up it was never explained to me , but I made sure I did this with my kids.
  • For example if they stole something that  I would use bible verse to help them understand that God is first of all displeased with the behavior.
  • Explain to them that they have no right to other people’s property without permission.  Empathy for others is one of the most powerful ways to instill moral values in children.
  • When they are aware that one of their actions has caused pain or harm to someone they care about, they are less likely to repeat the same action.

7.Let their creativity grow, grow, grow

  • Let your sense of wonder run wild by allowing him or her to sing, dance, paint, draw, color, or write.
  • It is a wonderful and amazing  for children to express and share their emotions, and it provides insight into how they perceive the world around them.
  • Don’t pass judgment on the end result; instead, encourage the creative act, whatever it may be. Instead of saying, “Wonderful drawing!” try, “Tell me about this drawing.”
  • Your genuine interest, rather than automatic praise, will instill confidence in their abilities and lay the groundwork for good communication skills when they are older.
  • This also encourages good, open communication between you and your child. 

8. Believe in your motherly instincts

  • This is truly a gift from God. There were times when my kids were growing up ,
  • I was not sure what to do. Some times I would ask my mom or other experienced relatives for advice.
  • I listened to them and most of the time I did what I thought was the best for my children. It’s ok to hear their point of view, but it is better to go with your gut feeling.
  • And as always I relied on God to direct my path and He always did.
  • I am saying I was perfect all the time, of course not, there were times when I could have made better decisions of which I learned from.
  • I encourage you to use your mistakes as a teaching ground.

9.Ease up on you😋

  • We all make mistakes. The most effective way to overcome the hardest problems is to remind ourselves that we are doing our best with what we have.
  • Mistakes happen all the time. When they do, don’t ease up  on yourself
  • . Mistakes, with your children, are momentary, but your identity it is only  you are a decent parent only wanting the best for your kids.
  • When I made mistakes as a mom , I felt bad yes, but I quickly forgave myself and moved on to the next adventure. Have you ever did something that you should not have done as a mom? Yea I know you felt bad too right? Always forgive yourself and keep moving forward.

10.Say I’m sorry when you are wrong😌

  • Many times during my parenthood growing up my children,
  • I always believed that I should say I am sorry if I did something wrong to my kids.
  • For example , there was a time when I punished my oldest daughter for something I thought she did, when I found out later that she did not do it. Its ok if you did something wrong to your child to say you are sorry and explain.
  • This helps them to know that you are aware that it was wrong and you are sorry that it happened.
  • Additionally, it also brings home the point that saying you are sorry when you are wrong brings peace with you and them. So in other words it mends relationships together.

11. Get help and have lots of fun😁

  • Mama I know being a parent can be a frustrating, thankless job at times, and we all need a break. We all get burn out as moms every now and then.
  • Have some fun . Every week choose a special day to celebrate something or take a breather. Yes this is what I did and it works.
  • Never  be afraid to seek assistance or advice from your parents or friends.
  • Another perspective on a difficult situation can be lifesaving, and when others offer a moment of rest or relaxation from the business of mothering, don’t be afraid to accept it.
  • Take it with joy. Because you deserve to have happiness. If mama is not happy, then no one else is happy. 
  • A well-planned afternoon or evening off can do wonders for recharging your parenting energy for the coming days.
  • Many times hubby and I planned our date nights.
  • Ours was on Fridays. We would go for a ride, or meet up with friends, go for a walk and just spend that quality time together.
  • Planning a schedule can also be helpful and keep you organized. Smile and be happy with your kids. I remember tickling them until they almost cried with joy.. They loved it and so did I. 

Bottom line

Moms are truly phenomenal. We are so many things. I know these eleven things if you try them you will surely be a happier and most certainly a better mom. Here are your reminders to put in practice:

  1. Put everything in God’s hands
  2. Never have a reason to love them- That’s what parents do. We love unconditionally.
  3. Be the mirror that they see- You are their role model for life
  4. Spend quality time with them- Time with your kids is one of the best investment you can give them and yourself.
  5. Know that your kids will make mistakes. Remember we are adults and we still do!
  6. Discipline with explanation- Keep the reasoning clear and precise.
  7. Let their creativity to flourish- They will often surprise you. Kids are smart and get smarter if their creativity is freed up. Let them fly under your supervision
  8. Believe in your motherly instincts- God gave this gift to you. Use it for best results you want to see in your child.
  9. Ease up on you -Don’t be so hard on yourself. Forgive yourself and keep moving forward.
  10. Say you are sorry when you are wrong- We should not expect our children to apologize when they are wrong and we get away. No lets keep the relationship with our kids intact by admitting that we were wrong and are sorry.
  11. Get help when needed and have lots of fun. Try to avoid getting burned out as a mom and I know it is hard at times to do. Know that you gat this mama.

We have come to the end of our lesson: 11 Powerful Ways to Be a Happy and Better Mom. I hope you not only enjoyed it but also put these principles into practice. Thank you for stopping by . I truly hope that after implementing these practices into your life you become that phenomenal mom and happy mom you aspire to be.

Please like, share, comment, or ask a question if you like. Before you go I have 2 questions for you 🤔. Here it goes, What are some of the things you are facing as a mom at this time in your life? and what topics would you like for me to share with you? Let me know in the comments below.

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Thank you for stopping by today. I hope your experience was a pleasant one and your pregnancy is going very well. If you are here and you are not pregnant, it would be nice to consider making a purchase for that special pregnant mama in your life.

Thought for today:

Words are powerful One kind word can change someone’s entire day. Be Human, Be Kind. Remember death and life is in the power of the tongue. Proverbs 18:21

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How to Beat Fatigue During Pregnancy:10 Epic Easy Ways

How to Beat Fatigue During Pregnancy:

10 Epic Easy ways

Hello pregnant mamas – to- be! I am so excited because I am going to talk about Fatigue during pregnancy! This is real as some of you may know.

Now I know this is definitely a common topic the majority of women will experience this symptom during pregnancy. I am so delighted to help with this one. I had four babies all girls and I experienced fatigue with each pregnancy. That’s a lot wouldn’t you say? If you are pregnant and looking for real relief, help and support? You have come to the right place!

Welcome! to my blog. It is a pleasure to have you here and I would love to have you back sometime soon!😄



Are you looking to overcome the bad feeling fatigue brings to your pregnant life? Ready to take a deep dive into effective ways you can beat this common pregnancy symptom called Fatigue? 

This post is for you if…

You’re tired of fatigue and really ready to overcome the bad feeling that Fatigue brings to your pregnant life. Or you just want to be prepared just in case its creepy head shows up. In this post, you’ll get real, actionable steps to confidently lessen the effects of fatigue during your pregnancy.

Well lets get started. I ‘ll show you how I did it.

Fatigue during pregnancy really is no fun, period!!! It is a feeling of extreme tiredness where you feel unable to in some cases to carry out your normal work routine. At the end of this post my goal is for you my dear to fully understand what this condition is all about and how you can overcome it.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products and services That I personally stand behind. When you use one of my affiliate links, the company compensates me, which helps me run this blog and keep all of my valuable content free of charge for wonderful readers (like you). Thank you for your consideration. See our disclaimer here

Our topics will include:

  1. What is fatigue during pregnancy?
  2. The symptoms of Fatigue
  3. The amazing, effective things you can do to fight against Fatigue . Yay, yay! How can I boost my energy while pregnant?

1.What is fatigue during pregnancy?

This is a common condition experienced by pregnant women during the first trimester of pregnancy. You are tired and in being too tired, you are also unable to sleep. Can you imagine? Your body needs to rest , you lie down but you cannot sleep. Mama I have been there.

Lets face it: As a woman we do so much for others and often leave ourselves uncared for like we should. We only want the best for our family, and home. Pregnancy added to the situation can complicate things a bit.

Some of you work on a 9-5 job, or some of you probably are stay at home moms, and you the work NEVER stops here! We all in both situations are being tossed to and fro. The bible tells us that we must love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

Jesus is telling us that it is important to take care of ourselves before we take care of we others. There are so many things that we often try to handle at one time. Life happens to us all and I believe prioritizing our issues play a big role in helping us to manage our lives.

2.What are the symptoms of fatigue during pregnancy?

Pregnancy, often makes you  tired, if not exhausted, especially during the first 12 weeks. Life alone can sometimes make us tired so imagine pregnancy.

Hormonal changes at this time can cause fatigue, nausea, and emotional outbursts. The only solution is to get as much rest as possible.

  • Tiredness
  • Inability to sleep- sleep deprivation increases moodiness
  • Irritability – where you become easily agitated
  • Nauseous

3. The top 10 amazing , effective things you can do to fight against Fatigue during your pregnancy .

Pregnant mama, the symptoms you are experiencing are normal and natural. Despite this fact, there are some things you can do to help yourself survive so that the symptoms are less. These are some remedies you can try:

1.Rest as much as possible

Now I know some of you might be saying you are too busy. But what I did was I usually just rested when those bouts of tiredness came upon me. It is important to rest because whenever you do not rest, you become easily agitated. For me, I would find myself getting upset quickly with my hubby for no reason when I look back now. It’s the side effects of lack of sleep.

This can cause a lot of friction in the relationship. I the beginning I found myself sleeping so much. When your body is in this state remember, it is busy working to ensure that your little star is developing properly.

2. Elevate your feet

This helps with blood and oxygen circulation to reach the brain. I remember my feet swelling only at the end of the pregnancy. -3rd trimester. However, I found elevating my feet did relax me somewhat. I would crutch in my favorite coach with feet elevated and comfortable and soon dwindle to a nice sleep.

3. Get help to care for the house or other kids

Many times this was a hard one for me. When I was pregnant, I had my mom available to help me with the other kids if need be. My hubby was a good sport and did the best he could. He cooked , cleaned, and even plait the girls hair! All I could do was smile when I saw my girls hair, if you know what I mean.

There were times when he had to work and my mom was no longer around. Do you know what I did? If I was feeling Fatigued, I would get something to eat which was only a little due to the nausea that comes with being pregnant. Instead of doing the house work I would choose to rest and deal with that later. It just made coping easier. I hope you have some good friendswho don’t mind lending a helping hand.

4. Eat a dense rich foods

These foods are all natural – fruits and vegetables. They are far better than processed foods like deserts, colas, carbonated drinks, and chips. I always try to choose those foods that would do more good than harm. Now I did not say I never ate junk food! I will admit I did once in a while. We all do . Do it with caution because your baby’s life depends also on what you eat. Right?😄

Eating healthy   is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle at any age, but it is especially important if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Eating healthily during pregnancy will aid in the proper development  of your baby.

 It’s important to eat a variety of foods every day to ensure that you and your baby stay healthy  and  get the right balance of nutrients  is better than taking supplements. Additionally , you should also take a folic acid supplement to guarantee you get everything you need.

4. Stay hydrated

Keeping your fluids up is very important. Getting dehydrated can cause you become nauseous so try to avoid this from happening. Drink healthy drinks like these. They will nourish your body much more than colas, or carbonated over sweetened drinks. Continue taking your folic acid supplement which is regularly recommended during the first three months. I drank water more than sweetened drinks.

Some pregnant women told me that they cannot drink water during pregnancy. Lets keep in mind that we all are different. If you are a person like this I would suggest that you drink the more natural drinks like these:

5. Know the foods that are safe and the ones to avoid

Safe foods to eat include

  • meats such as chicken, pork and beef, as long as they’re well-cooked with no trace of pink or blood; be especially careful with poultry, pork, sausages and burgers
  • cold, pre-packed meats such as ham and corned beef

Some foods can be harmful for you during pregnancy. Beware of foods like unpasteurized milk, eggs or cheeses.

Listeria can be found in unpasteurized dairy products. This bacteria can cause a condition known as listeriosis.

There is a tiny possibility that listeriosis will cause a miscarriage, stillbirth, or make your newborn baby very sick.

Moisture is higher in soft cheeses with a white coating on the outside. Bacteria may be able to grow more quickly as a result of this. Other foods to avoid include:

  • raw or undercooked meat
  • liver and liver products
  • all types of pâté, including vegetarian pâté
  • game meats such as goose, partridge or pheasant
  • Regular eggs that is raw or partially cooked.
  • swordfish
  • marlin
  • shark
  • raw shellfish
  • smoked fish such as smoked salmon and trout
  • raw or lightly cooked fish in sushi, if the fish has been frozen first
  • cooked shellfish, such as mussels, lobster, crab, prawns, scallops and clams
  • cold pre-cooked prawns

Be careful with tuna because it contains more mercury than other fish. Too much mercury in your diet can be harmful to your unborn child. I remember I loved tuna during my pregnancies. I substituted for sardines. Which food was your favorite during your pregnancy?

Oily fish should be consumed in moderation because they contain pollutants such as dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls. These can be harmful to your unborn baby if consumed in excess.

Raw shellfish should not be eaten because they may contain harmful bacteria, viruses, or toxins. These can make you sick and cause food poisoning. With the nausea and vomiting that occurs with the first trimester who needs anymore?

6. Find comfortable sleep positions

Mommies I hope you are able to find that comfortable position when you are going to sleep. Getting a good sleep as you know is everything. Sleeping on your side, either left or right, is the most secure position. I often told my patients to sleep on their left side which has more oxygen and blood getting to your little star.

According to research, sleeping on your back after 28 weeks can double your chances of having a stillbirth. This could be related to the flow of blood and oxygen to the baby. So let’s play it safe pregnant mama.

Do not be concerned if you wake up on your back – the study looked at the position pregnant women fell asleep in because this is the position we stay in the longest. If you wake up on your back, simply turn over and go back to sleep on your side.

You can try using pregnancy pillows to  support your bump, and total body, or putting a pillow between your knees. These provide good comfort and relief from aches and pains. Do what ever is in your power  to ensure that you get a good sleep. Take a few minutes right now to add some ideas you would like to try. After doing this find some time to give them a try and let me know ho it worked out. OK?☺

7. Try some safe exercises

Even if you are tired during the day, try to do some activity, such as going for a walk or swimming, to help you feel less tired. Or use watch a good video with some safe exercises on you tube.

I know this may seem daunting when you are Fatigued, but it can help you become more energized because of the increased oxygen and blood flow. Consult your doctor about which ones are safe for you at this time.

8. Relax before bed time

Practice relaxing before your bedtime. Whatever eases your mind. I used to do the following:

  • Watch some TV. Me and television are not good partners like my husband. He can watch it for hours. For me it takes 15 -30 minutes before I am yawning and getting drowsy and soon off to la, la land.
  • Read a boring book until you feel yourself dosing off
  • Oops I almost forgot, I would relax by drinking some cocoa or tea with milk and peanut butter on toast before settling to bed.

Think about some practical things that you will try today?

9. Stay away from too much caffeine

If you are struggling with insomnia, you should not be taking anything with caffeine. So if you are a coffee lover you can try settling for decaffeinated. Researchers have suggested to limit coffee during the first trimester to 12 ozs per day /20 mgs daily I never drank coffee during any of my pregnancies.

Nowadays, I think I am making up for the times I missed. Remember it is found in foods like sodas, tea, chocolate, and even some over-the-counter medications that relieve headaches. Also,

Caffeine passes through the placenta to your baby. Although you may be able to handle the caffeine amounts you feed your body, your baby lacks the enzymes needed to breakdown caffeine.

Caffeine, in any amount, can also cause a change in your baby’s sleep or normal movement  in the second trimester of pregnancy. Caffeine is a stimulant that can keep you and your baby awake. So mama you really, really need to watch what you eat.

10. Ask God to help you

Did you know God is there for you as you go through every situation in your life? That’s what I did to help me survive Fatigue during pregnancy. I encourage you to say this prayer out loud:

Heavenly father, I come to you my creator. You know everything about me; even the number of hair on my head. I really need your help to heal my body of Fatigue. You said that with you NOTHING shall be impossible, so I come today to ask you to heal my body from Fatigue. I receive your strength, mercy, and grace by faith to sustain me. I thank you that Fatigue is leaving my body right now. I believe by faith that it is done in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

Bottom line

Fatigue during pregnancy although very common in the majority of pregnant women, can be managed to some degree. Isn’t that good news? I hope I have given you some solutions that can give you some comfort you so desperately need.

It is my hope that your pregnancy is going well with minimum or no symptoms. This is the # 1 midwife encouraging you to stay strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Pray about everything. Thank you for showing up today. Please like , comment, or ask a question if you wish and see ya again soon.

What are some of the challenges you are having or had with Fatigue during your pregnancy? What trimester are you most tired during pregnancy? Or maybe you are not having any symptoms. Let me know in the comments😃

Thought for today:

I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1,2

Read more….

Care of vaginal tears during delivery

How to have the best and safest sex during pregnancy

How to dress like a diva during pregnancy

10 Easy Top Things You Need To Do To Cope With Anxiety During Pregnancy

This post helps you to deal with anxiety  during your pregnancy. Easy, top, proven  tips to ease your burden.
Anxiety symptoms are relatively common during pregnancy but typically undiagnosed and undertreated. A recent study of 2793 women observed that 9.5% of women meet criteria for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) at some point during their pregnancy. The highest rates of GAD were observed in the first trimester (7%). Only 2% of women met criteria for GAD in the second trimester, and 3% in the third trimester.

Hello mamas and mamas-to- be! Our topic today is a really good one because I am certain all of us have been through this one before -It’s called anxiety.

I know a lot of times we feel this emotion but we rarely talk about it. The fact that we hardly talk about it means we are not dealing with it. Thus we are prolonging our progress to become the true version of whom God has created us to be.



I truly want good things for you. You are God’s creation and you deserve the best.

Now I know anxiety is definitely a silent hot, hot topic everywhere because the majority of women will experience this symptom during this time in their lives. I am so delighted to help you in this journey. Guess what ? I have five grown adults whom I raised . Four of them I gave birth to . All beautiful girls , just like their beautiful mom. If you are pregnant, going through Anxiety and looking for real relief, help and support? You have come to the right place.

Are you looking to overcome the torture anxiety brings to your pregnant life? Ready to take a deep dive into : 10 Easy Top Things You Need To Do To Cope With Anxiety During Pregnancy

Because you are still here, you are ready to invest a little time to ease your fears and worries of life. In this post, you’ll get real, actionable steps to start confidently getting your life back on the road of recovery.

Our topics will include:

  1. What is Anxiety?
  2. Is it normal to have Anxiety during pregnancy?
  3. What are Anxiety symptoms?
  4. Treating Anxiety during pregnancy?
  5. My prayer for you

1.What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a state of unease, shyness, or fear that we all experience on occasion. It may leave you feeling physically uncomfortable or tense, and in more severe cases, physical sensations such as feeling sick or tightness in your chest may be very strong.

Learning how to deal with anxiety can benefit in the management of these symptoms and the control of anxiety. We all as humans have some level of anxiety which is normal. Some of us on the other hand especially during pregnancy, experience more worrying situations that could cause unsettling mind sets. Can I tell you it is all about your mind? Yes mam how you think plays an important role in how things turn out here.

According Huff post – 85 Percent of What We Worry About Never Happens ! Five hundred years ago, Michel de Montaigne said: “My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which never happened.” Now there’s a study that proves it. This study looked into how many of our imagined calamities never materialize. Anxiety really is a waste of time and energy.

Just think about it; most of the things you dread never happen. Correct?

2.Is it normal to have Anxiety during pregnancy?

We have all heard about postpartum depression, but most of us rarely hear or talk about Anxiety during pregnancy. Did you know for every 1:10 pregnant woman experience Anxiety ? You would think that with all the joys on having a baby can bring how could someone become anxious? We from my nursing experience so many things can go wrong in a relationship. This is a really big situation that I found in about 75% of my patients. Most of their partners left them with a baby to take care of while some of them had no jobs, or support from their family. Then there are other worries like:

Is my baby healthy?

Am I healthy?

Will my baby come too early?

Can I handle the pain of childbirth?

Maybe you can resonate with this. I want you block any negative thoughts that may cause you worry. Instead say the opposite of what the bible says and say it aloud.

Some women report a reduction in their symptoms during pregnancy, but your anxiety may worsen. For me personally, my anxiety levels surprisingly got better during my pregnancies. I used to be a quiet, reserved individual when I am not pregnant, somewhat shy.

During my pregnancies I  observed that I  became more vocal and unafraid of confronting situations that I would normally avoid unpregnant. It was pretty weird. After all, you don’t have control over everything that makes you anxious.

Scientists believe the chemicals in your brain may be affected by hormonal changes during pregnancy. This can be stressful. And just think about this- remember during your regular monthly period, you are normally more moody or easily irritated, so imagine being pregnant and fully loaded with more hormones -I can relate. Seriously!

Pregnancy is also a time of great transition. Some of these feelings and sensations are pleasant, while others are downright unpleasant and frightening. You may also encounter complications or other issues that keep you awake at night. Guess what? Life happens to all of us. God wants us to cast ALL of our care on Him. 1 Peter 5: 7.Do not worry my dear, there is hope for you today. I do not care how bad it seems, there is hope for you.

3. What are Anxiety symptoms?

All of us at some point will experience some form of anxiety and that is fine ,but when it comes begins to interfere with your daily life, it can make your life a living hell. Now as you know with everything there comes symptoms. Here is a list of some of the things you may find going on with you or someone you know experiencing Anxiety:

  • Inability to sleep well
  • feeling an overwhelming sense of nervousness
  • Extreme worrying about things, especially your body or baby
  • Short attention span causing inability to concentrate
  • Moodiness ; feeling irritable or agitated
  • having tense muscles

Did you know Anxiety comes occasionally in a more severe form called panic attacks?

Some of the more common mental and physical symptoms of anxiety are as follows:

  • nervousness or restlessness feelings of danger, panic, or dread which never happens!
  • a fast heartbeat
  • perspiring, tremors, or chills
  • fatigue or weakness
  • gastrointestinal issues
  • hyperventilation  

4. Easy ,Top and Proven Things You Need To Do To Cope With Anxiety During Pregnancy

Here is some light to this tunnel you or the person you are thinking about are in.

1.Put your faith in the living God.

Anxiety is indeed a spirit that can cause you to be bound in your own body and mind. God does not want you to be overcome by fear but by faith in Him to deliver you. God has not given us the Spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind (2Timothy 1:7). It is God’s desire for you to be free from fear.

2.Recognize and manage your stressors.

Identifying your triggers helps. You can identify triggers on your own or with the assistance of a therapist. Caffeine, alcohol, and smoking are examples of obvious triggers. They can also be less obvious at times. Deal with all stressors and bring peace to your life again.

Long-term issues, such as financial or work-related issues, may take some time to resolve — is it a due date, a person, or the situation? This may necessitate additional assistance, such as therapy or from friends.

My story….

Loving nature is good medicine for anxiety. Never allow your life to become boring. Make things happen!

Let me share with you my experience with anxiety. I was in my thirties when I came to grips with anxiety in my life. We all from time to time go through it with varying degrees. As a child I was always the one the teacher called on to answer the questions because I was so quiet. When I became a young adult I began to feel a sense of uncomfortableness around people.

My husband and I would go to the food store or in public places and I remember feeling so overwhelmed around people. My husband never knew until years later what had happened. As time when on I realized that I could not look people in their eyes . Now I know this was bad! I needed help. I never experienced the sweaty palms, or palpitations. I hated this feeling. and worked to freeing myself. Here are some of the things I did recognizing that my feelings were real and that they could be changed:

I cried out to God to rescue me. I knew that my God is a strong tower I could run to and be safe! (Proverbs 18:10). As a believer in God it was time for me to put my faith to the test. I began to be open to seeing people and eventually intentionally facing my giant. I went out more, I smiled with a genuine heart and looked people in their eyes and eventually as got more comfortable, I did it even more. As I continued to do it I noticed after 6 months things began to change. I was less anxious, but some anxiety was still there but I was doing so much better.

I want to encourage you to face your mountain and giants and watch God give you the victory. Get to know God – receive Him as your lord and personal saviour and depend on Him to bring you out. If He did it for me He can also do it for you. As a nurse I used this avenue to help me resolve this issue.

I would stand in the middle of the patients and talk to them about pregnancy related topics. I was so proud of myself. Mamas you have to leave the comfort zone and face those fears. You must be intentional and faithful in God depending on Him to bring you out.

I knew this was abnormal but what could I do? Nobody talked about it and today it is still the same. Nobody talks about it.

One of the most major obstacles to coping with anxiety and truly healing is refusing to acknowledge and feel your emotions.You can remain  trapped in your  anxiety. I had learned that having deep emotions was not acceptable, so when they surfaced, I tried to push them down.

This can hamper your ability to truly cope and heal. And by pushing down the emotions bubbling beneath the surface, anxiety bubbled up instead. Let this not be your portion.

3. Try journaling

I love journaling. I enjoy it every time I take the time to do it! Sometimes I just journal about what’s going on in my life, and other times I delve into some of my thoughts, fears, or anxieties. Journaling for me is real medicine because it can help you figure out what is causing your anxiety. It can also point you in the direction of things that will help you cope.

Grab a journal if you don’t already have one and start writing. You can respond to prompts such as:

  • What happened during your day?
  • What emotions are you currently experiencing?
  • Why are you experiencing these emotions? Was there anything that triggered it?
  • What were your week’s low and high points?
  • What do you think? I think journaling will make a big difference in your life. Give it a try today. Another good thing about journaling I discovered was when you look back years later you are so thankful for where you are now. It becomes a celebration and appreciation for where you are. Isn’t that wonderful?

4. Read and study God’s word

My friend God’s word is powerful and sharper than any 2 edged sword. (Hebrews 4;12). You can also seek godly counsel. This has worked for many . Talking to a pastor or spiritual advisor you trust can also help.

Read the Bible and find Scripture that is encouraging to you, tailored to your situation and the things that make you anxious. These Scriptures should be written down, memorized, and reflected on intentionally daily. You can carry a small note pad or index card to help you out at certain times during the day.

Take relief and peace in Scripture, which promises you hope and a future. Fear, worry, and anxiety are all tools used by Satan to keep us from living the full life that God intends for us. These feelings can overwhelm us and paralyze us. Don’t let this happen to you.

These are the Scriptures I used in the Bible with conjunction with the Replacement Technique. When my mind begins to spiral out of control with anxiety, I will often stop my thoughts and mentally repeat a Scripture. I’ll say it out loud now and then. Saying it aloud works so much better when you say it allowed. Here are some scriptures you can study to remember when anxiety raises its ugly head. You can do this mama because Got gat you!!!😴

This fre seequently relaxes and redirects my thoughts. It works!

5. Get professional help

 Professional assistance is good because it helps people learn different ways of thinking about and reacting to anxiety-causing situations. A therapist can help you develop ways to change negative thought patterns and behaviors before they spiral.

Research your community to find where help is available. Talk to your doctor for a referral to a therapist who is trained to help with anxiety. Some therapists specialize in helping pregnant women too.

6. Protect your little star

Did you know too much anxiety during pregnancy is associated with a risk of developing life threatening conditions like preeclampsia, premature birth, and low birth weight?

It is important that you talk about it. Do not be like me and keep it to yourself because nobody talks about it. If you’re feeling very anxious during your pregnancy, it’s important to tell someone. Your partner, a close friend, or family member may be able to offer support. Just sharing your thoughts and feelings may be enough to keep them from taking over your everyday life. I found talking to your baby helps to calm you and your baby. Remember that baby is feeling everything you are feeling.

7. Take some deep breaths

Deep abdominal breathing for 20 to 30 minutes per day, according to the American Institute of Stress, can help with anxiety. This will increase the amount of oxygen in your brain and stimulate your nervous system.

To try it, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Imagine yourself smiling inwardly as you relax your muscles. Then imagine you have portals in your feet. Inhale deeply and visualize the air circulating throughout your body. Exhale and repeat.

8. Stay positive and schedule exercising

In spite of everything know that this too shall pass. Stay around pleasant people, places and things. Additionally, exercise is a great way to change your mood into a happy place . It works all the time with me. You know from time to time we all get a little. After a long day or a battle of the day I find exercising is a great mood changer. This is experience talking here! It makes you feel soooo good.🤩

9. Eat well and sleep

Finding the right foods to eat is very important. Stick towards the all natural foods as much as possible and avoid the processed foods. You are what you eat. getting the needed rest can help a lot. Reach out to relatives and friends to ask for help if you have other kids and need a break.

Trust God and as you also try the above remedies, you will gradually get well soon. Be patient and take one day at a time. You can also invest in a pregnancy pillow for added comfort to prevent the common aches and body discomforts.

10. Pray often

Prayer changes things

Did you know prayer is a mighty weapon for combating anxiety? Yes it is! A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is guaranteed by faith in Him to bring you victory. Make prayer to God a regular routine. 1Thessalonians 5:17 –

In this verse Paul encourages the Thessalonian believers to pray continually.

Naturally, this does not mean to be in a state of prayer during every waking moment. Rather, we ought to be always in a “prayerful” state, and frequently speaking to God in actual, dedicated prayer. I use a prayer journal even after my experience. Its rewarding and comforting to look back to see where God has brought us from. Here are some of my favs prayer journals.

5. My prayer for you

If you need salvation:

SIMPLE STEPS TOWARDS THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain

Jesus was God’s perfect son (without any fault) and yet He chose to take on all of our sin and die for us. For you! Then God raised Him from the dead and He became the only way to be saved.

Knowing Jesus is simply recognizing your need for Him, believing that He died and was resurrected for you… and inviting Him to be your friend, your advocate, your savior. If you want to receive Jesu Christ as your personal saviour repeat after me:

Lord Jesus, I confess that I am a sinner and in need of salvation. I believe that You came to earth to seek and to save people who are lost in their sin and I believe that You died on the cross as the substitute for my sin.

I believe that You took the punishment that I deserved for the sins that I have committed and forgave me all my sins. I believe that You died for me and that You rose again from the dead, and that whoever believes in You will not perish but have everlasting life.

I trust in You and I place my faith in You. Thank You for dying for me, forgiving my sins, making me clean and covering me in Your own prefect righteousness. Thank You for all that You have done for me. I receive You into my life as my Saviour and choose to follow You and serve You all my life. Thank You for hearing my prayer,


Congratulations on receiving Jesus as your personal savior. The Holy Spirit is now living inside you and your inner man is renewed. The road is not perfect but everyday STUDY God’s word daily, pray often, and find a church, people, and places to help you grow more in the things of Christ. We walk by faith and not by sight.

Never look at what your physical circumstances reveal rely on the word of God. That is what will bring the change to your life. The race is not for the swiftest but for those who endure to the end. (Matthew 24:13)

So today as you stumbled in this global space, I speak the healing of God over your life. I pray God’s peace over you. and your unborn baby. I pray that your partner would line up with God’s word and support, love, and care for you.

Lord help this visitor to reach out by faith and touch you like the lady who had the issue of blood. Let her know that nothing is impossible with you. I come against every spirit of infirmity, sickness, and anxiety they may be be going through.

Say this Anxiety deliverance prayer with me:

Thank you Lord I have overcome Anxiety over my life. I overcame when you died on the cross to save me. By your stripes Anxiety was abolished! I will rest in you. I believe with you all things are possible. I will cast down every thought that is not of you. I submit my mind to the mind of Christ. I cast every care on you like you told me because I know you care for me. In Jesus name I pray amen!

Believe by that by faith it is done because we walk by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5: 7). Hebrews 11:6 – Now without faith it is impossible to please God, for whoever comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who diligently search for him. Continue to do the things above to help you unwind. Give God thanks daily for what He is doing in your life. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says :  Pray continually, Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Here is a great book that help me when I was struggling . One of my favs. Check it out below

Bottom line

Anxiety is common during pregnancy. It’s also highly individual, so what works for your friend might not work for you. Maintain open lines of communication with the people you care about, experiment with stress management techniques, and keep your doctor informed. Thanks for stopping by to day and do come again. You can like, comment or ask a question if you like. I would love to hear from you.🥰

The sooner you seek assistance, the sooner you will be able to find peace of mind for your own health and the health of your growing child. Thank you for stopping by to day. I hope you try some of these :Easy , Top , PROVEN Things You Need To Do To Cope With Anxiety During Pregnancy

Thought for today:

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Hebrews 4:12

I have more goodies for you. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Get your life back on track. Sign up today for the




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Sizzling Ways To Avoid The Complications of Hyperemises Gravadarium like A Pro

Sizzling Ways To Avoid The Complications of Hyperemesis Gravadarium like A Pro!

Hello mamas again. I am so happy to share this topic with you. -Sizzling Ways To Avoid The Complications of Hyperemises Gravadarium like A Pro. Although this condition occurrence is very rare I think I should educate you about what it is all about so that you can by all means do all within your power to avoid it. And like they say prevention is better than cure! Agree?

Are you looking to avoid the complications of severe nausea and vomiting requiring hospitalization? Are you pregnant and ready to take a deep dive into getting expert education about this condition? 

This post is for you if…

You’re pregnant and want the real information that will help you to truly understand what Hyperemises Gravadarium is all about. Or you just want to be prepared just in case its creepy head shows up. In this post, you’ll get real, actionable steps to confidently lessen your chances of getting it . Just learning about it is the first step!

Well lets get started.

As you can imagine Hyperemesis Gravadarium is no fun, period!!! At the end of this post my goal is for you to fully understand everything about this condition including the complications to prevent it havocking your wonderful life.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products and services That I personally stand behind. When you use one of my affiliate links, the company compensates me, which helps me run this blog and keep all of my valuable content free of charge for wonderful readers (like you). Thank you for your consideration. See our disclaimer here

Our topics will include:

  1. What is Hyperemesis Gravadarium
  2. The signs and symptoms of Hyperemesis Gravadarium
  3. What causes Hyperemesis Gravidarium?
  4. Who is at risk?
  5. How do I avoid getting hyperemesis Gravadarium?
  6. How is hyperemesis Gravardarium teated ?
  7. What medications are used?

1. What is hyperemesis gravadarium?

According to the March of Dimes, nausea and vomiting are common during pregnancy, with at least 70% of women experiencing some form of it. It is commonly referred to as morning sickness, but it can occur at any time of day.
However, if the symptoms are severe — severe, persistent nausea, vomiting, and weight loss during pregnancy — it may be diagnosed as hyperemesis gravidarum, a less common disorder. Now even though it is less common,  it is good for you to know so that you can try all you can to prevent it. Or if you
Hyperemesis gravidarum can cause dehydration and nutrient loss, affecting the health of both the pregnant woman and the fetus. The nausea can be incapacitating, interfering with daily activities and lowering one’s quality of life. 

Here is an effective list of my recommended items just for you.

2. What are the signs and symptoms of Hyperemesis Gravadarium?

The symptoms of Hyperemesis Gravardarium are:

  • Rapid heart rate
  • right up arrow
  • Low blood pressure
  • Headaches
  • Yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice)
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Dizziness, lightheaded, and faint
  • Losing more than 5 percent of body weight
  • Becoming dehydrated, with signs of dehydration such as dark urine and dry skin
  • Electrolyte and nutritional imbalances 
  • Increased salivationright up arrow

3.What causes Hyperemisis Gravidarium?

While no cause of hyperemesis gravidarum has been identified, a number of theories and studies have been proposed and investigated over the years. The most recent research points to genetics and the potential role of the placenta and appetite genes . More research into a causal relationship is needed, according to a study that implicates these genes and was published in March 2018 in Nature Communications.
It has also been suggested that increased levels of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) during pregnancy contribute to hyperemesis gravidarum with

higher levels of estrogen and progesterone have been suspected to play a role in nausea symptoms and digestive issues.

Other connections include:

According to the HER Foundation, an increase in blood levels of thyroxine (a growth-regulating hormone produced by the thyroid) has been documented in up to 73 percent of hyperemesis gravidarum cases.
A molar pregnancy is characterized by abnormal tissue growth in the uterus.

The following factors may increase your risk of hyperemesis gravidarum:

4. Who is at risk?

Having had the condition in a previous pregnancy
Other women in your family have been diagnosed with the condition.
Pregnancy on multiple occasions
First-time motherhood
Maternal age is younger; the risk may decrease after the age of 35.

right up arrow

5. How do I avoid getting Hyperemesis Gravadarium?

Did you know Gravidarum Hyperemesis is unpredictable?
While there is no way to completely avoid hyperemesis gravidarum, Harvard Health Publishing reports that women who take a multivitamin before becoming pregnant, such as a prenatal vitamin, are less likely to experience severe symptoms.
 If morning sickness develops during pregnancy, you can reduce the severity and duration of symptoms by eating small, frequent meals of bland rather than spicy foods, waiting to take iron supplements until the nausea has passed, and, if your doctor recommends it, experimenting with acupressure, vitamin B6, or ginger with tea. Here is an effective list of my recommended items just for you.

It is always better to try and control your nausea and vomiting instead of letting it progress to this stage.

For really great tips to avoid being hospitalized for this condition click here.

If you are needing hospitalization click here for helpful reminders.

6. How is Hyperemesis Treated?

If you have severe hyperemesis gravidarum symptoms, you may need to be hospitalized. According to the National Organization for Rare Disorders, hyperemesis gravidarum is the second most common reason for early pregnancy hospitalization.
You may be able to seek treatment at home or at a doctor’s office for less severe cases.

While the treatment for hyperemesis gravidarum differs from person to person, your doctor may suggest one or more of the following:

B6 vitamin
Small, frequent meals consisting of dry, bland foods like crackers
Intravenous fluids are used to treat dehydration.
Parenteral nutrition, in which an intravenous drip is used, is used in severe cases (IV)

7. What medications are used to treat Hyperemesis Gravadarium?

First-line medications shown to be effective in treating vomiting and nausea and safe for pregnancy are pyridoxine and doxylamine. If a particular patient doesn’t respond well to this treatment, a combination of other medications may be tried, including antihistamines such as Antivert (meclizine)diphenhydramine, and dopamine antagonists such as Inapsine (droperidol), or Reglan (metoclopramide).

Here are some of my favorite recommendations for you. I hope something works for you

Alternative treatments:

  • The evidence for the effectiveness of the following treatments for hyperemesis gravidarum is inconclusive. However, when combined with traditional medical interventions, they may help alleviate symptoms. They are as follows:
  • Acupuncture and acupressure are two types of acupuncture.
  • Light therapy for hypnosis (to help with depression)
  • Ginger, whether in tea or capsule form, is also thought to be beneficial.
  • Before attempting any of the above, consult with your healthcare provider first.

Bottom line

So we have just wraped up: Sizzling Ways To Avoid The Complications of Hyperemises Gravadarium like A Pro. I must congratulate you for taking time out to learn what it is all about. I certainly hope you do not develop any complications because of nausea and vomiting. Feel free to like, comment, or question below.

Thought for today:

Don’t compare yourself with other people. Don’t look at what they’re getting and wonder why you’re not getting the same. The way God does things really is the right way!

Joyce Meyer



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16 Top Ways To Prepare For Morning Sickness Hospitalization During The Second Trimester

16 Top Ways To Prepare For Morning Sickness Hospitalization During The Second Trimester

Hello Mamas -to -be. Well congratulations on your pregnancy. I really hope all is going very well for you. So yea you thought jus when you finished the worst dread of pregnancy during the first trimester, you realize that it ain’t over. You found out you need to be hospitalized to be treated for Hyperemesis Gravaraium.

You wonder what did I do to deserve this? I can relate mama. I experienced second trimester morning sickness as well. So I feel your pain!

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Guess what ? I have been there and done that. Right into my second trimester -Morning sickness and it truly is sickness. You want to vomit and you don’t the same time. It is like your body is trying to decide what to do. Anyway mama if you need some support to help you NAIL morning sickness during the second trimester, you have come to the right place.

The # 1 midwife will help you out in a jiffy! 🥰


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Hello I am Marilyn Smith. I would love to have you become a part of our community. I am a certified midwife equipping you with everything you need to succeed for a great outcome in your health and pregnancy.


To be honest you know and I know that morning sickness during any trimester is definitely is no fun, period!!! At the end of this post my goal is for you to fully understand this condition and you’ll get real, actionable steps to confidently prepare for your hospital visit.
Well lets get started.

Today we will cover the following topics

  1. What causes severe morning sickness during the second trimester?
  2. Is it normal to get morning sickness in the second trimester and what are the complications of this illness?
  3. Top Ways To Nail Morning Sickness During The Second Trimester if you become hospitalized for Hyperemesis Gravidarium?

What causes morning sickness in the second trimester?

Severe morning sickness is thought to be caused by high levels of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which is produced primarily during the first trimester by the placenta. According to the researchers, high hCG levels during the second trimester could indicate abnormal placenta formation.

According to a new Swedish study, women who experience severe morning sickness are more likely to experience pregnancy complications, especially if the problem occurs during the second trimester. Unfortunately, this is the case for some women.

Most of the time when women are still experiencing severe vomiting during the second trimester they require hospitalization. I often had continued vomitng during the early  second trimester but it usually would dwindle down and tapered off eventually.  

Mothers-to-be who were hospitalized for severe morning sickness, known as hyperemesis gravidarum, during their second trimester were twice as likely to develop preeclampsia and 1.4 times more likely to have a baby who was small for his or her gestational age, compared to women who did not suffer from severe morning sickness.

The second trimester of pregnancy was defined as the period between weeks 12 and 21 of pregnancy. This is often a time the you should be getting some relief of morning sickness. 

2. Is it normal to get morning sickness in the second trimester and what are the complications of this illness?

No mam! This is a rare case of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy often called Hyperemises Gravidarium. Severe morning sickness can cause malnutrition and dehydration in the woman, and has previously been linked to preterm birth. [See 3 Health Risks Linked to Severe Morning Sickness.].

The study findings suggest that hyperemesis gravidarum during the second trimester demands “an increased alertness and supervision during the pregnancy for development of any adverse outcomes,” said study researcher Marie Bolin, of Uppsala University’s Department of Women’s and Children’s Health.

You will be hospitalized once you are diagnosed with the illness. This list is great for any hospital visit.

You should see a doctor if

  • If you are experiencing excessive nausea and vomiting that prevents you from keeping any food down
  • If vomiting is accompanied by pain or fever
  • If nausea and vomiting persists well into the second trimester (after the 12th week)

Ensure that you:

1. Carry all the handy stuff you will need in your neat travel luggage on wheels.

You will need a luggage to transport all of the items that will make your stay more comfortable. Make sure you take everything that you know you will need.  If you know that you or someone you care about will need to be rushed to the hospital, keep a bag packed by the door. You’ll be able to flee as soon as you need to.
This is very popular among lovers who are expecting a child, but it is also a good idea for those who have chronic diseases. In the event of an emergency, you will be prepared to go to the hospital. I usually had my hospital bag packed from 7 months. This is important because sometimes you may have to go to the hospital and it could require hospitalization. So having a luggage prepacked could be helpful.

These stuff will include toiletries like soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, night gowns, bras, housecoat, bedroom slippers, underwear. powder, deodorant, shampoo, comb and brush.
Here is where you can find some of my favorites.

2. Take any medication you are on

Bring any  medication you are on with you. Most doctors will want an up-to-date list of medications. In most cases, a comprehensive list of medications will suffice in place of the actual medication. However, your preferred brand of non-prescription medication may not be available at the pharmacy, so it is sometimes best to bring everything with you.

Keep in mind that, due to health and safety regulations, most hospitals  will not provide home medications. Unless the medication is specialized (expensive oral chemotherapies, for example), general medication for common ailments is sufficient.

3.Take your own pillow. 

Now everyone knows how comforting it is to have your own pillow in hospital. I don’t know about you, but I am typically swinish about using other pillows other than my own. Hospital pillows are typically wrapped in plastic. I hate the noise it makes while using it.

For a good night’s sleep, you should probably bring one of your own. Hospital blankets are not as bad, but for sentimental purposes it might be nice to have a favorite blanket from home as well. Don’t you think so?

  • Just the smell of your own pillow can be very comforting and help with healing by decreasing stress hormones.

4.Don’t leave without your thermos

If you like hot tea, you would love to take your thermos along.
 Hospital staff are usually very busy, so they may not always deliver you water in a timely manner. Also, hospital cups may be small, and won’t insulate your warm beverages very well. Be prepared with your own large thermos or mug so that you can have something to sip on all day long. If you are a real tea lover, you can take a large travel one like this one.

5.Fill up on something nice to read

If you are a reader like me , you will not want to leave your favorite book, magazine crossword puzzle, or bible. These are handy to pass away the boredom that can accompany hospital visits.

6.Don’t leave your cell phone

Hospitals are busy places so having your phone handy can The hospital phone might be hard to reach from your bed and your friends will probably have difficulty getting through to you when calling on the hospital line. A cell phone will make it easier to reach people, and, as an added perk, can provide a good source of entertainment.

7. Pack a notebook and a pen

You will want to keep a notebook on hand so you can write down questions for your doctors and record the things that they tell you. You often won’t have much time with your doctor, so you need to be prepared to get and give as much information as possible. This will also be useful, for example, when providing a record of your medication. A note book or journal can give you really important details about your life in the future.

8.Carry your ear plugs

 Hospitals can be loud and you never know when your roommate will want to watch TV. Having ear plugs can be very handy to block sounds. Alternatively, consider noise canceling headphones. You might want to sleep but if your room mate wants to watch a movie, you can have a late night. Ear plugs can certainly make a difference in your hospital trip

9.Find out if you can bring your TV /fan

  • Check with the hospital before you bring any electronic items. Some hospitals discourage or will not allow you to bring these items, as they do not want to be held liable if they go missing.

 Hospital TVs are usually pretty small and can be hard to hear if you have a neighbor who is also watching. Bring a DVD player or a tablet with an online streaming account. You’ll need them to drown out other sounds.

10. Pack those tasty snacks

 Hospital food can be hard to stomach. Bring things that do not need refrigeration and do not require much if any preparation. Be aware that, depending upon procedure, specific health conditions, or your reason for hospitalization, this may not be recommended. You may have specific dietary recommendations to follow while in the hospital. Check with your doctor first.

11. Take your blanket and ask for one on arrival

Some hospitals are usually very cold; especially at night.

there should be a fitted sheet on top of the plastic, this can make the mattress hot and get your bed sweaty. Ask for a couple of extra blankets to place under you for more comfortable bedding. There is nothing like being warm with a nice blanket to remain cuddly during your stay. You might as well make it worth your time.

12.Ask to go for a little walk

Some of my clients would ask me to take them for a little walk just to get some fresh air and sunlight. Or sometimes as their nurse I would allow them to go with me to the store. This seemed to do wonders for them as they seemed more happier the rest of the day.

13. Thank your nurses

Thank your caregivers. If you are nice and appreciative to your nurses, you are more likely to receive good care. Only call for assistance when absolutely necessary. The frequency of your nurses’ visits will vary a lot depending on the severity of your condition.
You will most likely be checked on every two to four hours following surgery. You will be checked on less frequently as time goes on. 
Keep in mind that you are not the only patient in the hospital, and the nurse has a large number of patients to attend to. It is critical to maintain patience while being a patient.

14.Get moving to improve your circulation

Move around a little. If you stay in the same position for an extended period of time, your circulation will suffer and you may develop pressure sores.

The nurses and certified nursing assistants are trained to help prevent bedsores, but you can also help by moving around a bit if you can. This could include getting out of bed for a walk, but even shifting positions in bed can help. Try to reposition yourself every couple of hours.

15. Pray that everything goes well

I want to encourage you to take Jesus with you where ever you go. The bible tells us to not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6.

16. Ask questions!

I have nursed so many patients who do not ask enough questions. Ask, ask, and keep asking. You are the reason why we exist. You should know what is going on with you.

17. Follow the hospital’s policies

All hospitals have rules which govern them. Inquire what they are and adhere to them.

Bottom line

There you have it. We have just wrapped up 16 Top Ways To Prepare For Morning Sickness Hospitalization During The Second Trimester. I sure hope you have a most safe and enjoyable trip to the hospital if this is your fate. On the other hand , if you were just reading this for interest I warn you do not wait for it to get this bad. Instead read right here for the many different ways you can fight against this level of vomiting.

Thanks for checking in today.

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Thought for today:

Psalm 145:18 – The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.

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Breast Milk Facts: The Fascinating Wonders!

Breastmilk has so many benefits . Simply phenomenal!

Breastmilk is no doubt a natural resource for all babies. It is the factor that continues to seal the bond between mother and baby after nine months. Breastmilk comes with many advantages that exceed the infancy stage. The World Health Organization recommends that if we are going to make our world a better one, breastfeeding should be a priority goal of feeding our babies exclusively for six months, then complimenting with solid foods. It is also suggested that it can be continued up to two years.

(You can find some of my recommended breastfeeding products here).

This site contains affiliate links -As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases if you make any purchase at no extra cost to you . Thank you for your consideration.

As a new parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your baby gets off to a great nutritional start. With your choice to breastfeed, you have joined the majority of women who understand the evidence that breastfeeding is truly not only the best but the ideal way for feeding your baby is rich with enzymes, hormones and other active substances that give the best protection against eczema, diarrhea, and respiratory infections contains immune factors.

Did you know this fascinating wonder food protects babies against pneumonia, botulism (a rare bacterial infection) , bronchitis, staphylococcal infection, influenza and ear infections? Mothers produce antibodies to whatever disease is present in their environment, helping their babies to fight the diseases that they are exposed to.

  • Contains immune factors that protect babies against pneumonia, botulism, bronchitis, staphylococcal infection, influenza and ear infections. Mothers produce antibodies to whatever disease is present in their environment, helping their babies to fight the diseases that they are exposed to.
  • Is more digestible and the proteins are more readily absorbed
  • Changes constantly to meet your baby’s developing needs.
  • Contains natural brain building Omega 3 and many long chained fatty acids helping your baby develop cognitively.
  • Is FREE, whilst it may cost more than$700.00 to provide formula for a baby for 6 months
  • Is NEVER recalled due to malfunctioning issues.
  • Does not contain genetically engineered materials or synthetic growth hormones.
  • Is the perfect food for the optimal growth & development of the infant and cannot be duplicated.
  • By breastfeeding your baby you have truly mastered the art of feeding your little star !Here is a really great breastfeeding course that I recommend to help you overcome your breastfeeding issues and succeed in your breastfeeding goals.
  • Helps baby to pass meconium. Colostrum is the sticky substance that is produced in minute amounts but it is rich in antibodies and nutrients that help babies to pass meconium, the sticky tar- like substance in their intestines
  • Satisfy baby’s needs. Suckling on your breasts satisfy the baby’s emotional needs
  • Deceases the risk of obesity and certain allergies. Breastmilk contains a complex protein leptin that that regulates the intake of energy, making them less prone to obesity as adults.
  • Minimize diseases. Breastfeeding decreases the incidence of baby developing asthma, and certain childhood cancers, such as leukemia.
  • Incidences of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS),diarrheal, respiratory infections, rheumatoid arthritis, visual defects and urinary tract infections are also reduced.
  • Facilitates proper dental and jaw development. Babies drinking from the breast have to use as much as 60 times more energy to get milk than those drinking from a bottle. This means a nursing baby’s jaw are receiving much more exercise that will assist the growth of we – formed jaws and straight, healthy teeth. Therefore, the longer the duration of nursing, less chance of dental malocclusion and less money to spend on corrective and less money spent at the Dentist.
  • The baby’s suckling helps the uterus(which has increased during pregnancy to grow about 20 times its normal size), protecting mothers from postpartum hemorrhage which means you can save on your iron levels.
  • Another fascinating wonder is it facilitates faster return to pre-pregnancy state: A breastfeeding mother who eats a normal diet can loose the extra weight gained by gained during pregnancy faster as on breastfeeding requires an average of 500 extra calories.(Paid link).
The benefits of breastfeeding far outweighs the disadvantages
  • Reduces the risk of certain cancers. Mothers who breastfeed for at least six months have a decreased risk of breast, ovarian, endometrial and uterine cancers.
  • Exclusive breastfeeding delays the return of the mother’s menses. This decreases your chances of osteoporosis and anemia.

Lets Get It Right By Doing Right

Never Give Up! If breastfeeding is what you want to do for your baby do not give up. Initiate breastfeeding with your baby as soon as possible and do not give up readily. A good mindset before baby arrives is necessary to believe that it is possible for you.

Did you know breastfeeding does not always come naturally? Some women experience challenges that in most cases can be resolved with the help of a health professional.


You can learn as much as you can by seeking help from the experts; like a reputable book source, Midwife, or Lactation specialist. Before you are admitted in hospital to have your baby, you must make it known to your doctor or Midwife know that you wish to breast feed immediately after your baby is born. It is important that you ensure that you have all of your breastfeeding supplies on hand for the best outcomes and enjoyment possible.

Your Decision is Personal Mama

You will hear many different views of breastfeeding, both positive and negative. Look deep within yourself and decide what is it YOU want. Whatever you decide is the right decision because you made it for yourself. If you choose to breastfeed, here are a few things you should do:

1.Become well informed about breastfeeding through information through a lactation consultant, attend a breastfeeding class, or healthcare provider’s office .

2. Talk to your care provider about your decision

3. If you are in doubt or have any problems, questions, concerns get the advice you need from your healthcare provider.

Bottom line

The benefits as you have learned are not temporary but permanent. I understand the some mothers are not able to breastfeed due to underlying medical conditions or certain medications . Do not feel like you have been cheated. Do the best you can with whatever you have to do to feed your baby. At the end of the day we all want a healthy baby.

Breastfeeding is a personal decision, and the decisions made should be based on the time you will need to devote to breastfeeding, the business of your family life and your ability successfully overcome the challenges that can come with it.

I hope you have learned something about this fascinating wonder- breastmilk. Know that it is truly a wonderful food. However, despite how fascinating and wonderful it is know that your personal decision is the best key to making your pregnancy journey a happy one. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to respond in the comments below. If you would like to subscribe to our mailing list, you are welcomed.

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Here is a great video to understand the benefits of breastfeeding.

Thought for today:

Turn your pain into power by letting Jesus handle your pain. God cares for you affectionately.

Marilyn Smith

How To Reduce Stress And Anxiety While Breastfeeding: Best Tips To Cope With Life

Stress is a normal part of life. You can experience stress from your environment, your body, and your thoughts. Even positive life changes such as a promotion, a mortgage, or the birth of a child produce stress. Did you know that stress is normal for humans?  The body can respond to these changes physically, mentally, or emotionally and it can be positively or negatively.

Guess what Mamas? I have a great and exciting topic for you today. We are going to talk about stress during pregnancy. I think this topic is very interesting because we have to deal with stress even if we are not pregnant or breastfeeding so imagine being pregnant with so many hormones floating in your body.

That’s a lot to handle considering what they do. Stress during pregnancy can affect you in daily life activities as well as stress with learning or having challenges with breastfeeding.

Stress affects breastfeeding in many ways. High levels of stress in breastfeeding moms can lead to a difficult let-down reflex, and it can decrease your breast milk supply. Too much stress in everyday life is also associated with early weaning from breastfeeding. As we know, healthy mental status brings the result of a live healthy baby! That’s what we want right? Here are some questions you may have concerning breastfeeding and stress.

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What is stress and how does it affect my health?

Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. The body reacts to these changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses. Stress is a normal part of life. You can experience stress from your environment, your body, and your thoughts. Even positive life changes such as a promotion, a mortgage, or the birth of a child produce stress. Did you know that stress is normal for humans?  The body can respond to these changes physically, mentally, or emotionally and it can be positively or negatively.

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Stress can be positive, keeping us alert, motivated, and ready to avoid danger. Stress becomes negative when a person faces continuous challenges without relief or relaxation between stressors. As a result, the person becomes overworked, and stress-related tension builds. The body’s autonomic nervous system has a built-in stress response that causes physiological changes to allow the body to combat stressful situations. This stress response, also known as the “fight or flight response”, is activated in case of an emergency. However, this response can become chronically activated during prolonged periods of stress. Prolonged activation of the stress response causes wear and tear on the body – both physical and emotional. Hence, stress that continues without relief can lead to a condition called distress – a negative stress reaction. Distress can disturb the body’s internal balance or equilibrium, leading to physical symptoms such as headaches, an upset stomachelevated blood pressurechest painsexual dysfunction, and problems sleeping. Emotional problems can also result from distress. These problems include depressionpanic attacks, or other forms of anxiety and worry. Research suggests that stress also can bring on or worsen certain symptoms or diseases. Stress is linked to 6 of the leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide.

Too much stress can bring addiction

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

Addiction to substances can destroy our bodies. So it is crucial that we control the stressors in our lives. Stress also becomes harmful when people engage in the compulsive use of substances or behaviors to try to relieve their stress.

These substances or behaviors include food, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, sex, shopping, and the Internet. Rather than relieving the stress and returning the body to a relaxed state, these substances and compulsive behaviors tend to keep the body in a stressed state and cause more problems. The distressed person (paid link) becomes trapped in a vicious circle.

How does stress impact breastfeeding?

Adding the stress of work, illness or financial problems can take its toll on your life and your body. This stress can also affect your breastfeeding plan. How Does Stress Affect Breastfeeding? Stress can affect breastfeeding in two ways: your milk supply and the contents of your milk.

When you experience stress, your body responds by releasing cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine. While these hormones can temporarily help your body deal with a stressful situation, over time, they can have a negative effect on your body both physically and emotionally. Stress doesn’t directly affect milk supply.

The amount of milk your body makes depends on how often your baby nurses. The more milk he or she drinks, the more your body will make. Stress can indirectly affect your milk supply, however, if you aren’t taking the time to eat or drink enough water or don’t have the time to nurse your baby as frequently as he or she needs because you are dealing with a stressful situation. Maternal illnesses, along with the medications that are prescribed for these illnesses, can also cause stress and reduce milk supply. One of the hormones, cortisol, can enter into your breastmilk, affecting its contents.

Studies have found that breastfed babies have approximately 40 percent more cortisol in their systems than formula-fed babies, suggesting that the cortisol found in breastmilk is responsible for this increase. Called “secondhand cortisol,” the hormone enters the baby’s intestinal tract and prompts neurotransmitter signals that go to the brain, affecting the areas that regulate emotion.

Though long-term effects of secondhand cortisol in nursing infants are unknown, a study from researchers at Arizona State University found that higher levels of cortisol corresponded to babies who easily cried or became agitated when placed in unfamiliar situations.

What determines a healthy baby after nine months?

Knowing that your baby is healthy brings added joy to your life

A substance called Telomeres which are cellular structures that protect the chromosomes during cell division. Telomere length is a marker of cell aging that determines life expectancy and many age related disorders.

Longer telomeres can be beneficial for long-term health, while shorter ones can signify “various chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, some neurologic conditions, and various cancers,” past studies have suggested, according to the news release.

Shorter telomere sends signals to the rest of the cells that there is problematic DNA that needs repairing rather than replication. Continuous copying of problematic DNA will result in abnormal cell growth leading to cancer. In this sense, it also plays a vital role in cancer prevention. Thus shorter and longer telomere both have their benefits.

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What are some healthy ways I can reduce stress during pregnancy?

Mamas, let me tell you something: decreasing your stress levels is very crucial for both you and your baby. You can try reducing stress by:

  • Put God first in everything you do. God loves you and He wants you to succeed in your life. I encourage you to seek Him and His righteousness so that all will go well with you. (Joshua 1:9 KJV). He is also the one who can give us true peace as He leads us beside still waters and restores us.
  • Always take time to be thankful to God for the blessings in your life.
  • Make time to regularly exercise, such as enrolling in a baby/mom exercise class or taking a walk with your little one. You can also set regular exercise times at home.
  • Exercise is good because it releases endorphins that can increase your happiness levels and help you to better deal with stress.
  • Did you know that practicing deep-breathing techniques helps you to relax? Try it the next time you are stressed out.
  • Communicate and connect with others by getting out of the house and meet up with a friend to talk.
  • Take 15 to 20 minutes a day to do something you enjoy, such as reading a book, cooking, visiting or calling a friend, going to the beach.
  • Get as much sleep as possible. Try to nap when your baby is napping or nurse while lying down in order to get some extra rest.

If you experience difficulty in remembering things, insomnia, extreme fatigue, a lack of appetite or are unable to enjoy things you once did, your stressful situation may have caused depression. Talk with a medical provider to a find a treatment that is right for you. Always follow after PEACE AND HUMILITY. Let it be the empire of your whole being. Only God can give you it.

Tips for breastfeeding in Difficult Circumstances

Eating the right foods can go a long way in helping you overcome stress
  • If you are dealing with an illness in the family, divorce, death or loss of a job, the stress of the situation can make nursing extremely difficult.
  • Be reassured that any breast milk that you can provide your baby during this time is extremely beneficial.
  • If you want to continue nursing during difficult circumstances, make the time about you and your child.
  • Close the door to the nursery, listen to calming music and focus on the special bond that you have with your baby.
  • If you have to go back to work or have to be away from home to help out with family, using a breast pump will allow you to continue to provide your baby with milk while you are unable to nurse him or her.
  • Stay calm, no matter what. Whether it’s the stress of everyday living or the severe stress from a catastrophic event, stress can affect both you and your baby.
  • Make sure you eat the right foods to improve your mental capacity .e.g. all the green, and colorful veggies, fruits, nuts, and grains, meat, low mercury fish, poultry. These foods taken daily will help to enrich your blood and help you to feel your best mentally.
  • Take the time for you to reduce your stress and seek out help from your friends and family in order to get through any difficult situations.
  • Stay strong in God. Find the scriptures on PEACE and do what it takes to get your peace? Remember we all go through stress every now and then but management is the key to overcoming it.

What’s the connection for women, pregnancy and longevity?

Your last pregnancy can determine your length of life!

One previous study suggests that the women’s age at the delivery of her last child affects telomere length. Thus it affects women’s aging process. The new study, done on a larger scale, was published on Wednesday. In this study, 1200 premenopausal women were participants. They belong to different localities, religions, lifestyles, and backgrounds.

Furthermore, they have age differences, weight differences, and habits. In this study, researchers noticed the length of telomere, women’s age at birth, and the financial status of the women. They also observe emotional, social, and other sociodemographic factors during pregnancy.

Additionally, the study proves the connection between telomere length and age of women at the time of the birth of the last child. According to the study, women’s age at the time of the last child’s birth affects the length of the telomere.

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Everyone wants to live a long, happy, healthy, and wealthy life. Scientists work to know the cause of aging so that science can be able to control the process of aging. Aging is the process of becoming old. However, at the cellular level, aging means that the cell ceases to divide. Furthermore, at the population level, aging means the population of species is no longer able to grow.

One theory does suggest that women who become mothers at a later age live longer. Dr. Stephanie Faubion is medical director at The North American Menopause Society. According to her, to understand the link between telomere and birth of the last child, more research is required.

Moreover, to determine the age of women at the time of the birth of the youngest child is responsible for longer telomere. And also to understand whether telomere length enables women to conceive at an older age or not.

Bottom Line:

Breastfeeding, life and stress can work together in harmony. But we must do our part in managing our lives. We know that healthy mental status brings the result of a live healthy baby. So Mama you must do all you can to make your pregnant journey a happy, healthy, and safe one. Stay strong in God. Find the scriptures on PEACE and do what it takes to get your peace? Remember we all go through stress every now and then but management is the key to overcoming it.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you learned something. You are welcomed to come again. I hope you find peace and joy in your life. You can overcome stress whether you are breastfeeding or experiencing a negative circumstance in your life. You can watch the video below to further understand how to overcome the stressors in your life. You can comment if you like. I would love to have your email address for more exciting topics. Let me know if you have a topic you would like for me to talk about. Enjoy!

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We all have storms in our lives that produce stress, but we can calm every storm through peace!

Herbal Safety During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding: Everything Yo Need To Know

Be ware there are some herbal substances can cause side effects to breastfeeding moms

Hello to all new Mamas out there. Congratulations on your new arrival and decision to breastfeed! This post is a safety precaution for you to be aware of side effects that could happen to you and your baby while you may be breastfeeding.

Did you that because a substance is labeled “herbal” it does not meant you will not get an allergy. Yes Mamas, I want you to know that it is important for you to know that you can actually have side effects from natural herbs or any medication. You still need to be aware because there is not been any in depth study as it relates to breastfeeding’s.

Reminders for breastfeeding moms

Know your facts about herbs

  1. The nursing mother should know the use and side effects for all constituents of a formulation before using it. You should be aware of potential side effects and she should be able not only to monitor herself for side effects, but also to monitor the nursling for these side effects or unusual changes in behavior.
  2. The nursing mother should take the lowest dose possible. She should always avoid extra-strength or long-acting formulations. Combination products present a special hazard.
  3. The nursing mother should take oral medications immediately following nursing, or right before the infant’s longest sleep to avoid nursling exposure to a drug at its peak plasma level.
  4. Avoid the pharmacologically active herbal teas. Drink any herbal teas only in moderation.
  5. Limit intake of any herbal preparation that combines several active ingredients.
  6. Always check the label. Even vitamins and simple echinacea may contain herbs that should not be used by breastfeeding mothers.
  7. Use only reliable brands that have ingredients and concentrations clearly marked on the label, as well as the expiration date and the name of the manufacturer and distributor.
  8. Be sure to check with your physician before taking any natural remedy, since it could interact with other medications you take or need.
  9. Avoid the pharmacologically active herbal teas. Drink any herbal teas only in moderation.
  10. Limit intake of any herbal preparation that combines several active ingredients.
  11. Always check the label. Even vitamins and simple echinacea may contain herbs that should not be used by breastfeeding mothers.
  12. Use only reliable brands that have ingredients and concentrations clearly marked on the label, as well as the expiration date and the name of the manufacturer and distributor.
  13. Be sure to check with your physician before taking any natural remedy, since it could interact with other medications you take or need.

Side effects of natural herbs

The side effects of herbal medicine depend upon the herbal remedy, the dosage, and any pharmaceutical medications taken by the patient. Many alternate health treatments, such as adjusting the diet or taking homeopathic remedies, are quite safe. Yet some herbs are tricky and must be taken in the proper amounts for optimal health and wellbeing. Herbs, like any substance ingested in the body, are not without side effects.

As with all medical information, please speak with your physician or healthcare provider to discuss any specific concerns or questions regarding drug interactions.


Individuals taking St. John’s wort to treat depression or anxiety may find their skin becoming more sensitive to the sun. They may burn more easily. Typically, fair-haired and light-skinned Caucasians have the highest incidence of photosensitivity, but this herbal side effect is thankfully rare. Typical cases of photosensitivity occur when people take very high doses of St. John’s wort, or take it over a long period of time. If taking St. John’s wort, avoid too much sun exposure.

Skin Irritation

Topical herbal antifungal and antibacterial agents such as tea tree oil and lavender may cause rashes or skin irritation, especially if used at full strength. Before using any topical herbal product, try a skin patch test. Place a small amount of the product on the inside of the elbow on one arm only. Wait a few days. If the area remains clear, proceed with using the herbal product.


Everyone’s body is different, and some people are more sensitive to herbs than other people. Herbs used to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia may cause excessive daytime sleepiness in certain individuals. These herbs include chamomile, valerian and kava kava, with valerian and kava being the most likely culprits. Avoid driving or using machinery until you’re sure of the effects of the herb.

Here’s your guide to popular herbs and their side effects

Here is a great article by FRANK NICE, DPA, CPHP
Assistant Director, Clinical Neural Sciences Program , National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
RAYMOND J. COGHLAN, PHARM.D. CoMed- He talks about which herbals are safe to take while breastfeeding. Here’s a guide to popular herbs and their potential risk to nurslings here

Bottom line

Breastfeeding and herbs can be a great combination, providing there are no side effects. Knowing the side effects and learning about them can can help you to when it is or is not working. Learn the tips to help you succeed while taking herbs. and remember to consult your doctor regarding your intake of herbs. You can like, comment, or ask a question if you like.

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As always God is with you. I wish you every success in your breastfeeding journey. Thanks for stopping by and do come again. Please like, share and sign up. I would love to hear from you.

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It’s easy as 1,2, 3


Here are some links to to herbal supplements you might enjoy here

You can get your breastfeeding herbs here


Covid-19 vaccine while pregnant or breastfeeding: What are the risks and benefits

Breastfeeding and your baby’s immune system: How to build it up

Breast Milk Banking And Donors During COVID-19 : Can the Effects Be Recovered?

Donations are decreasing and the volume of milk collected from human milk banks during this period is low.

Milk banks store breastmilk for newborns whose mums can’t breastfeed them. Usually, the banks collect expressed breastmilk from pre-screened mums, who have a plentiful milk supply.

The collected breastmilk is pasteurized. It is then ready to be given to babies who most need the benefits of breastmilk. The babies who need it may be unwell, premature, or unable to breastfeed. Or their mums may not have enough breastmilk. This pathway has contributed to a life saving route to compromised infants. It also has benefited mothers who have had a pregnancy loss.

There are 17 milk banks across the UK. Each one is a member of the United Kingdom Association for Milk Banking (UKAMB).

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How Has Covid-19 Affected Milk Banking?

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

The world of human milk banking has been heavily affected by COVID-19. As underlined in the articles of Marinelli (2020) and Furlow (2020), COVID-19 is having a negative influence on human milk donation and the human milk banking system. Donations are decreasing and the volume of milk collected from human milk banks during this period is low.

Donors’ supplies have become a concern due to the global lockdown and travel restrictions. As a consequence, parents cannot go out to bring milk to the banks, even if theoretically this can be considered an action having social value. During this period, mothers prefer to stay as far away as possible from hospitals, especially those dedicated to COVID-19.

What Is The Alternative To Human Milk Banking In Hospital?

Nowadays home milk banking is the chosen method

Since most persons are more comfortable at home the alternative is home milk collection by the milk bank staff; however, this activity has also been reduced due to the efforts required by hospitals devoted to care for people infected by COVID-19. In Italy, a special service for home milk collection, called the Human Milk Link, has been active for two of the three human milk banks in Milan (Mangiagalli Hospital and San Giuseppe Hospital), along with the Human Milk Bank of Turin. It is operated by a midwife, specialized in lactation, who has organized all the required activities to make the service work (e.g., driving the car, collecting the milk, sealing the bottles) and providing breastfeeding advice to mothers.

You can find some of my favorite breastfeeding products right here.

During 2019, this service collected 813L of human milk from 160 donors in Milan, and 99 liters from 20 donors in Turin. Human Milk Link’s activities ceased on March 9, 2020, when the lockdown started in Italy. The donation of human milk in Milan has been completely interrupted. Thank goodness, a few positive exceptions exist, for example the Human Milk Bank in Rome, Italy. This milk bank is still sending its drivers (less frequently than before) to collect milk directly at the donors’ door, without entering the residence, while wearing protective equipment. In this way, they collected 49L of human milk during the month of March, 2020 (De Rose et al., 2020b).

Did SARS-CoV-2 Pasteurization Affect Human Milk?

The effect of pasteurization on SARS-CoV-2 virus inactivation in human milk banks has still to be determined. Researchers have documented complete heat inactivation of genetically similar viruses (e.g., SARS and MERS) by treatment at 60°C for 15–30 min. (Darnell & Taylor, 2006Rabenau et al., 2005van Doremalen et al., 2014). Recently, Chin et al. (2020) reported that SARS-CoV-2 is inactivated by heating in a dose-dependent manner, with viral inactivation at a temperature of 56°C for 30 min, or at 70°C for 5 min. However, their study simulated pasteurization in small aliquots, a procedure that does not fit human milk bank protocols. Therefore, these results should be replicated in a human milk bank setting.

Taking into account the available information, a milk bank should suspend, for 2 weeks, the recruitment of mothers who are suspected or have a probable case of COVID-19, in order to ensure they do not become ill during this period (European Milk Bank Association [EMBA], 2020). If an already established donor develops clinical signs of a COVID-19 infection, a rhinopharyngeal swab is recommended. Donation should be temporarily discontinued until the result of the swab is available. If the culture is positive for COVID-19, donation should be interrupted until two consecutive negative cultures are present, then donation can restart (EMBA, 2020).. The question is asked can the effects be recovered? The answer is no one knows at this time. All we can do is hope that things get back to normal as soon as possible.

Bottom Line

During this period of declining donations to human milk banks all around the world, we have to realize that the resources may need to be rationed. The low volume of donor human milk available should be allocated to the smallest and most at risk preterm infants (e.g., birth weight < 1500 grams or a gestational age < 30 weeks) to prevent NEC and other severe illnesses occurring in these extremely fragile infants. For these infants, human milk really makes the difference! Sign up yo receive our updates, podcasts, giveaways, and general communication here

More breastfeeding links you can find right here

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Is It Safe To Drink Cerasee If I Am Breastfeeding?

Many moms in the Caribbean are wondering if its OK to drink this herb during breastfeeding. There are many potential serious precautions and some probable good benefits

Hello Mamas and Mamas -to -be. Our topic today is a very rare one for some of you. It is pretty much common knowledge for people in the Caribbean to talk about Cerasee. This is a common herb used in the Caribbean islands. I live in The Bahamas so this is a question one of my subscribers asked about.

So we are going to learn if a mom can drink cereasee and breastfeed if her baby has a cold.

It truly is hard to see your little star suffering from a common cold and do nothing to make them feel better. Of course we want to do everything possible to help them feel better.

This post will teach you :

  • What is Cerasee
  • Are there any Benefits for humans?
  • Is it safe for Mom to drink this herb if my baby has a cold and I want to breastfeed?

What is Cerasee?

I remember growing up at the age of about five years old being held by my mom who sat me on her lap and explained to me that I needed to drink a little of this medicine to make my blood very good and to keep me healthy.

See Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products and services That I personally stand behind. When you use one of my affiliate links, the company compensates me, which helps me to continue giving my readers valuable content free of charge . Thank you for your consideration.

I remember tasting it them quickly turned my head and tried to run out of her lap. It tasted disgusting and I did not want it any more. As I got older I was surprised to see how many parents had their trust in this herb. all of my moms friends believed that Cereasee was good for them and their children. They did not seem to have any evidence based information at the time.

As an adult there have been some research about this illness of which I will share with you.

Cerassee tea is a form of bush tea, which means it’s brewed from plants found in the area. Fresh leaves and stems of a wild form of Momordica charantia, or bitter melon plant, known as cerasee in Jamaica, are commonly used to make it. Premade cerasee tea bags are also available

The bitter melon plant produces wart-covered, bitter-tasting fruits that can be eaten cooked or raw, in addition to the stem and leaves. They’re a common element in Asian cooking

The bitter melon plant’s fruit, leaves, and seeds have been demonstrated to have medical effects and are used as traditional medicine in many cultures across the world. Cerasee tea, for example, is a popular herbal beverage.

Cerasee was among the most commonly reported herbal drugs used to manage high blood pressure and diabetes, according to a 2020 survey of 345 persons in Jamaica (4Trusted Source).

The tea is used to cure a variety of conditions in the Caribbean, including high blood pressure and constipation.

The tea is also said to have cleansing and purifying characteristics, which is why some individuals drink it to help them get rid of impurities from their bodies. The theory behind removing so-called toxins from your body through special diets or drinks, on the other hand, isn’t backed up by science.

While studies have shown that supplementing with elements of the M. charantia plant, such as fruit extracts, can help some people, no studies have explicitly looked into the effects of cerasee tea.

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Are there any benefits for humans?

Medicinal substances can be found in every section of the bitter melon plant. In fact, scientists have discovered over 200 substances in the plant’s fruit, seeds, leaves, roots, and vines, many of which may be beneficial to your health.

Saponins, for example, are plant components found in the stems, leaves, and fruits, usually in the form of triterpenoid saponins, which are known to have antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties .

A 2008 test-tube study indicated that bitter melon leaf extract has strong antioxidant activity, which could help protect cells from harm (9Trusted Source).

Another study backed up the findings.

Drinking bitter melon vegetable pulp, comprising the fruit juice and leaves, significantly lowered both fasting and post-meal blood sugar levels in 86 percent of participants in a 1999 trial of 100 persons with diabetes .

Can I drink Cerasee to help my baby if he has a cold?

Sorry Mamas according to this research, it is not advisable to drink if you are breastfeeding. Lets read more….

Here are some surprising facts about Cerasee you should know:

While cerasee tea is popular in the Caribbean and may provide some health benefits, there are some hazards to be aware of.
Bitter melon leaves or Cerasee , for example, have been used to induce abortion and prevent pregnancy. The plant also has antifertility properties and may impact women’s hormone levels as well as men’s sperm production (5Trusted Source, 17Trusted Source, 18Trusted Source).
The fruit and seeds of the bitter melon plant can also induce bleeding, contractions, and the loss of a pregnancy in women (19).
Pregnant women and those who are attempting to conceive should avoid cerasee tea and other bitter melon products. It’s also not advised if you’re breastfeeding.

In a 1999 experiment of 100 diabetics, drinking bitter melon vegetable pulp, which included the fruit juice and leaves, significantly reduced both fasting and post-meal blood sugar levels in 86 percent of patients .

Keep in mind, however, that the bulk of studies on the bitter melon plant’s possible health benefits have used concentrated extracts, and the majority of the research has been conducted on animals and in test tubes. As a result, it’s probable that the results have little to do with the use of cerasee tea.

Bottom line

Finally, despite the fact that cerasee tea contains a number of plant compounds that may have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, it’s not recommended for long-term consumption. Additionally you should also be careful especially if you are pregnant. It is important that you seek medical help before taking any herbal medicine.

Do you have a burning topic you would like for me to discuss? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by today.

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I say to you today: Make your life worth it!

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The Number One Best Tips For Weight Loss And Breastfeeding

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Hello Mamas! After having your baby, you are happy that everything is going well. But you look into the mirror and you do not like what you see. Or your spouse might even make a smart remark about your weight, in a joking way. It hurts because you know that it is not easy to get off.

I want you to know that the weight that you have now did not just pop up. Hence, it will not go away just like that. So patience is a key factor in your weight loss journey. I know taking care of a newborn and also attending to the needs of the family is not easy.


I am going to help you discover the number one best tips to loose weight after baby arrives.

  • Our topics will include
     What is baby fat?
  • Keep crash diets out of your life
  • Breastfeeding is a plus
  •  Watch what you eat and drink
  • Eat foods with lots of protein
  •  Healthy snacks are your friends
  • Leave added sugar out of your life
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Exercise regularly with resistance training
  •  Stay hydrated
  •  Get enough sleep
  • Seek support
  • Intermittent fasting and pregnancy
  • Intermittent fasting and breastfeeding

Lets get started….

1. What is baby fat?

Women who are carrying one infant and are within a healthy weight range should gain 25 to 35 pounds (11.5 to 16 kg) during pregnancy, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Pregnant women who are underweight, overweight, or carrying multiple infants should acquire weight at a varied rate. To find out how much weight you should acquire, use the interactive calculators at the Institute of Medicine/National Academies.
Depending on your specific needs, your healthcare experts may provide a different advice.

Pregnancy weight growth is made up of the following components, according to research published in the American